Cara Membuat WordPress Hosting Sendiri

Cara Membuat WordPress Hosting Sendiri – We know that wordpress is a blogging service like blogspot, there is a difference between blogspot and wordpress, with wordpress we can make premium blog, professional terms need to be paid monthly to yearly and also wordpress blog can be made free if blogspot service we can create free blog forever without premium services or not.

By creating a free blog in wordpress you will not get more features in the package, you can only look at as if you only do articles because you will enjoy other features you can’t. Limited selection of domain names, plugins, ads, even templates until you upgrade your WordPress account.

Cara Membuat WordPress Hosting Sendiri

Cara Membuat WordPress Hosting Sendiri

1. You can create a free blog like above directly on without having to worry about paying for hosting, hosting management, etc., because wordpress takes care of the hosting here, just you need to manage wordpress, the domain is already provided. even with a subdomain, the concept is the same as blogspot, but don’t use hosting.

Cara Membuat Blog Blogspot WordPress Dalam 1 Domain & Hosting

2. You can create a wordpress blog with your own hosting using wordpress cms, which you can get for free from, but since the hosting uses wordpress cms, you also need to think about hosting and domains, of course about them. hosting and domains need to be paid annually. this version is commonly called wordpressself host.

So, this article provides a tutorial on how to create a free freelance WordPress blog on 000webhost and not on its own (wordpress hosting).

Create a blog address, because in this guide you will create a free WordPress blog, so you will get the last address, just multiply the name, do not be too long, do not use numbers, so your blog readers they can remember your blog address and if the articles in it are interesting and of good quality, they can always visit your blog”

Choose free using a WordPress subdomain, you can just change the domain/blog address, but you need to upgrade to premium/private first, or you can transfer a domain purchased from another domain provider.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Sendiri, Mudah & Cepat!

So choose a WordPress package, just use the free one according to your blog title. there for free version you can only use subdomains, templates/themes are limited, you can’t change domain until you upgrade to personal/premium/business package, maybe for beginners you can learn how to manage wordpress before using paid ones.

Then enter the email address, username and password that will become a profile in WordPress, you can immediately enter your Google account ==> Click Continue.

After the confirmation email, WordPress sent an email to the email address registered in the above WordPress account.

Cara Membuat WordPress Hosting Sendiri

Then all you need to do is enter your email/gmail address, if there is a notification that your wordpress account is activated ==> Click on Confirm ==> After that it will immediately redirect to your wordpress account, if wordpress login ‘ralsa, Just fill in the WordPress account created earlier with the same email and password. Done

Langkah Cara Membuat Website Gratis Dengan WordPress

To access wordpress dashboard for other WordPress settings, using wp-admin at I think it is better to use wp-admin dashboard because the display is simpler and we can manage wordpress easily.

Create a new website in the list of members, which will then be installed on the WordPress website, with the subdomain name 000webhost, for example, you create the name blgobr. website subdomain is

But don’t worry, you can change the domain at any time, you can see it in the article: how to change website domain from 000webhost to freenom domain

Actually I have a tutorial on how to create a wordpress website with free hosting i.e. infinityfree free hosting. To do it, I will directly from wordpress cms to I uploaded the file I got to .

Cara Gampang Dan Murah Membuat Website Sendiri Dengan WordPress

1. Download the cms manually, i.e. from, as you can see in the article 10 steps to create your website on wordpress cms at infinityfree,

2. There are several hosting providers that automatically add features to create a WordPress website with one click, including 000webhost, I will only use this automatic method in this guide, because the manual method is already above, and , the manual method 000webhost is the same as the manual above.

Consider it below, WordPress blog building features are already there, not only this free hosting but also the paid ones definitely provide it. For those who upload their own WordPress themes, you can choose the third one.

Cara Membuat WordPress Hosting Sendiri

Just install wordpress in middle then don’t forget to enter username and password to access wp-admin select url and language ==> install

Pindah Dari WordPress Hosting Sendiri Ke

Here’s how you can create a free premium wordpress blog with 000webhost, installation is simple, just one click, 000webhost will automatically prepare the database and other wordpress files, compared to when we upload them manually.

Next, enter the username and password you entered at the beginning of the WordPress installation to access the WordPress dashboard.

Successful login looks the same as creating a non-self-hosted site, but you’ll feel like you’re using premium wordpress when using your own (self-hosted) hosting. Even so, we don’t have to pay for hosting because it’s free hosting.

