Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting

Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting – Many people want to start personal web hosting at home. Although some of them think it’s not a very realistic idea, earn thousands of dollars just by reselling hosting packages from top hosting companies like HostGator, FatCow, JustHost and the like.

There are two things to consider, namely advertising and marketing of the new business and of course attracting more customers. Then the second is to choose the right type of reseller hosting package so that one can easily use it to start a new hosting business without any technical hurdles.

Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting

Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting

If you can get back-to-back clients, web hosting management can be very profitable. In other words, you will soon realize that the market is very competitive, and many parties already own large markets, making it increasingly difficult for smaller companies to gain a foothold or survive for long. Is. Getting traffic from search engines is a problem that needs to be solved. The reason is that buying visitors through Google AdWords cannot give you an ROI estimate.

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There are many ways to do this, one of which is to sell and buy websites on various auctions. Free hosting for one month, 6 months or 1 year can be offered on every website you sell online.

This way, your selling method will stand out, attract more bids and generate more profit. This type of marketing strategy will also attract customers who are thinking of renewing their hosting plan after their free hosting plan expires.

WordPress is a completely free and easy-to-use platform for creating a simple and free website for hosting a blog.

You can add personal links to free blogs created by people. This can help you generate revenue and promote services, as well as sell upgraded packages to users who have free accounts. You can also try and build new relationships with different web designers and developers who develop small CMS scripts.

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If you don’t know anything about hosting, you don’t need to worry because with reseller hosting program, you can still start a hosting business. In other words, you can buy hosting packages at wholesale prices and sell them at a higher price just like any other business. That way, you can focus on the marketing part and leave the technical aspects to people who know how to solve technical problems.

Even if you don’t have the web design skills to build your own website and sell hosting packages, you can still do it with private label software. The reason is that most of them are free to use. They offer you various templates and customizable control panels that can help you build your website in just a few minutes.

This is where most beginners get it wrong, that reseller hosting doesn’t mean you have to resell shared hosting packages.

Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting

If you only sell a hosting package, customers will get suspicious and think you are just a middleman. While there’s nothing wrong with that, people often choose to buy hosting packages directly from the main company rather than through a reseller or affiliate because they know you’ll get a good margin as a third party.

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On the other hand, if you pay close attention to your branding and offer a healthy mix of hosting services from budget hosting plans, business hosting packages, multiple domains and VPS hosting, you won’t face any of the above issues. Won’t be a problem. Most customers don’t know that you are just a hosting reseller. So try it! Who knows, you may earn more money Follow Nanning Noor Vijayanti A rare talkative person whose love is writing the most. As a content writer for SEO, she loved sharing an article about the Internet of Things.

You may be familiar with websites, web applications and other online platforms. However, few people know that behind the growth of the digital world is the web hosting business that drives it.

Stop thinking that web hosting is complicated. Basically, you just need to build a brand and find customers.

Meanwhile, you can leave all technical questions to the server hosting provider. For example, will configure and manage server technical issues.

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Well, if you have the same question, then you are in the right place. Because in this article you will find web hosting specifications and business opportunities, even a guide to start web hosting for beginners!

Web hosting is a service that provides hosting or server rental services to customers. With hosting, users can store all website files so they can be accessed over the Internet.

For beginners, a web hosting business can be started even if you don’t have your own hosting server. That is, by becoming a hosting reseller.

Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting

How it works is very simple, you can sell web hosting services from server hosting providers or partners. Then sell it under your brand.

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As long as the internet exists, digital business will exist. So, since the service you will be providing is in the form of a hosting server, the possibilities are still wide.

As for creating websites, web applications etc. for digital business hosting is definitely essential. Moreover, the business model works on a subscription basis, so the income is regular.

In addition, the latest study Data Report 2021 indicates that about 73.7% or 202.6 million people in Indonesia are internet users.

It is no wonder that more and more websites or online products are popping up. This is where web hosting can come into play.

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So, don’t fear that you won’t be thrilled with your hosting service. Even Google Indonesia predicts that by 2025, the digital economy in Indonesia will reach 1.7 quadrillion Rupiah or 1,700,000,000,000,000 Rupiah!

First, your revenue is the sale of hosting services. Where in the future surely many people will need hosting to build a website.

Third, of course, as an intermediary you will receive special prices. This way, the price of the services you offer remains competitive.

Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting

So now is the best time to start a web hosting business. When Indonesia’s digital world becomes more developed, you will already be an old player with a solid brand.

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You will see how easy it is to create a business! In just six steps, you can definitely open web hosting for beginners, namely:

Do you still remember who has the authority to become a hosting user? First, determine who your target market will be.

Is it at the level of medium and large companies? Or focus on online shops, small and medium enterprises, local businesses? Or want to reach the entire market share?

For example, you may want to target MSMEs or online stores. This means that the server requires a large amount of disk space and RAM to store product catalog data, customer data, and online store activity data.

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Or, if your goal is a startup, you can sell startup-friendly hosting, such as a VPS. With flexible customization for building complex websites or web application systems.

In addition to general feature recommendations, you can also detail specific needs or features for your target market.

For example, hosting with Imunify360’s security level. Hence, it is suitable for visitor access and websites with important data. For example, online stores, health organizations, educational sites, etc.

Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting

Or for news portals, forums or community websites etc. Choose one that provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth and database, can accommodate thousands of traffic and guarantees long uptime.

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In addition to further optimizing marketing, targeting is useful when you’re in the next part, which is the step of choosing a hosting partner.

Some of the hosting partner criteria above are related to target market points. You can choose a hosting that has the best features according to the needs of your target market.

However, don’t be confused. Moreover, you should use multiple hosting resellers to meet the needs of your customers. I, you get all these features!

For example, do you have to pay a deposit to the hosting reseller first, or can you buy hosting services whenever you get a customer? The point is, do you need startup funds?

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Competition is always present in every business and also in the web hosting industry. An example is price competition.

Reseller offers exclusive affiliate hosting pricing with Bronze, Emerald and Gold packages starting at Rs 8200!

This price is also cheaper than the original hosting price, which is already cheaper. For example, the Baby Unlimited Hosting package only has a starting price of IDR 10,162.

Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting

This favorable price differential allows you to play with price. Plus, thanks to the markup function, you can set competitive prices and still make money.

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Wouldn’t it be very suspicious if you have your own hosting business, but it turns out you have a member’s area with another hosting provider’s logo? Chances are, customers will also switch to your partner’s hosting services, right?

So white label is very important because you can add your logo, billing orders, user management in user area on the website. The goal is to make your hosting more reliable.

It can make it look like you have your own hosting with white label features. This way you can easily build a customer base as well.

Moreover, you can name all the cheap hosting plans. And shared hosting, and cloud hosting, and VPS.

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For example, the order is: Landing Page > Hosting Options Table > Checkout > Order Page > Payment Page > Payment Confirmation > Activation Page.

Other examples of automated emails are: Account creation email > Payment reminder email > Order details email > Customer activation email > Member tutorial email etc.

Creating an Official Business Website: Create Website > Select Theme > Create Landing Page > Enable Payment Gateway

Cara Mendirikan Perusahan Hosting

Customer Support Assistance: Live Chat Feature in Customer Area > Automated Support Options (Website, Security, Features etc.) > Help Desk Response > Email Help > Live Phone Help etc.

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Promotion: Create customer area and website for ordering > Social Media Marketing > Optimization

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