Cara Menambah Domain Di Hosting Rumah Web

Cara Menambah Domain Di Hosting Rumah Web – The development of the digital world has infiltrated various aspects of human life. These developments effect changes in the behavior of an individual to meet their needs from social sphere, transportation, commerce, banking transactions. One of the most visible changes these days is the change in one’s behavior when it comes to transactions. Digital technology prioritizes activities performed digitally over human labor. …

In the past, we used the Internet, sometimes just to communicate with other people who were too far away to meet face-to-face, for example, two lovers who used social media to connect with each other because they were in an LDR (long distance) relationship. ) due to circumstances such as work or study. But now it’s not just communication…

Cara Menambah Domain Di Hosting Rumah Web

Cara Menambah Domain Di Hosting Rumah Web

The development of the era has had a significant impact on people’s lives. People have to adapt to the overwhelming progress of information technology so that they are not left behind by information. Changes in human behavior are beginning to influence digitization in various sectors. The availability of internet is one of the reasons for people to enter the digital world. Various activities like reading, writing,…

Web Hosting Murah Terbaik 2022 (30+ Bulan Penelitian)

5 Good Business Business Principles – After knowing the existing business types and business entities, you really have an entrepreneurial spirit and already have a plan to start a business. Even if it is just a plan, you must be serious about preparing everything to implement that plan. If,…

BCA bank vacancies are always great because of their good career path, in fact many have proved their success. However, to be a liaison officer, you need to have various skills and interpersonal skills. Fortunately, many BCA branches are willing to accept various graduates. Choose Bank BCA job vacancies according to your skills so that you can work sincerely. Don’t miss out on the requirements to become a BCA Relationship Officer…

For you job aspirants, you should be happy because BCA is opening large scale bank job vacancies for several posts. So those of you who want to work in the bank for a long time, do not waste this opportunity! Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are laying off workers due to unstable financial conditions. Looking at the unstable financial condition of the state…

There is no end to the discussion about Indonesia. If a book were to be made, there would be many topics describing the diversity of Motherland. “Contemporary” is the right word to describe Indonesia today. Because Indonesia’s population growth rate is now comparable to modern science and technology. Not without reason, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Indonesia’s population estimates…

Cara Pasang Domain Di Blogger Untuk Pemula

Key to Success – In this era of globalization, of course, as millennials we cannot stand idly by, because when we stay quiet and don’t take action, we will be left behind by people who are motivated to take action. Acting for their success. So reading this article some of you might start thinking…

Presentation Techniques – Speaking in public or in a large audience is quite easy. But there are still many who find it quite difficult to do. This is because they do not believe and are not used to doing it. Public speaking can also be called presentation or public speaking. A study in the United States…

After studying the five types of financial reports in business and business entity accounting, you must know that inputs (data or evidence about the company’s transactions) must be present when compiling financial reports. If there is no proof of company transaction, what should be reported?, if not trust, then what… Like cloud hosting services, wordpress hosting services also have addon domain feature. How to create a domain addon in Plesk? Here is more information.

Cara Menambah Domain Di Hosting Rumah Web

Add-on domains are other domains that are added to the hosting account. This feature makes it possible to use multiple domains on one hosting account. How many domains can be added depends on the hosting package you use.

Pengaruh Penting Domain Dalam Branding Produk Bagi Suatu Bisnis

Addon domain has a special folder as document root where website files are uploaded/installed. Besides getting a different web look from the original domain, you can also create an email for the add-on domain.

5. After successfully added, the add-on domain will be displayed on your WordPress hosting Plesk panel page as shown in the image below:

You can then install WordPress, upload ready-made website files, or create an email with an add-on domain.

