Cara Mengecek Disk Usage Hosting

Cara Mengecek Disk Usage Hosting – Hello guys! here #CanBaget you get instructions worldwide on websites to VPS. So you don’t need to get confused my friend! Don’t forget to give feedback about the tutorial so we can provide the best one especially for you

Hello guys! You really want your VPS disk space to fill up all at once, don’t you? So, today Jagoan Hosting will share a tutorial with you on VPS disk space management. Listen, brother!

Cara Mengecek Disk Usage Hosting

Cara Mengecek Disk Usage Hosting

You can see the current disk usage of the server, for example in the picture, currently the disk usage is 2% so there is still 98% free space. Disk usage is total usage including operating system, application system, and client data.

Panduan Cara Melihat Disk Usage Hosting Pada Cpanel

A list of server accounts will appear, see the Disk Usage tab, a description of the disk usage for each account will appear in that column. Please click Disk Usage to sort by largest to smallest user or vice versa

STEP 3: The next image is to find the largest disk user folder, for example in the image below the public_html folder is the folder that uses the largest disk followed by the size of the database (mysql).

STEP 4: To find out more details, you can see the menu as shown below, scroll down the page to see more details about which folder is causing the disk to fill up.

STEP 1: Login to the server via ssh by entering the command #ssh [email protected](ipserver) and then enter the password. Once logged in, type df -h to see the disk capacity of each partition.

Penjelasan Lengkap I/o Usage, Iops Limit Dan Entry Processes Limit Pada Web Hosting

STEP 2: Enter the folder where you want to know the disk usage. For example, we went into the / (topmost folder) folder to find out the disk usage of each folder in /. After that type the command #du-sh *.

STEP 3: To find folders with disk usage greater than 1 GB, use du-sh * | grep G command as shown below

So, if you still have problems, you can contact your friends for information through live chat and open tickets. Come on Ah!

Cara Mengecek Disk Usage Hosting

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