Cara Mengarahkan Iis 2012 Ke Hosting Lain

Cara Mengarahkan Iis 2012 Ke Hosting Lain – IIS is a web server used on servers with Windows OS. In this article, we will provide the steps to configure and install SSL on IIS web server.

But before installing there are several steps you need to do namely generate CSR, SSL configuration to install. Here are the steps.

Cara Mengarahkan Iis 2012 Ke Hosting Lain

Cara Mengarahkan Iis 2012 Ke Hosting Lain

1. To generate the CSR, please access the IIS application previously used, then click on the Server Certificates menu

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5. When you have filled in, click Next. Then the following encryption method will appear that will be used on the CSR that will be generated.

6. In Cryptographic Service Provider, select Microsoft RSA Channel Cryptographic Provider, then in Bit Length, please select 2048. Then click Next.

7. Next, a display will appear to save the CSR file, please click on browse and then select the folder and name to save the CSR file. Then click Finish.

1. After ssl is published you need to convert ssl file first because published ssl uses .crt format while IIS requires ssl with .pfx format.

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2. After receiving the SSL certificate file as .pfx, download or upload the file to the server you are using. Then on the IIS server again access the Server Certificates menu, then go to the Full Certificate Requests menu.

4. In the “Certificate Authority Response File Name” field, click Browse and select the PFX certificate file you received earlier. The friendly name can then be filled in with your domain name. In the field Select a certificate store for the new certificate field, select Personal. Then click OK. If successful, your domain name server will appear in the Certificates menu.

5. Up to this point, SSL has been successfully configured, and your domain can be accessed using https:// as shown below. This time I will provide information on how to create a web server on Windows Server 2012 R2. But before that I already give information about what is IIS Web Server.

Cara Mengarahkan Iis 2012 Ke Hosting Lain

IIS or Internet Information Services is a web server used in the Windows operating system, which acts as support for the TCP/IP protocol that runs in the application layer of a computer network. IIS is also the foundation of Microsoft’s Internet and intranet platform.

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Web server is software that provides data services whose function is to accept HTTP or HTTPS requests from clients known as web browsers and return results in the form of web pages that are usually HTML documents to web server software packages. , there are many types.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used by web servers and web browsers to communicate with each other. Meanwhile, HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a secure (secure) version of HTTP. Normally HTTP protocol uses port 80 and HTTPS protocol uses port 443. To identify and distinguish the two, you may notice that when you visit a website it starts with http:// or https://.

Now that you know what a web server and IIS are. You can now start the configuration, but before you can build the IIS web server, you must first install the DNS server and Active Directory Domain Services. If you don’t have it installed, you can see how to configure it here. How to create an Active Directory and install DNS on Windows Server 2012 R2 Once you have created it, you can start the configuration.

After a long time and headache you have set up your Windows server and finally you succeeded and because you succeeded, this ends our meeting about creating an IIS web server on Windows Server 2012 R2. This article describes how to configure communication between Azure Automation and Azure Monitor using a gateway. Log analytics when computers directly connected or controlled by Operations Manager do not have Internet access.

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Gateway Log Analytics is an HTTP forward proxy that supports HTTP tunneling using the HTTP CONNECT command. This gateway sends data to Azure Automation and the Log Analytics workspace in Azure Monitor that represent computers that cannot be directly connected to the Internet. The port is only for connecting to log agents and does not support Azure automation features such as runbooks, DSC, and others.

Some IT security policies do not allow Internet connections for networked computers. For example, this disconnected computer can be a Point of Sale (POS) device or a server that supports IT services. To connect these tools to your Azure Automation or Log Analytics workspace so you can manage and monitor them, configure them to communicate directly with the Log Analytics Gateway. Log Analytics Gateway can receive configuration information and pass data for it. If the computer is configured with the Log Analytics Agent to connect directly to the Log Analytics Workspace, the computer communicates with the Log Analytics Gateway instead.

Log Analytics Gateway moves data directly from agents to services. It does not analyze data in transit and does not store gateway data when connection to services is lost. If the gateway cannot communicate with the service, the agent continues to run and waits for the collected data on the disk of the monitored computer. When the connection is restored, the agent sends the collected cache data to Azure Monitor.

