Cara Membuat Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Dengan Vps – Wide Host Media Virtual Private Server is a virtual server installed in best international standard data center in Indonesia. The services we provide are Self-Management and Wide Hosted Media Management. It supports SSD storage for super fast and stable access, and uses the virtualization system from VMware for the best VPS performance.

VPS orders on Wide Host Media can be placed anywhere and everywhere, as our support team is always ready to serve you 24 hours a day. Here’s a quick ordering guide.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Dengan Vps

2. Next Virtual Private Server (VPS) product page will appear, please select “Order Now” for desired VPS as per product specification mentioned.

Cara Membuat Vm Di Cloud Vps Menggunakan Sistem Operasi Windows Server 2019

3. After selecting the VPS product package, the “Configure” page will appear. The configuration menu includes VPS product specifications and features, some features to consider are:

4. You will then be taken to the Review and Checkout page, which includes an overview of the purchase and the total price to be paid to activate the product.

5. Next is the last page of checkout where you will be asked to fill in your personal information and company name as the account holder under “Personal Information” and “Account Address”.

Then please check the meeting media term and the last captcha “Complete Order” menu and select. You will receive payment notification via email and SMS as the page checkout process. After selecting the Completed Order menu, you will be taken to the Invoice page. The invoice contains the total payment details of the products already checked.

Apa Itu Hosting Vps?

7. When you select Payment by Bank Transfer, a details window will appear as shown below, the system will provide the details of the account from which the payment has been made and a unique transfer code for the next 20 days. Will do 8. In the “Virtual Account” payment method, the line “Proceed to Payment” appears, followed by information about the virtual account number.

Thereafter, a window will appear as follows in Virtual Account Payment Method and please follow the instructions given in the system and select Transfer Bank or GoPay/Other e-wallet account.

After payment of the invoice, it is confirmed. You will then receive a Wide Host Media account username and password for product activation via email and SMS.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Congratulations on becoming one of our partners, enjoy Wide Host Media’s best products and service!!

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Cloud Cloud Hosting Cloud Server Colocation Server cPanel Data Center Database Dedicated Server Domain Email Hosting Joomla Mikrotik Cabinet Rack Colocation Routing Reseller Server Website Publisher VPS Web Hosting WordPress Website Web hosting is a place where we host files or web applications. via internet. There are many different options for web hosting, from free to tens or hundreds of thousands for a monthly fee. Everything depends on the capabilities of the web hosting in terms of capacity and capability to handle multiple users at once.

Well, in this case, we will tell you how you can create your own web hosting. If you already have web hosting, you can use it freely or resell it. We recommend using a paid VPS so that your web hosting can last longer, but you can use a trial VPS, but there will be chances of data loss. Once you have your VPS in hand, it’s time to set up your web hosting.

The operating system used is the CentOS 8 edition, as it is available for free and is compatible with Panel, which we will cover later with web hosting. What are panels? Dashboard is an application that allows you to manage all your web hosting related needs through your browser, hence the need for cmd first.

Later we will use AAPanel as a panel to facilitate VPS configuration. This panel is available for free, but if you’re used to it and want to unlock additional features, you can purchase an existing license. We’ll start by downloading and installing AAPanel.

Cara Membuat Website Tanpa Ribet! [pemula & Profesional]

After that, we need to wait for the installation process to finish, the process will automatically start installing the required packages.

After a few moments, the installation process will be completed and information like the above image will be displayed. It will automatically get the URL to access the panel, username and password. You can change it after successful login. Some ISPs may block access to certain ports, so you need to open them first, especially ports 8888, 888, 80, 443, 20, 21. You can change this port number later.

Open Control Panel using the address obtained from the installation process and use the username and password to log in.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Dengan Vps

After successful login, you will be greeted with a screen asking you to select which software will be used for your web hosting needs from web server to database.

Cara Memilih Vps Terbaik Sesuai Kebutuhan Dengan Mudah

Select on the left if you want to use the Nginx web server, and on the right if you prefer Apache. Also choose the software version of your choice. To speed up the installation process, click the “One Time” button to confirm.

