Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis

Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis – We know that wordpress is a service to create a blog like blogspot, there is a difference between blogspot and wordpress, with wordpress we can create a premium blog, a professional term that must be paid every month to every year and we can also create a wordpress blog for free, if our blogspot service can blog for free forever without Premium service or not.

Creating a free blog on WordPress can not have many features in the package, you can only see as if you are only doing a post, because you can not enjoy other features such as a domain name. , plugins, Ads, even a limited selection of templates unless you upgrade your WordPress account.

Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis

Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis

1. You can create a blog directly on for free as above, without thinking about paying for hosting, hosting management, etc., because here WordPress is responsible for hosting, you only need to manage WordPress, the domain is already provided. even if it is a subdomain, the idea is the same as blogspot, only it does not use hosting.

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2. You can make a wordpress blog with your own hosting using wordpress cms, you can get it for free at, but because self-hosting uses wordpress cms, you have to think about hosting and domain, not just you. must pay Every year to pay hosting and domain. This version is usually called wordpressself host.

So this article will give a tutorial on how to create a free self-hosted wordpress blog at 000webhost and self-hosted (wordpress hosting).

Create a blog address, because in this guide you create a free wordpress blog, then you will get the last address, just add the name, don’t be too long, don’t use numbers, then your blog readers can. Remember your blog address and can always visit your blog if the article is interesting and high quality

Then choose a free one, use a WordPress subdomain, you can simply change the domain / blog address but you need to upgrade to premium / private first, or you can transfer a domain purchased from another domain provider.

Cara Membuat Blog Di WordPress Bagi Pemula

Then choose the wordpress package, just use the free package according to the blog title. There is for the free version you can only use subdomains, limited templates / themes, you can not change the domain unless you upgrade personal / premium / business package, maybe for beginners you can learn how to manage wordpress first before using the paid one.

Then enter the email address, the username that will later become the WordPress profile and the password, you can also directly log in to your Google account ==> click continue

At the end of the email confirmation, WordPress sends an email to the email address listed in the WordPress account above.

Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis

After that just enter your email/Gmail, if there is a message about activating your wordpress account, ==> click confirm ==> after that, it will be directly transferred to your wordpress account, if you are asked. to log in to wordpress, just fill in the wordpress account created earlier with the same email and password. apathetic

Panduan Cara Install WordPress Di Pc Localhost

To enter the wordpress dashboard for other wordpress settings, use wp-admin at I think it’s better to use the wp-admin dashboard because the view is simpler and we can manage wordpress easily. .

In the member list create a new site that will be installed later on the WordPress site, with the subdomain name 000webhost, for example, you create the site name blgobr. subdomain

But don’t worry, you can change the domain at any time, which can be seen in the article: How to change the website domain on 000webhost with a freenom domain

I actually have a tutorial to create a wordpress website with free hosting, that is with infinityfree free hosting. To do this, I uploaded a file from the wordpress cms that I got directly on

Cara Membuat Website Sendiri Gratis

1. Manually, that is, you upload the cms taken from, to see how you can see in the article 10 steps to create your website using wordpress cms in infinityfree,

2. Automatically, there are some hosting providers that add features to create a WordPress site with just one click, including this 000webhost, in this guide I only use this automatic method, because the manual method is above, as well as the manual method. at 000webhost is similar to the tutorial above.

Think like below, the features to create a wordpress blog are already available, not only this free hosting, the paid one will definitely provide it. For those who upload their own WordPress CMS, you can choose 3.

Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis

Install WordPress in the middle, then fill in the username and password to enter wp-admin don’t forget, select the URL, and the language ==> install

Cara Install WordPress Di Plesk Panel (hanya 5 Langkah)

With this you are the same as creating a free WordPress premium blog with 000webhost, the installation is easy, just click, 000webhost prepares the database, and other WordPress files automatically, while we upload them manually.

Then, to enter the WordPress dashboard, enter the username and password entered at the beginning of the WordPress installation.

A successful login looks similar to creating a non-hosted, but you feel like you’re using premium WordPress when using your own hosting (self-hosted). However, we do not have to pay for hosting, because hosting is free.

The features of self-hosted WordPress are actually full control, you can edit the theme, change the theme, you can publish, change the domain, install plugins, customize the site more completely, besides it is easy for SEO optimization, you can create an online store with WordPress and so on ‘.

