Cara Memindahkan Hosting Website

Cara Memindahkan Hosting Website – When running a website, of course you expect the best for the website to perform optimally. Every webmaster will strive for the access speed of his website, security of website data storage, large storage space and so on. Web hosting is one of the most important things in running a website, friends!

Bad hosting will have a significant impact on the success of your website. For example, if access is very slow, visitors will be lazy and leave. If this is the case, this is a sign that you need to migrate your hosting.

Cara Memindahkan Hosting Website

Cara Memindahkan Hosting Website

Among the many hosting service providers, many of them will surely find it difficult to determine which hosting is the most suitable for the website. As a result, the costs incurred will be in vain if you choose the wrong hosting. Perhaps I often think of hosting migration, but you are worried that this process is difficult and dangerous for the website.

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The article below will explain the important steps to follow when migrating your hosting. Let’s understand the article below!

Hosting migration is the activity of moving a website from an old hosting service provider to a new hosting service. Hosting migrations are usually done because the website owner has some problems or is unhappy with the old hosting service. For example, lack of storage space, lack of hosting security, expired subscription, cost factors and more.

Webmasters must pay attention to the performance of their sites. That’s why you need an assessment to determine the right steps for your website. It is normal to find some problems with your website. But some of these problems can be caused by inadequate hosting, you know. If so, you should migrate to a new hosting that is more reliable.

Frequent server downtime is a problem that visitors take seriously. Even if the server takes only a few seconds, visitors can lose trust in the site. Visitors will feel that the website is of low quality and insecure. This will also have an impact on website ranking drop and loss due to loss of potential customers.

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In addition to being a busy server, its location on the site also determines the speed of data processing for visitors. Website speed affects website traffic growth. If the process is slow, visitors will be lazy to continue browsing your site. Slow websites will also be tracked by Google and affect your search engine rankings.

When using the hosting service, certain problems may occur on the website. You can request hosting services to solve the problem. If the hosting service does not offer a suitable solution and is difficult to contact, it is time to look for a new hosting service. A good hosting provider will serve customers and provide solutions quickly and accurately.

As business grows, websites also need servers that can handle heavy traffic and more and more data. You can find the right hosting offering large space. Upgrading your hosting will maximize your site’s performance.

Cara Memindahkan Hosting Website

When determining hosting, you need to adapt to the needs of the site. Do not allow yourself to use packages that are not fully utilized on the site. It’s very expensive. Look for another hosting with a more affordable price and a package that suits you.

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Security is an important factor when choosing hosting. Don’t let important data get lost or leaked from the site. Your website thus loses the trust of customers.

Most hosting services already offer regular data backup services. However, it doesn’t hurt to have data backups in your personal memory just in case. This website storage file is for data storage and data transfer to the new hosting.

Remember not to edit the content during the process to avoid corrupting the file. You can download files using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service such as FileZilla.

This file will later be used as a place to store data from the website that has been uploaded. Right click>New>Folder>Create filename>OK.

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It is recommended to load FileZilla client instead of FileZilla Server. FileZilla Client can work on all operating systems that are in use.

Make settings on your hosting account so that FileZilla can access it. Some hosting services will provide a new username and account to maintain data security.

Open FileZilla, enter your website’s domain name in the Host section along with your username and password. Click on the Port section, then type the number “21” and click on Quick Connect.

Cara Memindahkan Hosting Website

On the right side of the screen you can see data from your current hosting service. The used desktop folders will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Move the data from the hosting service to the desktop folder that was created in the first step.

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At this stage, find out beforehand whether or not your website has a database. You can ask your previous hosting service for this. If the website has a database, the database can be exported from the old hosting to the new hosting.

The most popular type of database is MySQL, which can be exported using phpMyAdmin. The way to do this is to open phpMyAdmin>> Click on website database>> Click on Export>> Click on Go>>Move the SQL file to the same folder.

The next step is to create a new database. This empty database can be created on a new hosting account.

Next, import the site database that was saved earlier. You can open phpMyAdmin to import this database.

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Once you’ve gone through the database import process, it’s safe to move your database to a new hosting server of your choice. First you need to replace the file code. This is done to make the files more adaptable to the new database. Change the username and password that will be used for files on the new hosting service. Use Joomla or Drupal to edit. For example like this:

After completing all of the above processes, it’s time to upload your website files to your new hosting service of choice. Follow the steps below to upload the file.

Check the functionality of the website. Pay attention to some content or links on the site. Try doing a search using a few keywords that direct searches to your website. Pay attention to whether the website has access to old content or images, videos and more. So if there is a breakdown in traffic, you will find a solution with your chosen new hosting service provider.

Cara Memindahkan Hosting Website

DNS is a system that translates IP addresses into domain names. Update the DNS to the new hosting service server. This is done by pointing the domain’s DNS to the new server. Update DNS when site traffic is quiet so you don’t disturb incoming visitors.

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Hosting migrations can be done if you feel you are not a good fit with your old hosting. Hosting migration must be done correctly so that there are no problems or file corruption on your website.

Indonesia allows you to migrate your hosting easily and quickly. Just fill out the provided form, consult the hosting plan with an experienced team from , and choose an attractive hosting promotion. Hosting migration will be very efficient and not a waste of time. also offers attractive promotions for those of you who want to migrate hosting, namely:

The first step is to fill out the form regarding your personal information on the website as shown in the image above. You can also send messages to the team regarding personal information or hosting plan questions.

The next step is to consult the hosting plan, which is created in such a way that it can be processed optimally. The team will help you choose the most suitable hosting plan. will also discuss the hosting migration to be done to run smoothly without data corruption.

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Once confirmed, you can choose to get a 50% discount or add the remaining months you have from your previous hosting provider (up to 12 months). For example, if you have 6 months of hosting left, you will extend the renewal date of your hosting plan and get another 6 months free.

This is more or less an explanation of the steps to take when hosting a migration. Remember, the customer is everything. So you need to provide the best service to your website visitors, right? Pay attention to the hosting service you are using so that the performance of the site can work as optimally as possible.

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Cara Memindahkan Hosting Website

CPanel is one of the best control panels. manage website hosting as it has many important features from domain, security, database to file management and more.

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In addition, the feature menu is organized in a user-friendly interface, making it very easy to use. Even beginners will have no problem using it.

When using cPanel, the transfer process can be faster through the menu in the cPanel dashboard, as you do not need access to the server to create hosting transfer command texts.

You will then be asked to back up in three different stages, including your home directory, MySQL databases, email forwarding and filters. All three must be backed up and downloaded separately.

Next, select the type of backup file you want to restore. Then upload the backup files one by one as previously downloaded in step 2.

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In this last step, it is definitely necessary to modify the database configuration from the old hosting with the database on the new cPanel hosting.

Scroll down and select Current Database. In this section you will see that the database from the previous hosting has been moved to the new hosting. However, you must set up privileged users.

Click the Create User button. If so, you need to add the user to the database by selecting the username you just created, selecting the database name in the database column, and clicking the Add button.

Cara Memindahkan Hosting Website

You will then be redirected to the Manage User Permissions page. Give a sign

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