Cara Menautkan Hosting Ke Ke Domain

Cara Menautkan Hosting Ke Ke Domain – The question of the short story, all the reviews in it are the result of my thinking, whether it is about the characters, the story line and also about God’s word about his word about his messenger, and whether There is truth in it or there is a similar story. In the short story, which is the word of God and the word of his prophet, who did not even quote from a single book, it was only an attempt to describe the past, present, future and the events. Takes place in an uncertain world.

This short story only attempts to provide an overview of what is difficult for the mind to digest, and cannot be assured of the images presented as fact. The absolute truth belongs only to Allah, while the truth of man is only full of many guesses and conjectures.

Cara Menautkan Hosting Ke Ke Domain

Cara Menautkan Hosting Ke Ke Domain

Some articles in this short story present the word of God and the words of His Messenger, but they are not words or words, so please do not quote them as your reference, and I think those of you who read . Filters and can judge. The sentences and words presented here are just trying to give an idea of ​​the results of my thinking that will happen in the future. And it is not certain that what I am describing will happen in the future.

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As for the word of God and the word of the prophet, if it is true that it is quoted from a book, I will insert the source of the book where the word of God and the word of the prophet are taken. However, in this short story, a story is taken from everyday life that happens in the environment, wrapped in the form of a story and then added with several other stories that your mind will not reject.

This tutorial is for those who already have their own domain. If you don’t have your own domain yet, idHostinger also offers a free subdomain service that you can use to set up your website.

2. Please select the hosting package you wish to use. If you are a beginner, it is the administrator’s responsibility to use the free hosting package first. After you are expert, upgrade your free hosting to premium hosting or business hosting. Please click the order button in the free hosting package options.

3. Click on the blank form to the right of Change Domain Type to change the domain type from subdomain to domain. Then enter your domain name that you have rented and already own in the Domain column. For example, in this tutorial with the domain name After that, enter your new password in the Password column and repeat your new password in the Confirm Password column, then click the Continue button.

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Now that your account has been successfully created, click on your domain in the hosting account list section and then click on the management icon with the gear icon.

Currently your domain is not pointing to our server name so services like email, ftp, file manager, website builder etc are not working properly. You can find our name server details in the menu Account -> Details. It may take up to 24 hours for the process to point the domain to our servers after our name servers are updated on your domain.

5. After you find the advanced settings, please click on the DNS Zone Editor sub-menu, which looks like the picture below.

Cara Menautkan Hosting Ke Ke Domain

6. Next, scroll down the page again and find the NS (Name Server) form as shown below. After you find it, edit and change the server name or delete all existing server names, then enter your domain server name.

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7. Next, go to number 4 above. You are directed to go to Account Menu -> Details on the right side as shown below so that you can view your host server name details.

9. Create a new record on your domain server by clicking the Add New Record button, then save the results so that the end result looks like or similar to the image below. The IP of your hosting server is installed in the top eight point, in the Destination column.

Above you have successfully connected your domain to your hosting server. Wait up to 1 x 24 hours before the hosting package pointing to your domain can be used.

After your domain is connected to your hosting server, you can install the CMS website on your idHostinger hosting.

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Click Follow below to follow the latest updates of this blog article with Google Account or click Subscribe to follow the latest updates of this blog article via email. Connecting a domain to a hosting server is the next step we take after successfully purchasing a domain. This step is known as domain configuration in DNS or DNS (Domain Name Server) configuration.

There are times when webmasters buy domains and hosting at different locations. No problem, because joining the two is still easy to do through the name server.

Cara Menautkan Hosting Ke Ke Domain

So, in this article, Panda will specifically discuss how to connect a domain name to a hosting server. Let’s find out more!

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Before we begin the steps, there are a few things we need to know and take care of first. These are namely:

Make sure your domain name is ready. Usually, people search for articles about domains and how to host after they have finished buying a domain. Of course, the goal is to connect the two to make the website live.

Web hosting is a place where all website files and data are stored, accessed and managed over the Internet. Files and data on this website include scripts, applications, databases, images, emails and videos.

The hosting will later include the website files that were previously accessed through the domain name. Of course, you need to make sure that you have done the right settings so that the two can be connected.

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We use hosting with a rental system, i.e. payment to the hosting provider company. There are many types of hosting that can be our choice. Is it the best hosting in Indonesia, or abroad.

Connecting a domain to a host server is technical. But trust me, it is very easy. In general, the stages are divided into two parts, namely:

Before choosing a domain name, the first step is to identify the name servers already used by the web host. The easiest way to get this information is in the email that the host sent when you first registered.

Cara Menautkan Hosting Ke Ke Domain

The second easiest way to find name servers is to access the web hosting client area. For example, in the hosting settings, you can take a look at the domain name servers in the Client Area > My Products & Services > Product Details section.

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After you have a domain, you can log into the domain name provider’s website to view your domain information. Here you will find tools to configure or change your domain name servers.

In general, each domain can host a different menu. This means that the provider you are using may have a different format than the preview image that Panda links to.

The purpose of this step itself is to tell the domain to point to the web hosting service you are using. Simply, change the domain’s DNS or Name Server (NS) so that when people access the domain, they can access the information data on the hosting server.

If the domain you have configured is a secondary domain, i.e. not the main domain, then additional configuration is required at the web hosting service. This addon domain itself means that it is a new domain that has been added to the host and has a uniform resource locator (URL) that is different from the original domain.

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The concept of an addon domain itself is to host multiple domains or websites on the same web hosting account. The addon domain’s resource usage (space and bandwidth) will be shared with the original domain.

After successfully adding the addon domain, you will see this domain in the addon domain list as shown below:

Have you successfully forwarded the name servers according to the host information, so the website still won’t go live? Be patient, don’t be afraid. Domain promotion takes time.

Cara Menautkan Hosting Ke Ke Domain

Domain propagation means that the domain takes time to connect to the host server after the setup process. By default, domain propagation takes 1 × 24 hours or 1 × 48 hours.

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Although pointing a domain to a web hosting server is considered a technical tutorial, it is actually very easy for us to practice. There are only two keys, already having the name server hosting data, and configuring the name servers in the domain provider.

Finding name servers on this host is relatively easy. If you do not receive this information in your email, you can access it from your hosting panel or client area. But if you still can’t find it (this is very rare), you can ask your hosting provider’s customer service for help.

If this domain configuration is for a second domain and so on, addon domain, to host one, make sure you follow step C in the tutorial above. After that, you just have to wait until the domain promotion process is complete, and taraaa…. your website is live and ready to be managed.

Hopefully the pandas guide on how to connect a domain name to a hosting server is helpful. Nice try, Jens! 🙂

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