Cara Mengatasi Masa Aktif Akun Hosting Gratis Hampir Habis

Cara Mengatasi Masa Aktif Akun Hosting Gratis Hampir Habis – For those who have a website, you need to be familiar with domain names and hosting. Domain name is one of the important factors of the website, you know. Domains are usually used to symbolize the business, making it easier for customers to find websites on search engines.

Apart from domain names, hosting also plays an important role in the success of a website. Hosting is a service that provides resources to store website data so that it can go online on the Internet.

Cara Mengatasi Masa Aktif Akun Hosting Gratis Hampir Habis

Cara Mengatasi Masa Aktif Akun Hosting Gratis Hampir Habis

When using domains and hosting, the thing to pay attention to when subscribing to domains and hosting is the uptime of the domain and hosting. Many people do not pay attention to the uptime so that the website is affected because they forget to renew the domain and hosting.

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What are the consequences of forgetting to renew domains and hosting? Let’s take a look at the article below!

A website manager forgets to renew the domain and hosting. The busy work factor, forgetting the active time, or not even knowing that the domain and hosting need to be renewed.

Moreover, usually the subscription time of a domain or hosting is quite long, which is in the range of 1 year to 10 years. Of course, the length of time will make the website manager forget about the domain and hosting grace period.

The problem of forgetting to renew domains and hosting seems trivial, but the impact that occurs will greatly affect your site, you know. The following are the impacts of forgetting to renew domains and hosting:

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When your domain and hosting expire, your site cannot be accessed by visitors. This will cause your site’s ranking to drop. The website will not be at the top of the search engine rankings and will not appear on the first page. Obviously, this will affect site traffic. The website will be harder for visitors to find.

When your domain and hosting have exceeded their uptime, your hosting and domain service provider has no choice but to suspend your site. Service providers usually give you the option to renew your subscription based on a period specified. If visitors come to the site while suspended, the reputation of the company will fall in the eyes of visitors.

When the site is temporarily suspended, the site will display an error message, immediately contact the hosting and domain provider, or display an ad parking page. So that visitors cannot access the content on the site. Visitors may also think that your site is no longer active.

Cara Mengatasi Masa Aktif Akun Hosting Gratis Hampir Habis

If you forget to renew your domain and hosting, you will be charged a late fee. The website owner will have more time to renew the domain and hosting. If the allotted time has passed, your domain and hosting will be completely terminated and cannot be used. This means your domain has entered the pending deletion stage.

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Another impact is if you forget to renew your domain and hosting and after the specified grace period, your domain ownership will be deleted. To make the website domain name freely available for use by others. Expired website domains will go through three stages as follows:

Grace period or extension. At this stage, the domain can still be renewed at no additional cost. You have approximately 30 to 40 days to renew an expired domain.

Domains that have expired and are not renewed during the renewal grace period will enter this phase

Or redemption grace period. At this stage, your domain has been deleted by the registrar. The previous owner of the domain can restore the domain through the previous registrar during this period. However, the price paid for this redemption is many times more expensive. This stage usually lasts about 30 days.

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It usually takes 5 days. This step is the step to release your domain. Once deleted, the domain is available for anyone to buy.

Domains and hosting that have expired and suspended, nor the functions used in them can be used. One of them is the email domain. Domain email is an email used by companies that use the company’s domain name.

If the domain and hosting are not renewed, all emails sent to the company will not appear. Otherwise, the company cannot send email to any party.

Cara Mengatasi Masa Aktif Akun Hosting Gratis Hampir Habis

When suspended, the website will disappear and cannot be accessed. Imagine if you become a customer of this site, it will definitely lose your trust, right? Customers who are going to transact through the site will think again about their decision. Visitors will choose to transact on other websites that can be accessed at any time. Your website will lose customer trust and your company’s reputation will suffer.

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Some hosting providers will back up your website data. However, some do not. When the hosting extension is not completed, the website and database will be lost. All the content and effort you put in will be wasted.

