Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux – In this article, we will discuss how to make your own web server using Debian 11. Previously, we discussed how to install Nginx Ubuntu with the latest PHP 8 and MariaDB with a full video tutorial.

This time we will use the latest Linux Debian 11 to create a web server with the latest version of Nginx, PHP 8 and MariaDB.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

Here I will directly use Debian 11 installed on a VPS with a public IP to practice, so that everyone can use it to publish a website with WordPress platform on the Internet.

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However, if your friends do not use VPS, such as using only local PCs or using VirtualBox virtual machines (VMs), there is no problem. Because this tutorial is also used locally, but the web is not published to the external network, only to the intranet.

In this case, I will be using Debian Server 11 installed on VPS Vultr. If friends want to try it too, sign up for free and get $100 in Vultr balance for free. Click the button below for a list:

The web server we will use this time is Nginx, which has better performance than Apache. In this way, the website we build later will run faster.

To install Nginx Debian, you can install it directly from the default Debian repositories, but use an older Nginx version. If we want to use a new version of Nginx, we need to add the Nginx repository first.

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To install an older version of Nginx, open a terminal in Debian and type the following command followed by your password:

To install the latest version of Nginx, we first need to register the Nginx repository on the Debian system. Before, install its companion app:

If nginx goes wrong with accessing the web, it is still blocked by the Debian Linux firewall. If using the Debian ufw firewall, use this command to open access to the http and https ports:

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

This is the location of the nginx website folder/directory. So next we put our website files in this folder:

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This is the location of the nginx configuration files. Later we will modify it to integrate with PHP 8.

We will proceed with installing the MariaDB database on Debian. MariaDB is similar to MySQL and outperforms MySQL.

Like installing Debian’s nginx, MariaDB can be installed directly from the built-in Debian repository, but with an older version.

How To Install The Latest PHP 8.1 On Debian

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Here we give an example of installing php 8.1 from the repository by registering the repository with Debian.

So nginx web server uses php 8.1, we need to do integration in nginx configuration file.

If there is an error in the configuration, check which line the error is in, and fix it with the nano command in the error file.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

If there is no configuration error, we can continue to restart the service in Nginx with the command:

Konfigurasi Web Server Apache Debian 9

If all the settings are correct, there will be a php information display, which contains a lot of information about php.

So far, we have been able to install Nginx, PHP 8.1 and MariaDB on Linux Debian 11, and configure Nginx to integrate with PHP 8.1.

If you still can’t install Nginx, php8.1-fpm and MariaDB on Debian 11, watch the full tutorial in the video below:

Next, we will discuss how to install phpmyadmin on Nginx Debian and in this article create a website by installing WordPress on Nginx Debian:

Pdf) Penerapan Server Web Hosting Berbasis Linux Ubuntu Pada Jaringan Komputer Sd Negeri 15 Pangkalpinang

A long-time blogger who has been involved in the internet and blogging world, loves to write about different types of articles, especially about technology.

But before that, we’re going to talk a little bit about web hosting. If the friends here really don’t understand what a virtual host is and how it works, please read the explanation below first.

Web hosting is a space on the Internet where data is stored to build website-based applications accessible over the Internet.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

Simply put, a virtual host usually includes several integrated applications such as a web server (Apache, Nginx, etc.), a database (MySQL, MariaDB, etc.) and a programming language (php).

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Web hosting features are increasing over time. Now the virtual host is not only for the website to store files, we can also add email, ftp and other functions.

As mentioned earlier, web hosting consists of several components such as web server, database, software, storage (storage media), etc.

A virtual host is the unification of various components working in an operating system (operating system). Commonly used operating system (OS) types for web hosting are Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, etc.

Although web hosting can also run on Windows-based operating systems and MacOS, it is not recommended for compatibility and speed reasons.

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The OS also requires resources to run in the form of physical (server/PC/laptop) and virtual (virtual machine) devices (CPU, RAM, storage).

Web hosting primarily runs on virtual machines, or commonly known as virtual private servers (VPS).

Every web hosting server/VPS has an IP address attached to it. With this IP address, we can access the website we created on the virtual host through the Internet.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

But for users who want to visit a website, if they have to enter the IP address of the website every time they visit, it becomes very difficult. For this we can combine web hosting with a domain name.

Cara Setting Vps Linux Untuk Web Hosting

This domain is accessed by users redirected to our web hosting IP address.

We can even make our own web hosting for free in a few easy steps. To make your own free web hosting we need a server/VPS on which to install the web hosting.

Once you’ve signed up for a Vultr VPS, you’re free to run a new instance to install Linux Debian 11, so we’re starting a tutorial on how to make your own free web hosting with a Debian 11 VPS.

A tutorial on how to install Nginx, PHP 8.1 and MariaDB on Debian 11 on VPS Vultr that I discussed in a previous post. Check it out here:

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After installing Nginx, php8.1 and MariaDB database on Debian 11, it means that we have successfully created our own virtual host.

Now we will discuss how to create a website on web hosting using WordPress. WordPress-based websites are widely used because they are easy to use and apparently free.

The first thing we will do is generate an SSL certificate for the domain so it is more secure and accessible using the https protocol.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

When the command is executed, there will be options that we must fill in. Please fill in the following example:

Cara Menggunakan File Host Di Linux • Computory

Here we have successfully generated SSL which generates two files with extensions .crt and .key. We will include these two files in the Nginx configuration file later.

The second thing we do is create the php8.1-fpm pool configuration file. First use the command to enter the php8.1-fpm pool configuration directory:

If so, press ctrl + o –> enter –> ctrl + x to exit and save the configuration file.

Next, we set up Nginx so that it can integrate with the SSL and php8.1-fpm configuration files we prepared earlier.

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Please copy and paste the configuration file below. Be sure to replace the domain name with the domain name used:

If there is an error message, please recheck the configuration file and fix it according to the number of error messages in the online test result.

Now we are ready to install WordPress on Nginx Debian 11. The first step is to download the WordPress installer file.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

Once the unzip process is complete, we rename the WordPress folder to the domain name we used in the command:

Instalasi Dan Konfigurasi Web Server Pada Linux Debian 11

Then we change the owner of the folder from root to www-data, php and nginx using the command:

Before installing WordPress on Debian 11, we need to create the database used by WordPress.

Well, so far the configuration in the virtual host is complete. Now we move on to setting up the domain so we can connect to our virtual hosts.

If you do not have a cloudflare account, please register first on the website. Relax, CloudFlare is also free to use.

Hosting Vps Linux Cepat & Handal Mulai Dari Rp 45.000/bln

After signing up, log in to the cloudflare dashboard. Add a domain by clicking on the Add Site menu –> Enter the domain name –> Click on Add Site.

CloudFlare scans the domain’s DNS records. If you find any DNS records, you can delete them all.

If it is empty, there is no DNS record, we can add a new record by clicking “Add Record”, the details are as follows:

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Di Linux

The @ option can be replaced with a domain name. If you added two DNS records, click Continue.

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Next, copy the nameservers from CloudFlare and paste them into the nameserver settings. Please enter the relevant domain settings to change the nameservers.

If you click Finish, check the nameservers. Changing these nameservers can sometimes take up to 24 hours, but usually takes a few minutes or seconds.

We can test whether the DNS records are correct by accessing the domain name through a browser. If everything is correct, the WordPress installation wizard should appear.

So far, we can create a website with self-built virtual host on Debian 11 on VPS.

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