Cara Membuat Link Mwhm Di Hosting

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In this article I will discuss how to create a cPanel in WHM (Web Host Manager). Earlier I discussed how to install WHM on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and published it on the blog. This article will be a continuation of the previous discussion.

Cara Membuat Link Mwhm Di Hosting

Cara Membuat Link Mwhm Di Hosting

CPanel is a control panel used to make settings for web hosting services. Without cPanel, web hosting settings can only be done through text commands. cPanel makes it easy for users to perform various configurations through an attractive user interface.

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CPanel is usually installed on a dedicated server or VPS running a Linux operating system, FreeBSD, and the like. Applications supported by cPanel include Apache, PHP, mySQL, Postgres, Perl, Python and BIND, along with email services such as POP3, IMAP and SMTP.

Keep in mind that CPanel and cPanel differ in meaning. cPanel is a brand that provides CPanel (Control Panel). So cPanel is one of the currently available versions of CPanel.

CPanel cannot be separated from WHM as these two software are one unit. This is because cPanel is managed by WHM. So, in one WHM you can create multiple cPanel accounts. WHM can be called the admin page for cPanel.

This guide on how to create a cPanel in WHM can be quite simple. Because all operations are done through menus with a nice user interface. It’s just that studying some of the menus in WHM takes time.

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Before proceeding with how to create a cPanel on WHM, make sure you already have a VPS enabled with WHM. If not.

As part of the WHM VPS guide, here are the steps you need to take to create a cPanel in WHM.

Enter root username and password to enter WHM. The root username and password are the same as you used when you logged into the operating system. Or you can use reseller username if you don’t have root access.

Cara Membuat Link Mwhm Di Hosting

In this step, you need to fill in information related to the new account you want to create and enter the specifications that will be provided.

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In the “Package” section you can select the available packages. If you don’t have an active package yet, you need to create one first. To create a package, you can access the page via the “Package” menu or select the “Default” package.

However, you can also directly adjust the specifications that will be used on this account by manually choosing the selected options.

You can choose how much disk space, bandwidth and so on according to your account needs. Below are examples of fields you can apply to create a new cPanel account.

===============================================+ | New Account Information | ===============================================+ | Domain: | IP: (n) | HasCgi: y | Username: Example | Password: 123qwe123qwe | CpanelMod: paper_lantern | HomeRoot: /home | Quota: 2GB | NameServer1: | NameServer2: | Nameserver3: | Nameserver4: | Contact Email: | Package: Default | Feature List: Standard | Language: and +==================================

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You can also access the new cPanel via the “Account Information” -> “List Accounts” menu. Click on the cPanel logo to go to the Account cPanel page.

Creating a cPanel in WHM is easy because there is already an easy to understand user interface. Although some new users will have to adjust to WHM which has a lot of menus. Almost all hosting server configurations can be done through WHM.

When you create a cPanel in WHM, you can set the capacity assigned to the account so that it does not exceed the maximum capacity of the server. This maximum capacity can be set by available packages. You can set up multiple packages with different capabilities, so when you want to create cPanel on a new WHM, you only need to select the package. No need to refill it.

Cara Membuat Link Mwhm Di Hosting

Oh, as an additional information, they offer affordable guaranteed Cpanel VPS services. Also, if you want to try a cheap VPS without a panel, we provide that for you as well.

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