Cara Memindahkan Webmail Ke Hosting Lain

Cara Memindahkan Webmail Ke Hosting Lain – Email Server – Having an email account associated with your domain name has its advantages over free email hosting.

Having your own domain name in your email or website will make it easier for your visitors to identify you.

Cara Memindahkan Webmail Ke Hosting Lain

Cara Memindahkan Webmail Ke Hosting Lain

However, among the advantages mentioned above, there are also disadvantages that you should know about before you decide to use a hosted email with your own domain. Among these:

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So in this article we are going to share a guide or method to easily transfer your email data or email accounts from the old server to the new one.

In this article I will share tips or instructions on how to transfer data from your old email server to a new one.

In practice, you can only create an account on the new server, but the effects of the old data will be lost.

Please log into the file manager on the old server. You can do this through your cpanel account or you can use other applications to manage media files.

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Enter your email account folder (eg home/mail/accountname/). You will see several folders here, but you can simply copy the ‘nev’ and ‘cur’ folders.

In the Control Panel menu, create a new email account and create a new password (the password and account must be the same as the previous one)

Please replace the ‘nev’ and ‘cur’ folders with the data we previously backed up from the old server

Cara Memindahkan Webmail Ke Hosting Lain

If there is a change in the IP address of your server address, we need to point to the new IP address through this DNS manager.

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If the mail server record previously indicated the old hosting IP address, you can simply change the new IP address.

The next step is to adjust the settings for email delivery (in the Cpanel menu). what is the point? in another meaning. To give the email a level of trust so it doesn’t look like spam.

SPF and DKIM are two methods that can be applied to ensure the identity of the email to be sent, so that the destination email can easily verify that the email was actually sent from the correct sender email address and definitely not from spam emails .

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