Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis

Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis – I have created 100+ free websites for various personal project design attempts like blog, for business, online store website, web portfolio etc.

In this tutorial I will show how to make the simplest free website even for a beginner. You don’t need to know any programming language HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript etc.

Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis

Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis

In the previous tutorial on how to make a simple beginner website, I also wrote how to buy a paid domain. If you want to buy your own domain, you can follow the steps in the article.

Hosting Gratis Terbaik Dari Rumahweb Dibuka Setiap Hari!

The good news is that you can get free website hosting by registering and using 000webhost’s free trial service below. Just click the button.

In this example of a free website creation guide for beginners, we get a free domain extension from a hosting service provider and a 000webhost domain.

WordPress is a content management system for easily creating websites. WordPress allows us to create beautiful and cool websites without coding.

Just click Install WordPress only. This is the easiest way to install WordPress and takes only 1 minute.

Cara Upload Website Dengan Gratis!!!

If you’re looking for a different theme look, explore all the free themes you can try earlier in the starter template collection.

Actually, you don’t have to follow this free method. However, it is highly recommended to know how to build a free website in the beginning to learn how to build an online website for the first time. Before you later spend money on buying a paid website, it must look professional, e.g. B. Domains, hosting, plugins, themes, etc.

Remember that any free hosting service must have many limitations. Low disk space, no customer support, slow, no ads, etc.

Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis

If you later become more serious about creating a professional website for business purposes, using free hosting is not a good choice.

Control Panel Web Hosting Gratis Yang Bisa Dicoba

However, if your goal is simply to learn how to build a website or to test, test themes, plugins, etc., then free web hosting may be the best choice for you.

There are many advantages of paid hosting: Security is much safer, there is customer support, unlimited bandwidth, large storage space, high server availability and cheap and affordable hosting plans are available, there is instant WordPress auto-install feature with Softaculous apps installer, SSL certificate is available and much more.

Several other types of domain addresses are available and you can try them for the free domain extensions category. When:

If you have a domain and hosting, simply connect the nameservers and then install WordPress using the Softaculous-apps installer available in all cpanel hosting features.

Cara Mengganti Domain Website Di Hosting Gratis 000webhost Dengan Domain Gratis Freenom

WordPress is statistically the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. About 60% more.

If you want to explore manually creating a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, that’s fine. But remember, it is more advanced and you need experience. How to change website domain on 000webhost Free hosting with Freenom Free domain I think it’s easy because you just change the name server, you can change the website domain right away.

The website domain is a unique name like .com .id .cf .ga .xyz etc. so we can change a default url name to whatever we want like, , ad .fly etc. there are many more . This website domain is used to make it easier for visitors to access a website. It doesn’t have to be long like or others. In this way we can also make it easy to increase SEO ratings, if you want to follow this tutorial, you must first register/log in to 000webhost and you already have a website or test website.

Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis

If you want to create a website/blog on 000webhost, follow the guide on how to create a free self-hosted WordPress blog with 000webshot.

Daftar Hosting Cpanel Gratis Bagi Pemula

If you already have a website but haven’t changed the domain, you can follow this guide, as I also have a website that hasn’t changed the domain.

Tutorial on how to sign up for free hosting at 000webhost and upload website files (website online on localhost for hosting)

For those of you who have already registered with Freenom, you can just sign up immediately, and for those of you who don’t have a Freenom account, you can follow this or you can also search immediately for a suitable name and availability, check first then register/login, such as:

Then you will be taken to point selection process hehehe if you choose the free ones there are only .tk .cf .ga .ml and .gq i choose only the free ones.. hehe another article about making a wordpress blog with free self hosting

Cara Download, Pasang Dan Daftar Server Hosting Gratis Milik Kemenag

And proceed to the next process, choose how long you want to use the domain, which is only free for 1 year, so I chose 12 months.

So just log in/register immediately, those who already have an account will be where it says CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and if you don’t have one fill it out with your email Account… then check Freenom’s email and confirm it .