Blog Hosted Dan Self Hosted: Pengertian & Jenisnya

But in my opinion, if you want to use 000webhost free hosting, do not use it if you do it for a business website, because for SEO it is not optimal, especially in terms of servers, it is also called free hosting, but it is not. . But don’t worry, you can only upgrade to premium hosting because this free hosting belongs to, surely our website will be redirected to if you upgrade to premium.

If you want to change the theme settings, widget position, font, then amp version etc ==> select appearance, to change the appearance of the theme / template shown ==> the theme has several free templates.

This setting must be set because for your profile, for example, someone comments on a post, and then you reply, where your profile will appear, so other people can get to know you.

Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis

Set the title of the post, then below the entire content of the post with the definition of the word or the definition of the article and add media such as images.

Kelebihan Dan Kekurangan Menggunakan, Dan Blogger

On the right side you can determine when the post will be published, activate the amplifier version of the blog, or if you want a preview (see the post before publication / publishing)

Category to find what category you want to make, for example how to make a blog, is it a blogger category or something else, it’s up to you, the tag is also the same, for example the blog tutorial tag, finally. there is a featured image (thumbnail) use it to display the home page of the blog will be an interesting thumbnail. Follow Eril Obeit Choiri IT graduate, Eril fell in love with digital marketing especially with search engine optimization and content writing.

Who doesn’t know WordPress? This web platform is very well known, especially among bloggers and online businesses, you know.

However, with the rapid advancement of Internet technology, anyone who wants to set up a website can create their own using WordPress (without coding).

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Self Host Gratis Di Hosting 000webhost Lengkap

After all, there are many Internet users today, and most of them are always looking for information from the Internet.

Currently, WordPress holds the record as the most used website platform in the world, which is 64.2% of Searchenginejournal.

Although it’s free, you don’t need to have a domain and hosting first, because WordPress will give you a subdomain ( and 3 GB of storage for free.

Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis

Since it’s free, of course the features aren’t as complete and great as you might think, but it’s enough to suit the needs of a beginner-level website, for example publishing articles.

Inilah Cara Membuat Daftar Isi Blog Pada WordPress

However, you must obey and comply with all the rules and regulations of WordPress, and be ready to accept the fact that this free version of WordPress cannot install plugins and some additional themes.

Additionally, only 3 GB of storage means you should be able to manage your storage usage allocation when uploading different types of files. is a more comprehensive version of This version allows you to manage your site freely, without restrictions.

In addition, in terms of services, forums, themes, and plugin availability, can truly meet the needs of websites ranging from personal websites to large-scale websites.

Cara Membuat Blog Di WordPress Untuk Pemula

For domains, you can buy cheap domains from any provider. Later your URL will no longer use the subdomain.

You will then be asked to enter the user’s email address, username and password. Write everything down carefully in advance so that you don’t forget when you enter. If so, please select the ‘Create your account’ menu.

You will be asked to enter a site category. An example of a category we created is ‘Digital Marketing’. Make a category of your choice and then click ‘Continue’ to continue.

Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis

After that, you will be asked to explain about the name of the site. Learn Digital Marketing is an example of a site name we use. This name can be changed at any time. So don’t bother filling it. Select ‘Continue’ to continue.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Self Hosted

In the next step you will be asked to enter the domain address of your website. Make sure the domain name does not already exist. We give an example called ‘pojokdigitalmarketing’ which will later become Select the ‘Free’ section so you don’t have to pay. Please note, this platform also sells domains and hosting like most providers

The last step, there will be a choice between different plans that you can customize, select ‘Start with a free website’ above.

For website performance to compete with self-hosted WordPress or other search engine websites, you must maximize them by applying SEO techniques on the page.

In terms of features, both are not much different, but make sure to follow the terms of use so that the blog is not lost due to deletion.

Custom Domain Ke

As predicted earlier, after reading this article you already know how to create a website using WordPress, right?

So, if you want to have a website without worrying about the limitations, consider using a WordPress hosting service from, come on.

For your information, WordPress hosting is a type of hosting service specially designed to run WordPress based websites optimally.

Cara Membuat WordPress Self Hosting Gratis

DNS root

Cara Membuat WordPress Lengkap

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