Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting

Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting – WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is actively developed by developers around the world. Developers are also actively seeking and improving

, adding features and fixing security holes. In this guide, we will share how to upgrade WordPress through various options.

Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting

Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting

There are at least 4 ways you can upgrade WordPress. Manually replacing WordPress core files from the dashboard, Softaculus and the WordPress Toolkit.

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In this guide, we will explain how to upgrade WordPress through 3 options. But before we discuss about upgrading WordPress, we will first explain the importance of upgrading.

There are several reasons to upgrade your WordPress version when the latest version is available. Here are a few reasons.

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) and is used by more than 40 million websites worldwide. This makes WordPress a target for hackers to attack.

One way to secure your WordPress site is to upgrade the version. Regardless of the WordPress version, theme or plugin you are using. Upgrades aim to close bugs or security holes in your website.

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WordPress is constantly improving. Improvements mentioned here include adding features and increasing website loading speed. The reason for this upgrade is the real reason to always upgrade the WordPress version.

In this guide, we will share 3 ways to upgrade WordPress that you can choose. Here is more information:

This method is used more than other options. In addition to being easy, you can view updated information through the dashboard, so you can take action right away.

Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting

After clicking the Update Now button, please wait a few moments for the upgrade process to complete. During the upgrade process, the site will automatically go into maintenance mode

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For those of you who have installed WordPress CMS through WP Toolkit, you can upgrade through this feature. Here are the steps to upgrade WordPress using the WordPress Toolkit.

In addition to the above method, you can enable the WordPress auto-upgrade feature, by adding a script to the wp-config file. The trick is to add a line of code to the wp-config.php file. Here is the code.

But if you choose the auto-upgrade option, there are a number of things you should pay attention to As such you should make regular backups and ensure that you regularly open and monitor the site.

Conflicts with these automatic upgrade plugins can cause your website to fail, until hosting runs out of space causing the upgrade to fail, and other possibilities. So make sure to monitor your website regularly.

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It has a feature to automatically update WordPress version along with updating WordPress plugins and themes. While this feature is useful for security, it’s not uncommon for the WordPress auto update feature to…

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Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting

Standard cpanel hosting has memory limit, max post and max upload limit. Normally this is set from php.ini, but now cpanel has a function to adjust and increase the setting of this resource.

Cara Pilih Versi Php Dan Setting Php Value

If the default is Native, you must first select a version other than Native. Select the php version you want to use (1), for example php 7.3, click set as current (2) then you have changed the PHP version.

Click on Options after you use the PHP version on the right. You can’t in the native PHP version to be able to change the options. If it is native then you first change it to something other than native as in explanation number 2 above.

You will see a column like below, select the option you want to set. Click the memory_limit line to increase the php memory limit, click post_max_size to increase the maximum file upload limit in WordPress, and click the upload_max_size line to increase the maximum file upload size in cpanel. Click save and you’re done.

How to restrict the upload of this file can also be from the .htaccess file where you have the public_html folder. If you want 10MB limit then enter the following command

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If you want to use a specific PHP version in a specific directory, you can create an .htaccess file in that directory and write the code: Open Journal System, or OJS, is one of the CMSs used to create online journals. OJS is a CMS that is very popular for creating an online journal website. However, OJS website owners are often reluctant to upgrade the version as it is quite difficult. So, in this guide we will share how to upgrade OJS in cPanel.

To maintain performance and protect the OJS website from security holes, you must update OJS regularly. The process of updating or upgrading OJS can be done manually, or if you are using cPanel hosting, the upgrade can be done through Softaculous software. Please note, in this guide, upgrades can only be done for co-OJS version 3.x.x. Let’s check out the guide!

Backup is important so that you still have backup files if the upgrade process fails If you are using cPanel hosting, you can use “Website Backup Guide by Soft Features”. However, if you are using Plesk Panel, please use the “Backing Up Data in Plesk Panel” guide.

Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting

After backing up the data, check that the host-side PHP settings are being used. Check the PHP limit settings in the max_execution_time variable, make sure the given value is at least 1200.

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If you are using cPanel hosting, you can see how to set it in How to Set PHP Limits from Choose PHP Version. Also, if you are using Plesk panel, you can use the guide to adjust PHP option limit in Plesk panel.

There are at least 2 ways that you can do, to upgrade the version in OJS, namely through Softaculus and manually. You can choose one of the following 2 ways.

If the upgrade version is not too far away, the OJS upgrade option by Softaculous may work. For example upgrading from version 3.3.1 to 3.3.2 or 3.3.2 to 3.3.3. Selecting this option is not recommended if upgrading from 3.2.x to 3.3.x.

At this point the manual upgrade process is complete, you can fully test access and function on your OJS website.

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After upgrading OJS, it will be better if you make sure that all functions of OJS can work properly. The following is

Hence the OJS upgrade guide on hosting. If you face any issue, please contact the technical team via live chat or email at technical[@]

Professional career as PHP programmer for 6 years, then switched to Quality Assurance Customer Service. Never fill in “a cat” in the standard column.

Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting

SLiMS is a CMS that you can use to create a library website instantly. All the needs of library systems can be met with SLiMS CMS. Not only that, SLiMS CMS is also available…

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To support the growing number of e-commerce website users in Indonesia to sell online, OpenCart provides Indonesian language facility to facilitate management for users in Indonesia. Next…

OpenCart is one of the most widely used online store CMS. Installation is quite easy. You can install it through softaculous. After the installation is complete, you… How do you deal with a sudden notice in the WordPress dashboard advising us to upgrade our PHP version? We will discuss this bro.

At one point I had a PHP update recommended notification on my wordpress dashboard page even though I installed this wordpress on my hosting yesterday.

The WordPress I installed is WordPress Art Tatum or WordPress version 5.8 which was released last July 20, 2021… Yes Art Tatum is a jazz musician… If I put it in the list of wordpress releases he is the 42nd jazz musician. ..

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Because WordPress core developers love jazz music, so yes, that’s what WordPress version naming is all about… Do you want your name to be a WordPress version name? Hehe, be a jazz musician first bro.. if the song becomes their favorite.. your name will come later…hehe..

Back to the discussion! The point here is that in the wordpress dashboard section it shows that my wordpress site is on php version 7.2.34 where it needs to be updated, in fact if it is not updated it will not be a problem, as long as some plug-ins and other functions may still work.

But it should also be noted that in some cases when a user updates PHP, an error occurs on the website, mostly due to the version of the WordPress theme he bought, perhaps it is not optimized for later versions.

Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting

When we buy a WordPress theme in the market… make sure we always check how much WordPress support and how much PHP, so at least it’s not too far away.

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It says wordpress version 5.8x, according to this article post, yes, the latest wordpress is currently 5.8, so it’s usually safe… because it’s the latest version of wordpress, it’s usually updated to the latest wordpress. See this notification from the official WordPress. .

This is a notification about this issue… so wordpress also always keeps up with the latest PHP version updates… the two are related :).

So the reason for the error is for example the PHP version of the theme maker is at most version 5… It seems we have updated the PHP version to 8, it is too far…

So there is a possibility of an error, moreover the theme is also used for WooCommerce (but the error in themes is usually only in appearance..)

Multi Versi Php Untuk Domain/addon/subdomain/directory Pada Hosting

But apart from theme, wordpress version is also important.. when we use latest version of wordpress.. it must be optimized for latest version of php, so wordpress version and php version in our host site are interrelated..

But the most important thing is WordPress, because we know that PHP is a core that bridges between frontend and database… 🙂

Yup! WordPress

Cara Menaikan Versi Hosting

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