This self-hosted WordPress feature is actually full control, you can edit themes, switch themes, advertise, switch domains, install plugins, customize the website more fully, and it’s easy for SEO optimization, You can create an online store with WordPress. and others.

Jangan Upload Video Ke Hosting Sendiri

But in my opinion, if you want to use 000webhost free hosting, if you are doing it for a business website, don’t use it, because it is not optimal for SEO, especially for server issues, it is also called free hosting, but don’t worry, so you can just upgrade to premium hosting because this free hosting belongs to, if you upgraded to premium then definitely our website will redirect to

If you want to customize theme settings, widget layout, fonts, then booster version etc. ==> Select the appearance to change the appearance of the theme/template on the display ==> the theme has several free templates.

This setting should be set because it’s for your profile, for example someone comments on a post, then replies, your profile name is displayed so others can identify you.

Cara Membuat WordPress Hosting Sendiri

Set the title of the post, then set the complete post content below that, including word settings or text settings and media additions such as images.

Langkah Membuat Website Dengan WordPress, Tanpa Coding!

On the right side, you can specify when the post will be published, activate the enhanced version of the blog or preview (view the post before printing/publishing)

Categories to know what category you want to create, for example, how to create a blog, that is, whether the category is blogger or something else, it’s up to you, the tags are also the same, for example, blog tutorial tag, Finally, the selected image (thumbnail ) is available and use it to make the thumbnail image on the blog homepage look very interesting. One of the additional income opportunities for those who work as a website developer is to provide web hosting services. That’s why you need to know how to create hosting on WHM.

You can not only create your own hosting, but also provide other services. For example, by providing a hosting package. To go to this stage, you can purchase VPS hosting services and cPanel services.

Only then can you offer hosting services to potential customers. An opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of.

Perbedaan Login Cpanel Dengan Blog WordPress Self Hosting

Before moving on to how to set up hosting on WHM, what is WHM? WHM or webhost manager is a control panel used to manage VPS hosting.

If you buy VPS hosting and a cPanel license, you get WHM. WHM has the function of simplifying the work of administrators and sellers in managing hosting accounts on web servers.

You can create your cPanel hosting account, configure security settings and decide that all server settings can be done through WHM.

Cara Membuat WordPress Hosting Sendiri

One of the most interesting features of WHM is the ability to create your own hosting. You can use this feature to sell hosting services or manage multiple websites at the same time.

Cara Menggunakan Domain Sendiri Di WordPress

Creating a cPanel account in WHM is very simple. Once the VPS service you purchased is active, you can add your domain to your VPS through WHM.

But first you can determine which hosting packages you are selling. You can see it in the picture below.

Hope this guide helps you my friend. If you have any questions about our services, please contact IDwebhos best customer support team through the following channels: Imas Indra Follow Innovative and detail oriented writer. She developed her creative talent and expertise after years of practice in journalism, academic research, essay writing and blogging. Currently, he has inspired more people to #BuildSuccessOnline using SEO and content marketing strategies. When it comes to writing, its purpose is to make complex topics interesting.

Many people are looking for ways to create a website for free. One of them could be you, huh…? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will teach you how to easily create a free website.

Cara Membuat Website Di WordPress (tutorial Lengkap)

Why are websites important? Because a website is the key to building your business reputation and personal branding. Also, you can earn money online with a website.

The benefits of a website are also becoming more important, as 56% of people don’t trust a business that doesn’t have a website. If yes, are you willing to lose customers? Especially if the reason is insignificant.

Therefore, this article will help you create a free website. Come check out this article on how to create a free website before it’s gone!

Cara Membuat WordPress Hosting Sendiri

The first step in creating a website or developing a website seems like a cliché. However, identify the type of website that should not be missed. When you do this, you save a ton of time.

Cara Membuat Website Di WordPress Bagi Pemula

In the early stages of website design, you will find many choices. For example, choosing technical factors such as hosting packages, disk space, bandwidth, etc. Indeed, by choosing aspects of design and functionality such as themes, plugins, sliders, columns, widgets, newsletter subscriptions, etc.

Especially if you don’t have a clear idea of ​​what kind of website you can create. Especially when using the popular platform WordPress.

It is important to know which website you want from different website examples as there are many types of websites.

If you can answer each of the above questions,

Apa Itu Simple WordPress Hosting? Terbaru Dan Pertama Di Indonesia!

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