Cara Membuka Email Hosting

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Webmail is a feature in cPanel hosting to send and receive email using your domain name. So, you want to access your cPanel email but don’t know how to login to webmail?

Cara Membuka Email Hosting

Cara Membuka Email Hosting

Don’t worry, you are in the right article! This time, we invite you to try four ways to log into webmail cPanel to open e-mails easily.

Cara Konfigurasi Email Hosting Pada Gmail

5. Two email client options will appear for you to choose from, namely Roundcube (a web-based email client) and Horde (an email client with Internet messaging). For example, we have chosen Roundcube.

6. If so, click Open or you can click the check mark on the My Inbox… option to open the mailbox immediately when you sign in again.

7. After that, you will be redirected to your cPanel email inbox. How easy is it to login to cPanel email this way?

3. You will be prompted to enter your email address and password to log into Webmail. Please enter these two pieces of information in the fields provided.

Cara Install Rdm Pada Hosting

4. If successful, you will be prompted to select an email client (if you have not already selected one), or go directly to your email inbox (if you have already selected an email client).

The cPanel webmail login procedure is exactly the same as the previous point. The difference here is that you are not using a domain name, but an IP address. These are the steps:

1. Check your website’s IP address. It’s easy, just enter your website address on an IP checking platform, for example, Check Host.

Cara Membuka Email Hosting

2. After knowing your website’s IP address, type “address/webdomain”. For example, if your website’s IP address is 83.123.456.789, you can type “83.123.456.789/webdomain”.

Tutorial Membuat Email Kampus Dengan Gmail

3. Here, you just have to enter your email address and password then follow the sequence of steps to open cPanel email as previous option.

The last login method to webmail is through the member area. If you subscribe to hosting, you can access your email without logging into cPanel. Here is the sequence of steps:

2. Browse the My Services section. Here, click the Manage Hosting button on the email account you want to access.

4. You will be redirected to an email page as point number one. Here, you have to click on Check Email to start accessing your email.

Cara Membatalkan Email Yang Sudah Terkirim Mudah, Tak Perlu Panik

In this tutorial, you learned how to log into Webmail cPanel to open email. Of all the cPanel email login options, which do you think is the easiest?

Unfortunately, this cPanel webmail email login has some limitations. From small loading capacity to safety features.

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Cara Membuka Email Hosting

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