Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger

Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger – The cost of a domain name depends on many factors, from the registrar you choose to additional privacy protections. In fact, if you are curious about how much a domain costs, the average price is around Rp 150,000 – 250,000 per year ($10-15).

However, a domain name can help build a strong brand for your business. With a strong and consistent brand, you can create a better online presence and user experience.

Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger

Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger

So, in this lesson we will explain things about the cost of buying a domain, how to register it, the price factor and how to get it for free. We’ll also discuss how much premium domains cost and how to reclaim expired domains. Come on, keep going!

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The price of a website domain is affected by various factors. Consider the following factors to find out how much your target domain will cost.

The first step to getting a domain name is choosing the right registrar. We recommend choosing a registrar certified by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

ICANN is a non-profit organization that maintains a database of all available domain names and the various existing registrars. Unauthorized domain registrars are commonly associated with phishing.

It is registered with ICANN’s list of accredited registrars, making it a valid registrar for anyone looking to purchase a domain name.

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Each registrar has a different approach to determining how much their domain will cost. While some offer deep discounts for the first year with more expensive renewals, others offer a standard plan.

Choose a reputable registry that fits your needs and budget. From our tips, choose a hosting provider whose hosting service includes a free domain so you can start your online journey faster and at a lower cost.

TLDs are extensions like .com and .shop that go after the domain name. Some extensions are sometimes more expensive than others.

Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger

Popular extensions are more reliable and easier to remember. Therefore, they are often very expensive.

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For example, offering a website name with a .com extension for IDR 147,900 per year, while a .store extension costs IDR 16,164 per year. This is because .com extensions are more popular, so they often cost more.

Another factor is the availability of domain extensions. Since most users choose popular TLDs like .com and .net, many domains are no longer available. You may need to purchase it from the current owner or select a different extension.

Domain privacy protection is the best way to prevent cyber attacks on websites. When you purchase a domain, WHOIS will store your personal information, including phone number, address, domain name, IP address, and expiration date.

Therefore, it is recommended that you provide domain privacy protection to hide all this information from the WHOIS data so that it is not visible to the public. You will also be protected from identity theft, phishing emails and spam attacks.

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The price of this privacy protection service depends on the registrar that provides it. At , you can get free domain privacy protection with every domain purchase.

Other registrants can pay around Rp 150,000 for domain privacy protection. 600,000 per year ($10-40). Each registrant may have other ways to add privacy protection.

Note that some TLDs do not support privacy protection for domains such as .us and .it. Other TLDs hide private information by default, such as .al and .gr. We recommend that you check the privacy protection of your domain before purchasing.

Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger

How much you have to pay for a domain depends on the length of the registration. Users can register and pay for a domain name license for at least one year or longer.

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When buying a domain, most registrars will show you how much you can save if you choose two or more years instead of one. So be sure to check before you buy.

Also, most reputable registrars will offer no less than a one-year period to avoid web spam.

Well, the price difference over time also depends on the domain extension. For example, with a .com extension you can save 14% for a 2-year period, but with an online extension you can save as much as 49% for the same period.

Domain transfer is the process of moving a domain to another registrar, usually because it needs better maintenance and support services or a better return policy.

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Typically, your new registrar will charge you a domain transfer fee that depends on the extension you want to transfer. Some registrars offer free domain transfers, but you have to pay for a one-year extension.

You can also point the name servers to other web hosting providers if your registrar does not accept a particular TLD. In this case, you need access to the Domain Name System (DNS) to do this.

A business email account, such as, is a popular addition for some domain name registrars. They offer email storage for a fee that depends on the number of accounts.

Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger

Creating a domain email will help increase your brand awareness. This makes it easy for potential customers to recognize your business email in their inbox.

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This feature is already included in the recommended hosting packages. For example, our single web hosting plan supports one email account, while our premium web hosting plans allow you to create up to 100 email accounts and register a free domain name.

You can use the domain checker tool on the site to find your target domain and buy it immediately. Simply enter your keywords in the following fields:

In short, yes you can. Some providers want to provide a free domain with the purchase of a hosting service. The hosting package also includes WHOIS privacy protection and an SSL certificate.

Several website builders also offer this feature in the form of subdomains. For example, a user can get a free domain from by adding a registrant name.

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If you’re just starting your online journey on a tight budget, some of the best hosting providers also offer cheap, reliable domain names.

The first option is to contact the domain owner and make an offer. Use WHOIS to find owner contact information or send a message using the contact form on your website.

There are also many resold registered domains. SnapNames is one of those sites that displays newly available domains so you can start bidding on them.

Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger

Or consider another alternative when checking domain availability. Domain verifiers will usually recommend a different TLD or similar name.

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As an example, let’s look at the domain Since it is already owned by someone else, you can try the domain name generator for suggestions and alternatives like and

For example, we used Zyro’s business name generator and entered the keyword “travel nomads.” This tool will have many names, such as “small network”. Since this tool does not show domain availability, be sure to use a domain checker.

Regardless of the method, make sure you choose the right domain for your business. Also note that a good domain should not be too long and should not contain numbers or hyphens.

Premium domains are quality domains that have been registered, pre-purchased for resale on the domain market for higher profits. How much does this domain cost? The answer can be anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars.

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The most expensive domains so far are at $90 million (roughly Rs. 1.3 billion) and at $49.7 million (roughly Rs. 750 million). The price of these aftermarket domains is influenced by their uniqueness, history, character length and overall branding potential.

People who register premium domains usually want better branding, easier recall and higher ranking in SERPs.

Premium domains are available through private sellers, organizations or auctions. You can contact the domain owner to buy their registered domain or visit domain resale marketplaces like Sido and Flippa.

Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger

Flippa uses an auction-based system, while Sido also offers ready-to-buy domain listings. Additionally, they offer brokerage services to bid on premium domains on your behalf.

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When the registration period ends and the owner does not renew the domain, an additional fee must be paid to redeem it. This fee depends on the active life cycle of the domain.

Most registrars offer a grace period of 0 to 45 days with a standard renewal fee if the owner forgets to renew the domain during its active period.

Domain renewal fees vary by registrar and domain extension, but are usually more expensive than the registration price. For example, a .com extension starts at $147,900 with a renewal fee of around $195,900.

After the grace period ends, the domains will enter a redemption period, and registrars usually charge an additional fee if the owner wants to redeem them. The fee and redemption period depends on the registrant.

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For example, it charges about $1.2 million in ransom for most extensions and $2.8 million for .com. In addition to the redemption fee, users also have to pay a renewal fee.

After the redemption period ends, the domain status will change to Pending Deletion and the user will not be able to make changes or revoke the domain.

Domains are on sale again and anyone can buy them for the same price as the annual price of a new domain.

Cara Memindahkan Domain Ke Hosting Lain Hostinger

Therefore, if you plan to use the domain for a long time, consider a registrar that offers automatic renewal or choose a plan with a term of two years or more.

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When discussing the cost of a domain, the answers range from IDR 20,000 to less than IDR million, depending on the following factors.

Now that you know the factors that affect domain prices, it’s time to decide which option best fits your needs and budget.

Some people may be happy with a free domain included in their hosting package or choose to pay extra for a better branding strategy.

Don’t forget that you can choose our web hosting package that includes a free domain name and SSL certificate to save your budget.

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A domain name, such as .com, refers to a website’s Internet address, which consists of two main elements: the website name () and the extension (.com). If you don’t know, a domain and hosting are two different things, where a domain is the address of a website, while hosting is the process of storing the website files on a server.

Domains cannot be purchased permanently. You usually have to renew it every year, although some registrars allow you to buy a domain name in advance with a 10% guarantee.

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