Cara Membuat Link Download File Di Hosting Sendiri

Cara Membuat Link Download File Di Hosting Sendiri – , can create folders, mirror other servers, download files from other servers, use FTP, have shells (including the wget command), and work

Your website? If you are confused by the technical explanation above, it’s easy: Do you want to help others by using your server equipment to backup/share your data or mirror files like ISO/eBooks/programs of other servers? If so, you can do it yourself very easily. Register for free at (( This link is my referral). I registered and became my mirror server

Cara Membuat Link Download File Di Hosting Sendiri

Cara Membuat Link Download File Di Hosting Sendiri

Before we get into the technicalities, let me first tell you the benefits of building this server, the (OFE) server:

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Sendiri, Mudah & Cepat!

My unfulfilled hope is to make this server a micro-mirror of, a server full of Islamic studies mp3s.

. I hope you find my writing useful. Do not use this method for immoral purposes.

I can download whatever I want from the server using wget

. It turned out to be not easy even though I studied the best tutorial in Indonesia: I finally gave up by doing a small overview first to save time.

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Otherwise, the key can be used. Use an FTP client like Filezilla to upload data to the server. However, you must know the username and password. There, on the 2freehosting login page. Here is my example Debian manual post:

2. Delivery process. Make sure it is uploaded to the correct folder. Meanwhile, I have only 4 under the main file: text, tarball, iso and mp3. What I’m using here is a text file because it’s a PDF.

4. If you want to provide a download link, right-click > Copy URL to clipboard. Then it looks like this Change any URL copied from Filezilla to something like ie. remove public_html and change ftp to http. If you don’t change it this way, people won’t be able to download it. God willing, it’s easy. Or visit the folder with a browser and then right-click to copy the link. It is easy, in today’s life, with the development of technology, the activity of downloading files is never lacking in the users of computers and other technological tools. Files can be images, music, videos, applications, etc. In fact, downloading files from the Internet is less fun than playing on social networks. Downloading has also become an important activity for some people around the world.

Cara Membuat Link Download File Di Hosting Sendiri

So for those who download files regularly, they already know where to download the files. For example, we know to download videos. Then there are movie download sites like, and Meanwhile, there are also several sites for downloading files, such as applications and games, such as,, and

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For those who have a website that contains information about file downloads, they define the target site where readers or app seekers are directed. The technique of directing one page to another page is called link building technique.

So with this technique we can access any target website so that the downloader can access that website. We may embed other people’s websites and serve them as links to files we add to our website.

However, did you know that in addition to directing downloaders to other websites, we can also direct them to our website? This means that we have this file, we store it on our website, and then anyone who downloads it gets our file, not someone else’s. For example, the website where files are stored is Google Drive (

Google Drive is one of Google’s internal features that helps us store data. The storage capacity is also quite large at 15 GB. Useful enough? In addition to flash drives or external hard drives, this Google Drive can be used as a backup.

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So how can we create a link to download files from our Google Drive? It is not difficult if you understand what I am talking about in this post. So follow the steps carefully…

After that, we will look for the file where the download link will be created. For example here i am sharing baby sim download link. Select File (icon), then right-click the file and select Share.

Then we choose how to provide the download link for the file we want to share. Look in the Share link section, and then select the section that says “People with links can see.”

Cara Membuat Link Download File Di Hosting Sendiri

Online – public (anyone browsing the internet can find and access the file, no need to sign in to a Google Drive account)

Cara Membuat Link Direct Download Google Drive

On – Anyone with a download link (anyone with a download link can access the file, no need to sign in to a Google Drive account)

No – specific people (only some people will get the file download link, we identify these people)

We can choose one of three methods. However, here I choose the Online – On – Public method so that everyone can download shared files without the hassle of logging into a Google Drive account. Because my goal is to make things easy. 🙂

Now we go to the dashboard of our website. For example You can then choose or create a post that includes a download link for the file we shared. Determine the reading that completes the link by blocking the reading, then choosing where to create the link, the menu at the top of the worksheet or the blog post.

Membuat Html Live Editor Dengan Hosting Google Drive

After that, open our website and check if the file download link is successful without logging into your Google Drive account. Then find the post that contains the download link for the file we shared earlier.

That’s all the information on how to create a link to download files from our Google Drive website. Thanks for reading and learning this technique. We hope it will be useful for all of us. Don’t forget to keep visiting this blog for more useful information. Creating e-mails with your own domain name in cPanel and linking the e-mail site to Gmail – creating e-mails with other domain names is certainly not unknown. But sometimes, if you have an account with a different domain name, you need to log in to another account to check the login information. Therefore, you need to know how to create an email account on your domain name in cPanel and make settings in Gmail. As a result, many people want to set up email using cPanel and connect directly to Gmail. So you can try it right away.

How to Create Your Own Domain Email in CPanel Before you start connecting your domain email to Gmail, make sure you already have a host and domain. If you don’t have a host and domain, click this blue link to see a tutorial article on how to buy a host and domain. and is the provider’s domain name

Cara Membuat Link Download File Di Hosting Sendiri

The first step is to log in via, the home page of IDCloudHost. Then click the login button and select the client area, because I have host and domain in IDCloudhost, so I created my e-domain using hosting and domain provider in IDCloudHost.

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Enter your correct email and password and click the login button to go to the IDCloudHost customer area page because I host and domain at IDCloudHost.

Yossh Once you have entered the IDCloudHosting customer area page, a service and website will appear. You can immediately click on one of the following services.

Click on Hosting and Domain and go to cPanel to create your cPanel email account.

After logging into the cPanel page with the Jupiter Theme screen as shown below, you can immediately click on the list of email accounts located in the Email column.

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To create a new email domain using your website domain, you can click the Create Now button as shown in the image below.

Please fill in as many items as possible in this form to create this email. For the password itself, make sure it’s strong. In addition, you can change the storage capacity without limit. Don’t forget to click create and you can proceed to the next step.

After you create a new domain email in cPanel, there is a success word like green icon in the image below, which means you have created your domain in cPanel and you can go directly to the next step by checking your email. .

Cara Membuat Link Download File Di Hosting Sendiri

You will automatically be connected to Roundcubewebmail to open the email. You can view the content of incoming emails and set your Gmail email domain.

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Clicking an incoming message displays information about manual mail client configuration and calendar and contact directory settings. After that, write a message in the lower left corner of the Rouncube logo and check if the email you created has been sent to another email by sending it to another email.

Then you can immediately check the sent message if it has been sent. The message you send and the Gmail address will be clearly recorded.

In addition, to confirm whether the message has arrived in your mailbox, you can immediately check the recipient using the e-mail you sent, click the content of the message, and check whether the content of the message matches the content of the sent message. Early.

After opening the message content, it appears that the message matches what you wrote in the email

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