To facilitate the web hosting arrangements we make, we require that you link domains so that you do not have to remember an IP address. To do this, go to the Control Panel and select the Settings menu, then fill in the domain you want to use to change the IP address.

If you want to change the url to access the control panel, please change it in the security login section as well as the port number and username password to use. But please remember that you will lose access afterwards. Here you will create a web server from your rented VPS and later you can use this web server to build a website.

To create a web server that can host blogs or websites, you need to install the LAMP stack application on your Linux VPS.

Apa Perbedaan Shared Hosting, Vps Dan Cloud Server?

LAMP is Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Pyton, all software packages needed to manage websites/web applications.

If not, you can rent a Linux server online at cheap 24 hour VPS rental.

You will use linux server operating system on your VPS, I recommend and use Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, because LTS version is the most stable version (LTS) for servers for 5 years, so you don’t need to update operating system. No need to think about the next 5 years.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Dengan Vps

A web server is a computer system that processes HTTP requests (a network protocol useful for distributing information on the World Wide Web). Essentially, the web server allows client web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Will provide services.

Gampang! Begini Cara Install Cyberpanel Ubuntu Di Vps Vultr

There are various web servers that you can choose from. These include Apache, Nginx, Apache Tomcat, Lighttpd, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Litespeed, and others. In this guide, I’ll be setting up and using Apache, which has become the current web server standard.

Sometimes you need to stop or restart the Apache service, for example to use the Apache configuration file you modified.

The Internet is wild and unfriendly, so it would be a good idea to do some additional configuration to protect your Apache web server from unscrupulous hackers.

Formerly known as MySQL and now renamed to MariDB, you don’t get confused as both are same, MariDB is the latest version of MySQL, renamed to MariaDB, mySQL was updated in September 2010 It was acquired by ORACLE in 1996 and developed independently.

Apa Itu Vps: Tips, Manfaat, Dan Pengertian

The database will be used to store dynamic data in text form, such as articles you write on your website.

If mySQL is installed and running, you need to run the following command to remove any mySQL parameters that may compromise your database security.

You will be asked to set a master password and to delete some databases, answer Y, but you must read carefully, press Y

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Dengan Vps

PHP Perl and Python are the components you will install which functions to code to display dynamic content. PHP Perl and Python can run scripts to connect to your database and retrieve data that will be processed and displayed in your web browser. Server.

Perbedaan Hosting Web, Vps, Dan Cloud Server ▷ Kepotek

I would recommend the method of installing PHP only on VPS as popular CMS like WordPress use PHP. If you want to install Perl or Python, you can install it yourself.

By default the Apache web server will look for a file named index.html to display in the browser, since we are using PHP we will change this so that the Apache web server will look for a file named index.php.

Each web application that uses PHP usually requires a separate PHP module, you can install this PHP module using the apt command. You can use the following command to display PHP module information

After you’ve installed Apache and PHP, it’s a good idea to test the integrity of your Apache web server’s PHP. By creating a simple php file named info.php to display PHP information in the home directory of the Apache web server.

Pengertian Vps, Fungsi, Dan Jenis Jenisnya Peta Network

In order for Apache to be able to read and execute PHP scripts, PHP files must be placed in a special folder called the “web root” directory. In Ubuntu 18.04 this folder is located in /var/www/html. Create an info.php file in this folder by typing the command

With the above method, you can now test whether the Apache server can display the content generated by the PHP script, you need to access the info.php file in your browser by typing http://ip_server_vps_mu/info.php Is.

Once LAMP is installed and properly set up, you can create a VPS website by installing a CMS like WordPress on your VPS site so that your VPS can host your website.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Dengan Vps

Now that WordPress is installed and you’ve successfully created a website with a VPS, it’s easy for you and your visitors to remember your website name without having to enter the server IP, so you don’t need to install or connect to a VPS. need to. The domain you own. You can follow the complete guide on how to connect a domain to VPS

Cara Memilih Vps Yang Tepat Bagi Website

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