Then you will be asked to enter your personal details wkkwkwk.. just fill it after clicking on I have ………… then Complete ORDER

Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis

Then go back to 000webhost and follow this image, click SET WEB ADDRESS ==> BUY DOMAIN FROM …. blah blah blah.

Cara Mendaftar Program Ekabima

The domain must be registered with a valid registrar before the parking process can be performed. It will only work if it is configured to point to our DNS nameservers –,

The purpose of the above is that we must first configure our domain, namely freenom, by changing the nameservers to frendom, change them to and, how to return to and then click SERVICES ==> MY DOMAIN

Appears, change the settings to USE CUSTOM… blah blah and change the NAMESERVER to match and just delete the rest

And then there is no error or maybe you are not already, scroll down until you see a picture below and then click on MANAGE ==> JOIN WEBSITE ==> DONE How To Upload A Website For Free Hosting 000webhost-How To how are you all friends Alhamdulillah I hope you all are well – okay? Amiin.. Well, on this occasion, Muti Blog offers a guide on how to upload a website to 000webhost Latest Free Hosting 2019. The steps are as follows:

Tips Memilih Web Hosting Yang Baik Untuk Blogging

1. The first step is for you to register. To register, you can go to and then click the “Gatris Registration” button. see picture

2. After clicking the free registration button, you will be automatically redirected to the registration page. After completing the registration form, click the Get Free Hosting button. see picture

4. Then, friend, open the following URL to login cpanel by entering the email address and password you registered before and then press Enter. see picture

Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis

5. When you login, it will automatically take you to the cpanel page, press the + (Add) button to register your website. see picture

Mencoba Layanan Hosting Gratis Di Freehosting

6. Well here my friend will register your website by entering web name and password which will be your hosting buddy. to have the password automatically supplied by the system, then click the Create button. see picture

9. Then you will be redirected to the file manager login page, enter the website name and password that you previously registered in step 6 and then press the Login button. see picture

10. After logging in, you will be presented with a page where you can upload files, delete the default .htaccess file by right-clicking the .htaccess file and selecting delete, then upload your file. see picture

11. To upload files, press the Upload button in the upper right corner, then a small window will appear and press Select files to select files on your computer. Make sure the uploaded file is in the public_html folder. see picture

Tutorial Hosting Gratis Dan Kenapa Anda Perlu Upgrade Ke Hosting Premium

12. After selecting the file you want to upload, press the Upload button and wait for the file transfer process to complete. see picture

If your website does not use a database, in step 13 your website is already available on the Internet. If your site uses a database, continue with step 14 until you are done.

14. After the file has been uploaded, the next step is to create a database. To create a database, tap the Manage Database menu. see picture

Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis

15. After clicking the Manage Database menu, a database creation page will automatically appear. Click the New Database button to create a database name, database username and password. see picture

Website Penyedia Hosting Gratis Terbaik Dan Populer

17. Once you have created a database, tap on the Manage menu, then select phpmyadmin and tap on it. see picture

If you are redirected to the login page after clicking the PhpMyAdmin menu, first close the tab and then repeat step 17. Until then, you will be redirected to the PhpMyAdmin page directly without login.

18. If you press after the PhpMyAdmin menu, it will automatically take you to the PhpMyAdmin page which is used to import databases and manage databases. Tap the database name you created earlier, then tap the Import menu. see picture

19. After clicking on the “Import” menu, you will see a page like the following. Then click the “Choose File” button to select a database file in .sql format that you have prepared on your computer. Scroll down and press the GO button. see picture

Cara Setup Web Hosting Dengan Mudah

21. After the database creation is complete, my friend goes back to the file manager to customize the connection file for the created database.

To customize the database connection file, in the file manager, locate the connection file or configuration file in the file you uploaded earlier, then right-click and select Edit. Click Save when you’re done editing. See picture

Cara Mendaftarkan Web Ke Hosting Gratis

A few tutorials on how to upload a website to 000webhost free hosting. Hope it can make your learning easier. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in words. If anyone doesn’t understand, please comment below, God willing, I will explain as best as I can, thanks… Of course, before you know how to create and host a free domain, you must know the importance of hosting itself . As a regular owner of a domain website, you need to understand the benefits of hosting

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