Cara Mendaftar Hosting Di 000webhost

Cara Mendaftar Hosting Di 000webhost – Hosting issues are important in cyberspace. When developing a website, hosting is what I think about after choosing a domain. My principle is that high-quality hosting will definitely help me in managing the site. But how do you choose the best hosting without feeling the waste of resources due to trial and error?

One way is to use a free hosting provider. Of course, many hosting providers offer these services. Typically, hosting providers offer a free trial for up to 30 days. Of course, there are those who are satisfied with this service, but it should be remembered, of course, that many are not satisfied with only 30 days.

Cara Mendaftar Hosting Di 000webhost

Cara Mendaftar Hosting Di 000webhost

Because of the many factors to consider, because choosing a host is more difficult than choosing a partner(s). For some people, a 30-day trial is not enough. To do this, I will provide a tutorial on creating a website with free web hosting. Not just a 30-day deal, but forever.

Tutorial Rest Api Dengan Hosting

1. The first step is to open the Hosting24 website which has a dedicated page for free web hosting in Indonesia from 000webhost. The full address is at Remember, just use a PC or laptop, so it’s not difficult. This free hosting is also equipped with PHP, MySQL and no ads.

2. Step two, fill in your valid and active email address, enter a password that is easy for you to remember but secure, and name the website you want to create. The next step is to check the “I’m not a robot” box to make sure you’re not a robot and still enjoy eating Nasi Padang. If you are sure that you are not a robot, click REGISTER.

3. After filling in the data for a while, the third step is to wait for an email from 000webhost to check the email. You must be authenticated to properly log in to the 000webhost administration page.

4. After email confirmation. You will be taken to the cPanel login page. The cPanel login for is a little different from the regular cPanel login. The look and feel is cleaner, cleaner and more organized and is very friendly to regular users.

Deployment Website Via Cpanel

The cPanel 000webhost display is shown below. You can create your own website, use the platform, or upload a website you have created. Because I like the mainstream. I chose WordPress for my setup. Because WordPress is the most popular and best website platform in the world today.

5. To install it, click Install Now under the WordPress logo. The installation process does not take much time, all processes are visible in cPanel. Once the process is complete, select “Go to Configuration Page”. You will be prompted to log in to the web page you created. In fact, since we have installed WordPress, the login page display is WordPress.

6. After logging in, the sixth step is to set up the WordPress that we have installed. Select “Appearance” then “Themes”, the menu options are on the left side of your WordPress dashboard. After entering the Themes menu, select the desired theme or appearance. Choose according to your preferences. If you are not satisfied, you can also buy the desired theme from online template stores such as Theme Forest and so on.

Cara Mendaftar Hosting Di 000webhost

7. Have you chosen a topic? Don’t forget to activate the required plugins to support the theme. Keep in mind that each theme requires a separate plugin. Don’t even be surprised if there are themes that require a few helper plugins. As is the Sydney theme, which I selected and installed. The Sydney theme I chose only needs 2 (two) plugins to support it. If the plugins are not activated, an error will occur or some components of the theme will not work properly.

Berikut Cara Membuat Phising Serta Scrypt Web Phising Gratis

8. You have chosen a topic. You have activated the plugin. The next step is to see what our website looks like and smile because you’ve got a free website forever with 000webhost. Below is a demo of the website I created. Cool, good! Just fill in the content bro.

Even if you have free web hosting with PHP, MySQL and no ads, do you need paid hosting?

Before that, let’s discuss the “minor” limitations of 000webhost. The biggest disadvantage of 000webhost is the domain name. Just look at my domain name. While it’s a pretty name “cerita-vacansi”, there are still some amazing things behind it that make 000webhost not so different from free blogging platforms like blogger and wordpress. I don’t think so

Another disadvantage is the limited space of space000webhost. 000webhost hosting only provides 1 GB (one) of space. In the short term it is possible, but in the long term it is not enough. Bandwidth000webhost is still normal, only 10 (ten) GB. You know, when the traffic is fast, your site can be slow as a snail.

Lengkap Apa Itu Situs Web, Manfaat Dan Cara Membuatnya!

And the most frustrating thing about 000webhost is that from time to time the website using 000webhost will be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. Usually it is turned off for 1 hour per day. Our site temporarily disappears from the Internet.