Cara Mengarahkan Iis 2012 Ke Hosting Lain

If the Operations Manager Management Group is integrated with Log Analytics, a Management Server can be configured to connect to the Log Analytics Gateway to receive configuration information and send aggregated data, depending on the solution you enable. The Operations Manager Agent sends some data to the Management Server. For example, agents can send operations manager notifications, configuration assessment data, instance space data, and capacity data. Other high-volume data, such as Internet Information Services (IIS) logs, performance data, and security events, are sent directly to the Log Analytics Gateway.

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If one or more Operations Manager Gateway servers are deployed to monitor untrusted systems in a finite or isolated network, they cannot communicate with Log Analytics Gateway. The Operations Manager Gateway Server can only report to the Management Server. When an Operations Manager management group is configured to communicate with the Log Analytics Gateway, proxy configuration information is automatically distributed to any agent-managed computer configured to collect log data for Azure Monitor, even if the setting is empty .

To provide high availability to operations management groups directly connected to or communicating with the Log Analytics workspace through the gateway, use a Network Load Balancer (NLB) to distribute and distribute traffic across multiple gateway servers. So, if one gateway server is down, traffic is forwarded to another available node.

The computer running Log Analytics Gateway needs an agent to identify the service endpoints with which the gateway needs to communicate. The agent must also point to the gateway to report to the same workspace as the agent or operations manager management group behind the configured gateway. This configuration allows gateways and agents to communicate with defined workstations.

The gateway can be multihomed with up to ten workstations using the Azure Monitor agent and data collection rules. Using the older Microsoft Monitor Agent, you can multihome only up to four workstations if this is the total number of workstations supported by the older Windows Agent.

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Each agent must have network connectivity to the gateway so that the agents can automatically transfer data to and from the gateway. Avoid installing gateways on domain controllers. Linux computers that are behind a gateway server cannot use the wrapper script installation method to install the Log Analytics Agent for Linux. The agent must be downloaded manually, copied to the computer and installed manually, because the gateway only supports communication with the above Azure services.

The following diagram shows the data flowing from the live agents, through the gateway, to Azure Automation and Log Analytics. The proxy configuration of the agent must match the port configured by the Log Analytics Gateway.

Log Analytics Gateway only supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. It does not support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). To ensure data security in transit to Log Analytics, configure a gateway to use at least TLS 1.2. Older versions of TLS or SSL are insecure. Although they currently allow backwards compatibility, avoid using it.

Cara Mengarahkan Iis 2012 Ke Hosting Lain

A gateway is a forwarding proxy that does not store data. After an agent establishes a connection to Azure Monitor, it follows the same encryption flow with or without a gateway. The data is encrypted between the client and the endpoint. Since the gateway is just a tunnel, it does not have the ability to control what is being sent.

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The following table shows how many agents can communicate with the gateway server. Support is based on an agent uploading approximately 200 KB of data every 6 seconds. The amount of data for each tested agent is approximately 2.7 GB per day.

The file downloaded for Gateway is a Windows Installer package that supports silent installation from the command line or other automated methods. If you are unfamiliar with the default Windows Installer command line options, see Command Line Options.

After installation, you can verify that the settings are accepted (except for the username and password) by using the following PowerShell cmdlet:

You can configure your gateway for high availability by using a network load balancer (NLB) with Microsoft Network Load Balancer (NLB), Azure Load Balancer, or hardware-based load balancer. The load balancer manages traffic by redirecting requested connections from the Log Analytics Agent or Operations Manager Management Server to its nodes. If one gateway server is down, traffic will be forwarded to other nodes.

Cara Membuat Web Server Iis Pada Windows Server 2012 R2

To learn how to design and deploy a Windows Server 2016 Network Load Balancer cluster, see Network Load Balancer. The following steps describe how to configure a Microsoft Network Load Balancer cluster.

To learn how to design and deploy an Azure load balancer, see What is an Azure load balancer? To look. To implement basic load balancer, follow the steps mentioned in quick start which are

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