Cara Memindahkan Website Dari Hosting Ke Localhost

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Have you finished developing your WordPress website on localhost? Well, now is the time to go online so that more people can access it. But how do you download WordPress offline in WordPress online?

Cara Memindahkan Website Dari Hosting Ke Localhost

Cara Memindahkan Website Dari Hosting Ke Localhost

Relax, there are options for uploading WordPress to hosting, both with a plugin and manually. Both are just as easy, really. Want to know the full steps?

Cara Melihat Penggunaan Disk Di Cpanel

Yes… wait a minute. We recommend that you first find out what you need to prepare before following the guide on how to move WordPress from localhost to hosting.

Therefore, in order to then have your site available 24 hours a day and safely, use affordable quality hosting. Even if hosting also offers free space, for example.

Log in to the WordPress admin panel on your local domain – this is what you need to do first. Then install and activate the Duplicator plugin.

Log in to your hosting cPanel. Then create a MySQL database in cPanel. Write down your database name, username and password for your database user. These three details will be needed in the next step.

Aplikasi Membuat Server Localhost » Berbagi Informasi Teknologi Hari Ini

If you want to upload to the main directory, go to the public_html folder. You can also save it to another directory, such as the /public_html/ tutorial folder, as we did in this tutorial.

After entering the desired directories, click Add. Then download the archive file and the installer file by clicking the “Choose file” button.

At this stage, you need to install the database that will be used. There are a few things that need to be completed, which are:

Cara Memindahkan Website Dari Hosting Ke Localhost

Until then, the Duplicator plugin will move the database from the WordPress archive file to the new database on your cPanel hosting.

Cara Memindahkan Situs WordPress Langsung Ke Server Lokal

At this stage, you don’t need to change anything, because the URL and path for storing WordPress files on the hosting will be automatically determined by the program. So, just click next.

Happy! At this point, you have successfully moved WordPress from localhost to hosting. Please login to the admin page by clicking the admin login button.

So, here’s how to transfer WordPress offline to WordPress online using a plugin. Next, let’s learn how to manually upload WordPress to your hosting!

In addition to using a plugin, uploading WordPress from localhost to hosting can also be done manually. Don’t worry, it’s still easy. Here are the steps:

Cara Upload File Website (localhost Ke Hosting) Dengan Hosting Gratis Dan Filezilla Ftp

Log in to localhost/phpmyadmin on your computer. Then select your WordPress database and go to the Export Tab. Then click “Go” to download the database.

You can upload WordPress to your hosting via an FTP connection, or you can upload it manually, as we do in this guide.

The trick is to compress all WordPress files on localhost into a zip archive. Then upload the WordPress zip file to your hosting. In this tutorial, we upload to the first public_html directory.

Cara Memindahkan Website Dari Hosting Ke Localhost

Create a new MySQL database in cPanel. Save information about the database name, username and password of the database user. This information will be needed when you set up the database in WordPress.

Panduan Tutorial Phpmyadmin Lengkap Untuk Pemula

Then go to the “Import” tab and click “Select File” to select the previously downloaded database. Then click “Go” to start importing the database.

Open the file manager menu in cPanel and enter the public_html directory. Find the wp_config.php file, then right-click and select Edit.

At this point, configure the database. Change the DB_NAME, DB_USER, and DB_PASSWORD values ​​to the database name, database username, and password you created earlier.

Please login to the WordPress admin page. Enter Settings > General Menu. Scroll down without changing anything, then click Save Changes. This is to ensure that the full URL changes to your domain name.

Belajar WordPress Offline Menggunakan Wamp Server

Then go to Settings > Permalinks, scroll down and click Save Changes. This is to ensure that all mail links work correctly.

To fix this, go to the phpMyAdmin menu in cPanel. Then select the WordPress database and go to the SQL tab. Then run the following questions:

So, now all the posts in your online WordPress are available without problems. That is, how to transfer WordPress to hosting manually and successfully.

Cara Memindahkan Website Dari Hosting Ke Localhost

So, an article on how to move WordPress from localhost to hosting. You can host WordPress using a plugin or manually. Both are easy, right?

Cara Mengatasi Error Establishing A Database Connection Di WordPress

Whichever method you use, make sure the steps are correct, okay? Don’t forget to choose secure, fast and stable hosting for your website. First, choose hosting that is specifically designed for WordPress.

This service, specifically optimized for WordPress, offers many advanced features that make managing WordPress easier. One of them is thanks to the WordPress management feature.

Imunify360 guarantees not only a complete feature, but also a WordPress hosting security system that can protect you from malware attacks.

What’s more, you can get WordPress hosting features and services for as low as IDR 27,000 per month and you already get a free domain and SSL, you know!

