Cara Mengatsi Agar Ip Taddress Tidak Di Blocki Oleh Hosting

Cara Mengatsi Agar Ip Taddress Tidak Di Blocki Oleh Hosting – Who doesn’t know about internet in this modern age? Yes, now internet is a must for everyone. Some users are not addicted to this technology. Why can’t the world be in our hands as long as the internet exists? We can easily get all the updated information from different sites in the world.

But have you ever had a site you were about to visit suddenly blocked by your internet service provider like Telkomcel, Indosat, Three, XL, Telkom Speedy? Blocked here means that when trying to open a site, it suddenly won’t open, it is directly redirected to positive internet, healthy internet, good internet etc. In fact, it can be very frustrating for experienced people.

Cara Mengatsi Agar Ip Taddress Tidak Di Blocki Oleh Hosting

Cara Mengatsi Agar Ip Taddress Tidak Di Blocki Oleh Hosting

Blocking a site or website by an Indonesian internet service provider is definitely not the reason. There are many things that can cause a site to be blocked or inaccessible in our beloved Indonesia. So what causes a site to be blocked? More information can be read in the following article.

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Generally, Indonesian internet service providers (eg Telkom Speedy) will block a site because the site contains content that is considered to be in violation of Indonesia’s Information and Electronic Transactions Act. The blocking operation was carried out on the orders of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics.

For example, sites containing dew4s4 material, S4RA, gambling, malware distributors, Internet hemongers and other dangerous sites are considered violations. However, we all agree that these sites should be blocked and their presence is dangerous for children. Blocking this dangerous information is a positive internet function.

Positive Internet is a policy issued by the government in cooperation with Indonesian ISPs. This policy is intended to filter any content that we believe to be infringing. They search and collect information for all sites that contain malicious content and blacklist those sites. So when a user browses the internet and opens a blacklisted site, how does automatic redirection to a positive internet site or healthy internet work.

However, it turns out that there are even sites that are blocked by the government, even if they don’t actually contain malicious content. Although we need these sites for some purposes, for example, movie download sites. Naturally, this upsets us. But don’t worry because there are still loopholes to unlock these blocked sites. how Follow the instructions below.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Internet Positif

From the various methods and tests we have done, there are several methods that work and work at least 100%. No special skills are required to do this and we are sure even common people can easily do it. How to open a blocked website? Follow the following steps.

The first method described by the admin is to open a blocked site using the extension function (extensions) that can be installed in our browser. So how this extension works is that it hides our original IP address and changes it to a foreign IP address like traveling abroad with positive internet, healthy internet, good internet. So use Mozilla or Chrome browser.

For the first time, open the Mozilla browser on your computer, click the menu in the upper right corner, and then click Add-ons or Extensions.

Cara Mengatsi Agar Ip Taddress Tidak Di Blocki Oleh Hosting

After that, we go to the Add-ons page and click on Extensions. Then type Anonymox in the search box and press Enter to bring up several extensions. Then, after installing and downloading the Anonymox extension, restart Mozilla on your computer.

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Well, here we need to change Indonesian IP address to foreign IP address. Click on the Indonesia flag logo, enter your country into another country, such as the United States or the United Kingdom, and select OK. Congratulations, you are free to surf the positive internet without getting in the way. Please note that due to high ping due to IP address change internet speed will be lower than before.

Also, for those using Google Chrome browser, an extension called Browsec can be installed. It works almost like the Anonymox extension in Mozilla. First, open Chrome on your computer and click on “Settings” from the top right corner menu and we will enter the settings menu. Select Extensions and select Get more extensions.

Once added, open a new tab and click on the Browsec icon in the top right corner. Then set your desired country. Currently we are using Singapore because the speed is very good. After that you can travel as you like.

It turns out that many people are not aware of the other useful functions of Google Translate besides acting as a translator between languages. We can open government blocked sites with one click. how

Cara Mudah Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir 2019

Visit the Google Translate site or click on the link below. Then type the url of the blocked site in the left column. After that, an active link will appear as a translation result, click on the link. Congratulations, the site is now live. This method is simple and easy trick.

The third method is to use Google DNS, this DNS consists of several digits that we will use later to replace the DNS network adapter in Windows that we use. Here’s how to open blocked sites using Google DNS.

Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center to open Network Adapters

Cara Mengatsi Agar Ip Taddress Tidak Di Blocki Oleh Hosting

Click on the connection you are currently using and select Properties -> Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) -> Double click -> Use the following DNS server address and set it as per the image below. After that, visit the previously blocked site.

Apa Itu Ip Address? Baca Pengertian, Jenis, Dan Fungsinya

The second is to use a web proxy service, which is available for free on many sites. The way it works is similar to using an extension in a browser, then our IP address changes to an external IP address. The difference is that this method is much easier than installing an extension in the browser. It includes:

Open your browser and enter the keyword “web proxy” in Google search and we will show you several free web proxy service provider sites. Open one of these sites, enter the url of the previously blocked site and press Enter. Congratulations, you can now open the website.

In fact, there are many other ways to open government-blocked sites on the Internet. But what we share is the easiest way and anyone can do it. These are some of the tricks that you can try to surf the internet freely without disrupting the positive internet. But remember, use the internet wisely and don’t use it to harm others.

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Pinterest Share to WhatsApp Share to Telegram Share to WhatsApp Before discussing how to change your Android IP address, it is best to first understand what an IP address is.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Pc / Laptop Windows 7 Tanpa Aplikasi

An IP address is a series of numbers separated by dots that identify Internet or local devices. Abbreviation for IP

Talking about what an IP address is is very broad. But this time I will not talk about IP in detail. Because in this article I will help you to change IP address on Android.

Not sure if you need an IP or for what purpose you want to change your IP address. Here I want to inform you that it is possible to change IP address on Android phone and it is easy to do.

Cara Mengatsi Agar Ip Taddress Tidak Di Blocki Oleh Hosting

By changing your IP address, you can easily access blocked sites. You may bypass content restrictions on the Site.

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A VPN is useful to protect the privacy of your sensitive data. Using a VPN can mask the IP and protect data transmission using 256-bit encryption.

Some platforms only allow one account per IP. If you see such a website, you can use a VPN to trick their system.

The most common way to change your IP address is to install a VPN application. Besides using additional VPN apps, there are other methods you can try.

If you want to change your Android IP address, here’s how to change your Android IP address.

Cara Mengaktifkan Encrypted Dns Di Perangkat Ios Dan Macos

As mentioned above, you can change your IP address by installing and using a VPN app on Playstore.

The first thing you can try is to install an additional app on your Android phone and then open and turn on the VPN according to the country you want to use.

There are many VPN apps that you can try on the Google Play Store. But you need to look at VPN recommendations that are safe to use.

Cara Mengatsi Agar Ip Taddress Tidak Di Blocki Oleh Hosting

If you don’t want to add apps to your Android phone. How to change IP address without configuring the most convenient application, VPN in settings.

Blokir Website Agc Pencuri Konten Menggunakan Cloudflare Firewall

If you are not familiar with this default Android VPN, check Settings->Other Settings and find the VPN menu there.

You can change your VPN according to which country you want to use. If you don’t know how to change your IP address in this way, follow the steps below.

Changing IP address on Android is very easy. But it’s easier if you use a network like WiFi or a hotspot. You need to go to advanced WiFi options and start changing your IP address.

Above is a way to set Android IP address. Which method can you use?

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