Cara Membuka Cpanel Hosting

Cara Membuka Cpanel Hosting – Remembering the cPanel url to install cPanel hosting feels complicated. In addition, these URLs usually contain a unique combination of text and numbers. Not to mention if we manage more than one cPanel. Are you dizzy? Maybe! If you work on your own primary device. We usually just make up the address. But it’s a bit of a hassle to remember the URL link if you forget to bookmark it or try to access it from another computer. okay This problem is not only faced by one or two webmasters. Bloggers who offer website creation services often face this dilemma because they usually only need to earn a living from the services they receive. domain, Whether to buy everything related to design and website.

Before using cPanel itself, cPanel is important to us. cPanel is a control panel used to make settings for web hosting services. File management in this setting; database domain; Security Includes software and other important hosting configurations. Without cPanel Hosting settings would be complicated as they can only be done with text commands. With cPanel, users can easily perform various configurations through an attractive and easy-to-use user interface. The main function of cPanel itself is to make it easy for users to fully manage their web hosting accounts. The user is an FTP user; You can create a new email address; monitor resource and inode usage; You can install software and create subdomains.

Cara Membuka Cpanel Hosting

Cara Membuka Cpanel Hosting

When buying hosting, usually the hosting service company will provide a special link to access your cPanel. If it stays, you might think that URL is the only way to access cPanel. in fact, Accessing cPanel does not require remembering the login URL provided by the hosting. Here are some tips you can try to access cPanel hosting without remembering the link.

Mengenal Apa Itu Control Panel Atau Cpanel

This first method is the most common and easy to use. To access cPanel hosting; You don’t need to remember the access URL, just add the word ‘cPanel’ at the end of the domain name. Enter Then press ‘Enter’. Then enter your username and password. It’s easy, isn’t it?

It is almost the same as the first way. The only difference is that you put the word ‘cPanel’ in front of the domain name. Type Http://Cpanel.YourDomain.Com and press ‘Enter’. Then, You will be redirected to your cPanel page.

Look again. When you use the first or second method above, the Page will redirect to the cPanel access page. The page is a domain name ending in 2082 or 2083. Therefore, in the third way, you can easily add one of these number combinations.

After you can easily access your cPanel hosting account, Make sure you know your login username and password correctly. You can use the saved password feature in your browser or use a password saving app. The reason is that If you make a mistake three times in a row, Either your username or password; Your IP will be blocked. to overcome it; You must contact the hosting provider’s technical support to whitelist the IP you are using.

Cara Login Ke Cpanel Lengkap Dengan Gambar » 2022

Logging in to Cpanel is still easy, although I don’t remember clearly the address of the previously hosted cPanel link. According to the above combination, you can instantly redirect to your cPanel link just by adding some word particles and numbers. This tip is especially useful for those who manage multiple cPanels at once and it is impossible to remember the cPanel link address for each account you manage. Good luck! hopefully useful.

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