Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web

Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web – For those who want to create a Windows server – maybe because you are learning to create your own website or for other purposes, you can do it easily. This article will give you several ways to create a web server on a Windows PC, which you can practice on different versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

The first way to create a Windows server is to use Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services). This IIS is already present in Windows, but it is disabled. To turn it on, just type Turn Windows Features on or off in the search bar, then click to open it.

Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web

Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web

Click the drop-down menu of the Connections item on the left > Websites, now you will find a list of websites on your Windows. If you only have it enabled, then there should be only Default Web there. You can add a new site by clicking Add Site on the right side panel.

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Where the various files of your website are stored. By default, you can save it by creating a subfolder of your website in C:inetpubwwwroot

Well, if you have a static IP for the site, you can enter the IP in the column provided. But because here we will create a local server, so you don’t need to do that. Just leave the contents of the IP column as default.

The second way to create a Windows server is the most popular and widely used method, which is to use XAMPP. With XAMPP you can easily create an Apache server on Windows, and it has

All you have to do is download XAMPP here. Then install XAMPP on Windows. Avoid installing XAMPP on C drive because there are several functions disabled by User Account Control (UAC). For your convenience, you can install it on D drive or any drive other than C.

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If so, to find it, all you have to do is open your browser, and type in localhost/websitefoldername/. The website will open automatically on the local server.

Besides using IIS that comes with Windows and XAMPP mentioned above, you can also use WampServer (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) – or you can also use Winginx if you want to use Nginx server. I personally prefer to use Winginx instead of XAMPP or WampServer, because I know more about Nginx server than Apache.

The process of creating a Windows server with WampServer and Winginx is not very different from using XAMPP, you just have to install and activate the service.

Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web

The web server you created in the above method is a local server that you can access from the computer itself using localhost. But you can actually make a Windows web server truly online and accessible to the public by setting a static IP and then setting up port forwarding and firewall settings. But I don’t recommend building a home computer like that

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But if you are interested in knowing how to make a server from Windows that can be accessed by the public online, I will also write in the next lesson, in the past, making a server required preparation, knowledge. and expensive expenses. Now you can create your own server using your Android computer or mobile phone using an existing internet connection like indihome to access your server from the internet.

Self-build servers are very different from web servers, online game servers and even self-build hosts.

Here we will show all the understanding and knowledge about the server so that you really understand what kind of server you need and how to do it.

After understanding, I guarantee that you will be able to create your own personal server for any purpose, from Home, Office, School, Village Servers, even large companies.

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A server is a computer program or the computer itself that provides services to other computer programs and their users, often called clients.

From the above definition, to create a server you need server software and a physical computer used to run the server software.

Servers are generally kept in a data center, a data center has stable power that never goes out, air conditioning or air conditioning and a stable internet connection because the server must be available 24 hours a day. during the day without stopping and. I can’t die.

Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web

The data center offers server rental services and space rental services needed by companies that want to create backup servers (disaster recovery), virtual servers or even central servers.

Perbedaan Hosting, Server, Dan Domain

So what you have to do is to choose to rent a virtual server or take your virtual server to live and be maintained in a data center with equipment that is sure to be safe and comfortable 😀 .

The amount of the rental fee depends on the services provided by the data center manager such as public IP, internet speed, electricity, server manager license, etc. which will later use the server you have.

Dedicated servers must be located in a data center, but there are several servers that you can set up in your home, office, school or company.

These types of servers are called local/local servers which are created and used by local companies/offices/schools/especially local networks.

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You already know what a server is, now ask yourself, what kind of server you are making.

All the servers mentioned above have different requirements depending on the number of clients and the amount of data to be provided.

In fact, the more customers will use it and the more data processed / processed by the server increases, the server specifications should also be higher.

Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web

For example, if you want to make a server / NAS, then you only need to increase the size of the HDD and the ethernel / LAN speed.

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You don’t need to buy a computer with a high-end processor, even a single-board computer (such as a Raspberry) can be used to create a file server (NAS).

The answer is FREE, hundreds of thousands to tens, hundreds, billions, trillions of rupees, it all depends on the type of server you are building.

You can build a home server using your Android phone or Windows PC using an internet connection like Indihome for the purpose of learning how to build a server. Of course this kind of server cannot be used to serve many users, but it is still good if it is used alone.

I only need to pay IDR 600-700 thousand per year to set up a web server by hiring a web hosting company to create a 24-hour website that can easily be accessed by thousands of people every day.

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Google spends a lot of money to build servers with many services, from email, web hosting, video hosting and many other services.

You don’t need to be good at computers to be able to create a server, by following this tutorial you can create a server that you can use anywhere.

There are many directories and server rental service providers that provide one-click server configuration feature to their customers.

Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web

Previously, to build a server, you had to buy an expensive computer that cost tens of millions, now you can build a server by renting hundreds of thousands per month.

Perbedaan Domain Dan Hosting Serta Fungsinya Pada Website

There are already many hosting services that rent out servers for anyone to use at a low cost and can be upgraded according to the requirements.

To test or run it, you can use Android or Windows with an Internet connection Indihome to create a server at home that can be accessed from the Internet.

You can create your own server by building it from scratch, starting with determining the features, buying the hardware, installing and setting it up as a server.

Or you can rent a ready-made server, just use the one that is usually rented by web hosting providers.

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This method is recommended only for people who are very computer literate to know the computer instructions required to build a server.

This method is the most difficult because it has to be downloaded from scratch and is the most expensive, from the cost of its purchase to the maintenance of the server.

This method is a simple and inexpensive way to create a server, it does not require any computer knowledge or skills.

Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web

The server is set by the hosting provider and you only need to set it according to your domain (not from somewhere).

Definisi, Manfaat Dan Rekomendasi Cloud Hosting

I setup a server by renting it from the web, in a few minutes I already have a server that is online 24 hours.

If you work in an organization or company, there will usually be a server that is used to support the production activities of its employees.

From file servers, web servers, databases, proxy servers, email, all of which are installed on office server computers.

This method is the preferred method by companies to create their own private server because this method offers many benefits to the company.

Cara Membuat Web Server Di Windows Pc

You need a public IP and internet speed and a very good connection so that your local server can be properly accessed from the internet.

But remember, hosting a web server means you are open to the risk of hacker attacks and you should know how to protect yourself.

The definition of an online server is a server whose main purpose is to access the Internet and where it is located is not a building / place / company, or often called a remote / offsite.

Cara Membuat Pc Rumah Menjadi Hosting Web

This remote server is usually housed in a private facility that provides 24 hour internet access and power that never goes out.

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The data center provides services in the form of a secure/secure location, internet access, power and air conditioning that is online 24 hours a day with a never-failure guarantee.

If you or a company want a secure location for a dedicated server that requires the server to be online 24 hours a day, then a data center is the answer.

Here you can rent a space/rack to set up your server and manage it remotely, from starting the server without touching a button to installing the operating system.

There are a number of companies that hire physical servers, or more commonly known as “Teachers as a Service”.

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Yes this company is hiring

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