Hello! I am Rudy, working as a technical assistant. I love WordPress, Sitepro, Blogspot and write tutorials regularly. I will help you understand some technical points 🙂

Panduan Custom Domain Tld Di Blogger ( Jadi .com)

Plesk provides convenience for WordPress CMS users with WordPress toolkit features. There are many WordPress toolkit functions from Plesk, such as logging into the dashboard, managing plugins or themes. You can immediately…

In this case, the administrator will discuss changing the database user password in the Plesk panel WordPress hosting. Was this article helpful? Click 5 stars to rate! The average rating of the submission is 0 / 5. Votes: 0…

When your website feels slow, it may be because the host’s resource usage has reached its limit. This can happen because the website is heavy on using scripts, plugins or themes. In the article … website builders are still the first donna for novice website builders. The main reason is that it helps website builders to easily build websites without understanding HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, which really requires a lot of effort to learn. In this article, we will show you how to turn a Weebly domain into your own domain.

Cara Menambah Domain Di Hosting Rumah Web

Among the many popular website builder platforms, Weebly is still one of the most used website builders. But did you know that you can set your Weebly domain site with your own domain name to make your website address look more professional.

Cara Custom Domain Blogspot Ke Domain Tld Rumahweb

For those who have never heard of Custom Domain Weebly, you should know that this feature is very cheap to use. In short, this feature is used to change the website builder’s base URL, for example, from to your own domain name, i.e. In fact, the purpose of this address change is to make your site more accessible to the wider community without having to type the site builder’s original URL, which is quite long. How to make these settings in Weebly website builder?

To follow this guide, the most important thing to note is that the Weebly you are using must be premium (not trial). If you are sure that the first conditions are met, you can follow the guidelines below:

5. Select Record Type A, leave the Domain column blank, and in the IP or Hostname column, enter the IP address obtained from step 6 of your Weebly account.

6. Click the Add New Record button, fill in www in the Domain column and in the IP or Hostname column, enter the IP address obtained by step number 6 of your Weebly account.

Penyedia Hosting Dan Domain Di Indonesia

Change the existing IP record to the IP obtained in step 6 as shown in the screenshot below:

Setting up a custom Weebly domain is pretty easy, right? However, as mentioned earlier, to be able to do a Weebly custom domain, you must have a premium account directly at

So how can you use Weebly without subscribing directly to Relax, settle down.

Cara Menambah Domain Di Hosting Rumah Web

To be able to enjoy Weebly’s features, you only need to subscribe to shared hosting and cloud hosting packages and you will get a 5-page Weebly website builder for free.

Cara Addon Domain Di Plesk Panel

What’s more, if you subscribe to the hosting and use the benefits of Weebly, you don’t have to bother setting up a custom Weebly domain like the guide above, because your domain will be automatically linked to the Weebly design.

If you still have questions, contact us directly via ticket, phone or live chat.

Continuing the previous article i.e. how to create an online store on Weebly, in this article we will discuss the next step of creating an online store i.e. setting up a Weebly store. For those of you who haven’t tried making…

Weebly is one of the website builders that makes it easy for customers to create websites. With Weebly, website design is easy because all you have to do is drag and drop…

Hostinger Vs Top 5 Provider Hosting Indonesia: Siapa Yang Lebih Kompetitif?

Can I create news or articles on Weebly? This question is one of the most frequently asked questions by Weebly users. So in this guide, we will share how to create a blog… If you open my article this time, it means you are a subscriber of Rumahweb, yes, this time I will share an article “How to add a sub domain. RumahWeb.” What is a subdomain? Subdomain is the domain name before the main domain name, still confused? Example subdomain:, the word “blog” is a subdomain and is the main domain name.

What is the point of creating a subdomain? The answer depends on your needs, for example you want to create a category/web page that has its own category but within the scope of the main domain, for example:, now in the health subdomain, you can create a new blog with the subdomain health/ a Create new page.

So, straight to the point, I’ll give a tutorial on how to create a subdomain and convert your blogspot to a subdomain. For Erislabs domain, I use Rumahweb’s service. OK, please open the Rumahweb Clientzone page at, then click Login at the top right of the page. Check out the image below:

Cara Menambah Domain Di Hosting Rumah Web

Then you enter your domain list, then select the domain you are adding a subdomain to, click the settings icon, see the red bar in the image below:

Cara Membeli Dan Memasang Domain Untuk Blogspot Di Rumahweb Mudah Dan Lengkap

Enter your subdomain name, enter 14400 in TTL column, select record type “A” and enter IP or

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