Cara Membuat Subdomain Tanpa Hosting

Cara Membuat Subdomain Tanpa Hosting – Subdomains are derived domains used on blogs to separate the domain name (main blog) from the secondary domain (derived domain).

In the past, the manager once made a tutorial on how to create a subdomain using the Google site, but this tutorial is very different from how to create a subdomain using local services such as .-rang web hosting, niagahoster, domainesia, and other online services.

Cara Membuat Subdomain Tanpa Hosting

Cara Membuat Subdomain Tanpa Hosting

Now specifically for this course, the manager will share a complete way to create subdomains on blogspot without having to accept the use of special domain services in Indonesia.

Cara Beli Domain Tanpa Hosting

Subdomains are derived domains used on blogs to separate the domain name (main blog) from the secondary domain (derived domain).

This site is often used by bloggers to separate primary sites from secondary sites because they have different niches.

So, if you still don’t understand this site, the admin will provide an example directly on this blog.

The domain is the main site of this blog, the admin fills this site with several courses about bloggers.

Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Untuk Membuat Blog Atau Website

This is a sub-domain taken from the main domain. If you guys, please note that www is deprecated in small areas and has become a droid. (www. changed to droid.)

In this way, our blog will not become a hodgepodge and surely our users or website visitors will choose it.

Now for friends who still don’t understand about the use and operation of sub domains, the admin will provide some pictures here.

Cara Membuat Subdomain Tanpa Hosting

Now, this sub-domain work should be used for a number of these categories so that visitors or secondary visitors are not confused about finding content based on that category.

Cara Membuat Blog Dengan Subdomain Di Blogger/blogspot Tanpa Hosting

If you are looking for information about health you will be directed to so that everything is divided into categories using subcategories.

That way, visitors can choose whether the discussion they want to read and the website doesn’t become a hodgepodge and still looks professional.

For this example, the manager purchased the domain name from the merchant. For those of you who have purchased a domain from another domain service, you can still follow this tutorial.

3. Select the setting after DNS Management > Then Secroom under > Enter New Record [Image – 03].

Cara Buat Email Domain Sendiri Tanpa Hosting Di Cloudflare (kirim Dan Terima)

6. If you have created a new blog > Enter the settings section > Then the domain name > Enter the subdomain that was created.

If everything is done, just save it. Typically, individual sessions will last from 5 to 30 minutes.

If your custom domain cannot be activated, please contact the provider from which you purchased it.[] |YOU CAN CREATE A SUBDOMAIN WITHOUT CPANEL. Can we create subdomains even if we don’t have control over Cpanel? The answer is yes you can. Even if we have a host, it can still be edited. Here’s how!

Cara Membuat Subdomain Tanpa Hosting

I’ve been curious about how to create subdomains for a long time. Besides that, at that time I wanted to create a unique brand for my posts related to art. Unfortunately, before I knew the tips and tricks, it turned out that I had already bought another new place. laugh out loud…

Beda Subdomain Dan Subfolder Untuk Seo

Subdomain is the name that is entered before the main domain name. And it is part of the parent site. It’s like a unique address for a specific page/category on our blog.

In general, the use of subdomains is used by business websites compared to personal blogs. In addition, they want to offer their site to collect articles/blogs. While in front they maximize for landing pages, just portfolios.

I’m not sure what the main job is? however based on my experience subdomains can provide the following benefits:

So, like this, a subdomain can combine 2 different blogs into one main domain.

Rincian Biaya Pembuatan Website Untuk Perusahaan 2022

Is it important for every blog to have a subdomain? This answer depends on the individual. It doesn’t really matter to me personally, but there’s no harm in trying to do it again. hahaha.. I just wanted to write it! Hi..

There are 2 methods that can be used to create subdomains. The first uses Cpanel, and the second uses DNS management.

If you use WordPress with a TLD, you can use the first method automatically by doing it through Cpanel. But if you’re like me, Blogspot friends, the trick is to set up a DNS system on the domain account.

Cara Membuat Subdomain Tanpa Hosting

Yes, but can’t we use Cpanel even on Blogspot? Like my case with this blog’s TLD, where I have rented a host even though it’s not needed, hahaha..

Cara Daftar Web Hosting Gratis Cpanel Dan Gratis Domain Di Infinityfree

Since I bought a domain name from a website, I’ll give an example of how to set it up on our Clientzone account. My offer may be similar to other rental sites. Or completely different.

In fact, the setup process is almost the same as buying a new site. We need to record CName in DNS System. And I close it like this:

Turns out creating a subdomain isn’t as hard as creating a TLD. Because this way is easy. The condition is that you must first create a RECORD in the DNS Manager. The steps to install it are as follows:

The last thing we need to do is create quality content, implement SEO techniques and enjoy the results. Hi..

Mengarahkan Subdomain Ke Hosting Atau Ip Yang Berbeda

Creating a subdomain is not as difficult as changing our domain to a TLD. Because when we create an A Record we only need a simple CName. Meanwhile, when we create a TLD, we must first enter the A Record provided by Google.

So, when you want to create a Subdomain, make sure you create it first on the DNS management page. That way it’s easy to set up on Blogspot. Don’t panic if your blog is suddenly unavailable, this happens because of the update process from the previous blog url to the new url. Wait a few hours (or minutes), then log in again.

If setup still doesn’t work, ask for help in the Admin section of your website. hehehe.. How? Interested in creating a new subdomain? Hehehe.. Let’s share experiences and reasons in the comments column! Hi..

Cara Membuat Subdomain Tanpa Hosting

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