Cara Import Database Dari Localhost Ke Hosting

Get lots of educational articles, interesting tips and advice about the online world directly by email. Subscribe now and succeed with us! Once we are satisfied with the look and feel of the wordpress based website built on Localhost (you can check the tutorial on building wordpress on localhost here), we can immediately export the web data and database to the hosting. . Here are the steps:

If you haven’t created a database on the server yet, create it first. You can create a MySql database in cPanel > MySql Database. From there you can get: • Database name, for example: ‘cerita35_wordpress’ • Database username, for example: ‘cerita35_admin’ • Database password, for example: ‘b4l1b0’

Prepare the database of the WordPress application you created offline. Back up your database, if you are using phpMyAdmin, login to phpMyAdmin from your web browser (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)

Cara Memindahkan Website Dari Hosting Ke Localhost

Select the WordPress database you want to upload from the “database” dropdown menu. Once the database is selected and the tables are displayed, click the Export button. Then select “Select All” and check “Add drawable table”. Don’t replace anything if you don’t know what you’re doing. Check “Save as file”, click the “Go” button in the lower right corner of the browser. The browser will issue a certificate saving to the local computer.

Nur Hidayatul Akbar

After completing the database and user creation (step 1) and exporting the database to the local computer (step 2). Open the phpMyAdmin menu in cPanel and select the database with the name (_wordpress) that you created earlier in the first step. Once the database is selected, click the “sign in” button and browse the database backup file and click “Go” to import.

Before uploading the wordpress files to the server via FTP, you must first compress them into a Zip file for all the files and instructions for installing wordpress on your local machine. Use normal (standard) compression to compress WordPress files and directories.

Download the ZIP file using ftp/filezilla to speed up the download process and avoid download failures. If you want to make a wordpress application your first website, upload the wordpress zip file to the /public_html directory so that the wordpress application can be accessed via Once the download is complete, go to cPanel > File manager, find the downloaded file (in the public_html directory), right-click on the file and exit.

Before step 4, you may encounter an error/message when trying to access the website. This is because the wp-config.php file from your domain server does not contain any information related to your hosting account details. The wp-config.php file stores information about the database name, userDB, and password created for the hosting account. You need to change the details in it as follows:

Cara Memindahkan Website Ke Hosting Baru

Go to cPanel > File Manager. Locate the wp-config.php file in your WordPress root directory. Right click the file and select “Edit Code”, change the line of code below according to the information made in step 1:

[PHP] // ** MySQL settings. You can get this information from your web host ** // /** Database name for WordPress */ define(‘ DB_NAME ‘ , ‘ wordpress284 ‘ ); change to define(‘DB_NAME’,’cerita35_wordpress”);

This is the last and most important step. We need to edit the database, which in the above example is the “cerita35_wordpress” database, so that it can connect to our WordPress files. We only need to change the URL, which in this example is from “http://localhost/wordpress284/” to “”.

Cara Memindahkan Website Dari Hosting Ke Localhost

If you don’t do this step, then your site will not be visible because WordPress files with their database are like two birds that cannot be separated. Database editing steps: Launch phpMyAdmin in the control panel. Enter the name of your database, in this example “cerita35_wordpress”. Select and click the wp_options table. In the window that appears, click [Search]. There are 2 items in the table that you can edit:

Cara Mudah Onlinekan Localhost Atau Project Web Dengan

A. Change the “siteurl” entry in the “option_name” column. Click Edit or Draw Pen to edit. Replace “option_value” with (adjust the path to the directory where the wordpress file is located and your domain name). b. Change the entry “Home” in the same column. If you don’t see it, click on the arrow below the table. The editing method is the same as for the siteurl entry above.

7. Access your domain name through a web browser. If you can’t log in or have problems, please contact a CS server. By using the services and infrastructure we operate, you fully agree to our terms and conditions.

Do you want to consult with the team in more details? Please visit our office or contact the administrator via phone or whatsapp.

How to move WordPress to a new host. Are you planning to move your WordPress site to a new host?

Cara Pindah Hosting WordPress Domain Tetap Tebaru 2023!

Few are shy about moving their WordPress site to a new host. To do this, we will show you how to take WordPress to the next level without downtime.

The first thing you need to do is choose a new provider. Many top cloud hosting providers like AWS, Google Cloud, OVH, Digital Ocean, etc. For the best cloud hosting prices, you can get it all at . For example, you can get AWS Cloud Hosting at the lowest price for just one.

After that, install the Duplicator plugin on your WordPress site. This plugin is free to use. This plugin will backup all your WordPress website data with just a few clicks.

Cara Memindahkan Website Dari Hosting Ke Localhost

This process will take a few minutes. So, during the process, do not close the browser tab until the process is finished.

Langkah Yang Harus Dilakukan Saat Migrasi Hosting

After downloading, you will receive a package with all data content

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