Therefore, it is recommended that a website administrator backs up their own data in personal memory in case a problem occurs.

So how do we avoid this impact? The trick is to do an extension or renewal. If you have subscribed to a domain and are hosting in , you can contact our team directly. You can contact via live chat on the website or contact via phone or WhatsApp.

Domain extension must be done immediately before the expiration of the active period. Don’t let the domain expire and end up with a domain name taken by someone else. Attempting to assist customers in land renewal by sending renewal invoices in advance.

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So that customers don’t miss out on their site’s domain extension. Here are the steps you can follow to extend or renew your domain before it expires in Indonesia:

The first step you need to do is to log in to the account you created in the Indonesian billing system.

The last step you need to take is to pay your domain renewal bill. The payment can be adjusted according to the payment option that was selected in the previous step. The field will be extended in about one working day after receiving the payment from the Indonesian side.

Cara Mengatasi Masa Aktif Akun Hosting Gratis Hampir Habis

Domain and hosting extensions are very important that website owners or managers need to pay attention to. It seems trivial, but if you forget to renew your domain and hosting, it will have a very bad impact on the site, you know! Your domain can be taken over by someone else and your website will not be accessible if it has expired. Don’t forget to renew your domain and hosting. I hope you find this article helpful!

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2022 is almost here, friends! Are you ready to go online yet? Come on, it’s #zeittostart! Psstt… There is a 12.12 year sale promotion starting from hosting up to 75% off and 85% off VPS products specifically for the needs of the site you manage! However, hosting service providers have their own advantages and disadvantages that allow us as customers to choose the right service provider.

There are many shortcomings, be it uptime or the server that is often down, that make us want to migrate or move our services.

Currently, there are many hosting and domain providers that offer low prices, but when we tried, it turned out that the customer service and servers are not good.

In this guide, I will discuss the procedure to move your hosting and domain services from your old provider to .

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There are many types of hosting packages offered by and each package has different specifications. For higher end packages, there are business hosting and WordPress hosting packages. If you order Venus, Earth and WP hosting packages with a 1-year cycle, you will get a free domain in the first year, but for the Jupiter package, you will get a free domain forever (while in service). active) with a 1-year order cycle, you can just check and choose a hosting package.

You can go for WordPress Hosting Package, this package is perfect for those of you who have high traffic websites.

To buy WordPress hosting packages with a minimum billing cycle of 6 months, you will get various free themes and plugins like: Astra pro.Elementor pro, WP Rocket etc.

Cara Mengatasi Masa Aktif Akun Hosting Gratis Hampir Habis

Unlimited hosting is very useful for those of you who have large files, because unlimited hosting has no file upload limit and is limited to only 750,000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand) inodes.

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For server service options, it is highly recommended for those of you who have very high website traffic which is almost more than 10 thousand visitors every day.

Then, after you choose your hosting package type, you’ll see several options. Please choose a domain transfer.

To transfer or migrate your domain name, you can choose the transfer option. Then enter the domain name you are going to move, if so please click transfer.

Note that domain transfers require a fee from the domain name, the cost is also the increase in domain uptime for the next 1 year. But for commercial hosting packages with a 1-year purchase cycle, the transfer process is free 3. Select your billing cycle.

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Next, choose your hosting billing cycle and you can also choose a server location. There is also an auto-install CMS here, where you can choose whether the service will help us install CMS automatically, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP.

Don’t forget to fill in your admin username and password. This is important to note as it works to log you into the CMS admin dashboard of your choice. You can also add additional services (additional services)

Then, for the domain transfer to be good, you need to enter the EPP domain code (you can get the EPP domain code in the old domain provider)

Cara Mengatasi Masa Aktif Akun Hosting Gratis Hampir Habis

Next, the number of existing invoices will appear. You can pay the bill that is displayed. For an automatic process you can use a unique code and transfer news (red text).

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If your payment is not verified automatically, you can contact the team via live chat or WhatsApp so that our team can verify it manually.

When your service is live and ready to use. If you want help with the migration, you can contact the technical team

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