In fact, the ideal host is Hosting24. Hosting24 and 000webhost are part of Hostinger Global and use the Hostinger cloud. We all know that Hostinger is a web hosting provider that is well known for its quality in the world.

But for customers looking to migrate from 000webhost, Hostinger24 offers more different types of hosting packages. In fact, all these hosting packages are of high quality. Below is an example of a pricing table for packages on Hosting24.

Cara Mendaftar Hosting Di 000webhost

At a price of 30 thousand per month, we already get a lot of equipment. This means that one thousand rupees per day is enough for us to get services like 10 GB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth. The cheapest service on Hosting24 is 10 times better than 000webhost. This cheap service already has 1 website supported by Website Builder which is very useful for website development.

Jual 9.9 Sale Buku Kebut Sehari Jadi Webmaster

And besides the Indonesian version of the Hosting24 web hosting package. These web hosting providers have other less impressive features like Reseller Hosting and Premium cPanel Hosting. See image below for more information:

Hosting24 also offers a large selection of affordable VPS hosting packages. VPS hosting itself provides resources and dedicated support at all times. Update your package if the site is over the limit and needs more resources. Another benefit of a VPS is the weekly backups needed to protect your files and data.

And for those interested in business, Hosting24 has a Reseller Hosting Unlimited Indonesia service. You can sell your own hosting through Hosting24. You are free to choose rules, packages and resource limits. If you are a software developer, then reseller hosting in Indonesia is the best option to attract more clients. Check out the leaked prices for Indonesian reseller hosting packages below:

I hope you don’t have to wait any longer to upgrade your Hosting24 hosting. If you’re still unsure, you can try the free version first with the 000webhost website building guide above, and when you’re ready, you can get unlimited web hosting services from Hosting24.

Free Web Hosting

Content creator, @nyetritbareng founder, admin, 5th place winner of APWI Kemenpar 2018 and 4th place winner of APWI Kemenpar 2019. To upload the tutorial files, there must first be hosting, for example, 000webhost free hosting will be used here , in particular. there are also many other free hosting providers, but in this example I will use 000webhost.

If you want to know other information about free hosting or free web hosting, you can first read the article Free Web Hosting, Build a Website with No Fees in Rs.

If you don’t have an account yet, click SIGN UP FOR FREE, then fill in the content according to your email address, but if you already have a 000webhost ACCOUNT, just login…

Cara Mendaftar Hosting Di 000webhost

While in the free hosting example I still recommend buying hosting because basically free hosting is for testing / not suitable for website competition issues, the website is also vulnerable to hacking but it doesn’t matter if you are already using him and want to buy hosting again without money from the beginning please buy here because it is the same product

Deploy Aplikasi Codeigniter Kamu Gratis Di 000webhost

Now you need to export your website data, for example I have a website that was previously accessed via localhost, I will make it online by opening it in localhost, enter PhpMyAdmin, export the SQL data to your internet site.

You already have the SQL data… you go back to 000webhost, then PhpMyAdmin on 000webhost, so next we’ll migrate our website’s SQL data to 000webhost.

In the image below, enter/import your website’s previously saved SQL file data, then scroll down. Press GO/SEND

After this, a few scripts usually change as the SQL data that was previously on localhost is now moved to the 000webhost hosting.

Cara Memasang Domain Gratis Di 000webhost

So, in order to integrate the SQL data beforehand, we first modified it for me in SYSCONFIG.INC, maybe a little better, this is the document that integrates the data.

The code is something like this, all you have to do is change it to match the database on 000webhost we created earlier in the database creation step, that’s fine. then save…

The last step is to load the site. The way to 000webhost is to enter FILE MANAGER ==> UPLOAD ==> UPLOAD FILE NOW.

Cara Mendaftar Hosting Di 000webhost

By clicking on the download file, wait for it to complete, you will be redirected to the 000webhost file manager, where the website files will be saved.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di 000webhost

Then open the folder provided earlier on 000webhost… then move all the files in the website folder to public_html.

Then when it’s done, click on the public_html file above, then click on SELECT FILE, then just delete the folder that was on my site because the content is empty, all files have been moved to public_html, that’s it… Of course, WordPress doesn’t needs to be reintroduced. official. WordPress has become widely known as a blogging platform that quickly grabs the attention of every webmaster.

If you are just entering the world of web development and want to get familiar with the ongoing developments, then you should

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