Cara Membuat Sub Domain Di Jagoan Hosting

Cara Membuat Sub Domain Di Jagoan Hosting – If the domain is the house, the subdomain is the room or part of the house. In other words, it is an additional part of a

Before delving into the subdomain, it would be better if you know what the domain is first? A domain is a primary URL that is usually a website address.

Cara Membuat Sub Domain Di Jagoan Hosting

Cara Membuat Sub Domain Di Jagoan Hosting

Domains that start with “www” and end with .com are URLs or IDs that represent Indonesian domains. In addition, domain IDs ending with .com are also widely used in Indonesia.

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Basically, a domain is the name or address of a website. Then, it works to make it easier for Internet users to access websites, without having to remember IP address numbers (eg from different websites on the Internet.

Compared to remembering numbers, of course with domains it will be easier to remember website domains. Examples of domains are and so on.

After you learn about domains, you must be wondering what is the difference with subdomains? If the address is a domain, then the subdomain corresponds to the room in the house.

This can indicate that the subdomain is part of the domain. Therefore, a subdomain is a unique URL that exists in the domain and is placed in front of the domain.

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The difference between a domain and a subdomain is, you don’t need a subdomain to create a domain. Instead, you must first own the domain to own a subdomain.

Also, in the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy, the domain name is the highest level of the hierarchy. For example, the domain is, and the subdomain is

If subdomains are part of a domain, then what about subdirectories? A subdirectory is similar to a folder or domain folder called a subdirectory. For example, the domain name has a /blog/ subdirectory.

Cara Membuat Sub Domain Di Jagoan Hosting

Basically, the difference between subdomains and subdirectories can also be seen from the comments. Traffic to subdomains does not count as traffic to the main website. Meanwhile, in the sub-directory, incoming traffic counts as traffic on the main website.

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Another difference between subdirectory and subdomain is that if the subdomain is the same as creating a new website domain, then the subdirectory is just a part of the main website.

Therefore, the function of the subdirectory is the web page that is still related to the content on the main website. Another function of using another subdirectory is for SEO.

To have SEO performance on your website, you can use subdirectories. Because Google usually recommends URLs that are SEO friendly and can attract more visitors.

To deepen the understanding of subdomains and the differences between domains, Jagoan Hosting will discuss examples of subdomains. A domain or subdomain is part of a website’s URL.

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An example of a domain must be pre-set with www. Examples will be accessed as, or can be opened with, on the same page.

At the same time, there are examples of subdomains from members, the content of the subdomain page is clearly different from the main website page.

Examples of subdomains and other domains, such as or are examples of domains, and are subdomains, for example,

Cara Membuat Sub Domain Di Jagoan Hosting

If you use hosting from Jagoan Hosting, you can access the main domain’s cPanel to create subdomains. This is how to create a subdomain from Jagoan Hosting.

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To create a subdomain, first you can login to cPanel and enter the subdomain at If successful, a display like this will appear.

If the notification appears in the image below, it means that the subdomain has been used and is still active, so it cannot be re-registered, my friend!

If the subdomain is added successfully, you can access it through cPanel > subdomain, and you will see the list of subdomains you added in the previous step.

If you want to upload information in a subdomain, you can access the menu file manager name> public_html> subdomain, as shown in the picture below:

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In addition to serving to optimize SEO and organize the website, subdomains have other functions. The subdomain functions summarized by Jagoan Hosting are as follows:

The first function of the subdomain is to test the new website. The new website is tested by editing and creating a new website without having to activate the maintenance mode on the website with the main domain.

By using subdomains you can create websites in other languages ​​as well. For example, for an English-language subdomain, use

Cara Membuat Sub Domain Di Jagoan Hosting

The function of the next subdomain is to create products and services that are different from the main domain. For example, to create a shop platform, blog, support, or other content.

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And also, for those of you who are looking for a unique domain at a cheap and cool price, check out Jagoan Hosting’s cheap domain service.

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Cara Membuat Sub Domain Di Jagoan Hosting

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