Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost Terbaru 2017

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost Terbaru 2017 – How to change website domain in 000webhost free hosting with Freenom free domain is easy in my opinion, because you only change the name server, you can change the website domain immediately.

A website domain is a unique name like .com .id .cf .ga .xyz etc. So we can change the default URL name to whatever we want, like, ,, etc. much more. This website domain works to make it easy for visitors to access the website, it doesn’t have to be as long as or something, so we can do that too. Make it easy to increase your SEO rankings if you want to be followed. For this tutorial, you must first register/login to 000webhost and already have a website or a test website.

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost Terbaru 2017

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost Terbaru 2017

If you want to create a website/blog on 000webhost, follow the instructions on how to make a free self-hosted WordPress blog with 000webshot.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di 000webhost

If you already have a website but haven’t changed the domain, you can follow this tutorial because I also have a website that hasn’t changed the domain.

A tutorial on how to sign up for free hosting at 000webhost and upload website files (online site hosted on localhost)

For those who have already signed up for Freenom, you can login immediately, and for those who do not have a Freenom account, you can follow or also immediately search for a suitable name and check availability first. Then register/login like:

Then you will go to score selection process hihihihi if you choose free is only .tk .cf .ga .ml and .gq i will choose only free ones.. hehe another article how to create wordpress blog with free hosting

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost

And go to the next process, choose how much you will use the domain, which is free only for 1 year, so I chose 12 months.

So just log in / sign up right away, those who already have an account will stay where it says click here to log in and if you don’t have one, fill in your email account … then check the email from Freenom and check it out

Then you will be asked to fill your personal details wkwkkwk .. just fill it I have …………. after clicking and then checkout

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost Terbaru 2017

Then, go back to 000webhost and follow this image, click SET WEB ADDRESS ==> BUY DOMAIN …. blah blah blah

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A domain must be registered with a valid registrar before the park process can be carried out. Does not work unless configured to point to our DNS name servers –,

The purpose of the above is that we need to configure our domain first, that is freenom, change the nameservers to frendom, change and, how to go back to, then click SEVICES . ==> My domain

Will appear, change the options to USE CUSTOM… blah blah and change the NAMESERVER to and just delete the rest

And so that there is no error or maybe you are not, scroll until the image is below, then click manage ==> connect website ==> done for the file upload guide the sites must have hosting first, just for example here I will use free hosting 000webhost, There are actually many other free hosting providers, but in this example I will use 000webhost.

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If you want to know more information about free web hosting or free web hosting, you can first read the article Free Web Hosting, Create a Website with Zero Rupees Fee.

If you don’t have an account yet, click register for free, then fill in the content according to your email, but if you already have ACTU 000webhost, just log in…

Although in the free hosting example, we still recommend buying hosting, because mostly free hosting is only for testing / not good for website competition issues, the website is also vulnerable to hacking, but it doesn’t matter if you have already used it and want to buy hosting for money in the first place Without, please buy here because they are really the same product

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost Terbaru 2017

Now all you need to do is to export your website data, for example, I have a website that was previously accessed via localhost, I will do it online, open it in localhost, enter PhpMyAdmin, SQL data export website.

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You already have the SQL data…go back to 000webhost, then PhpMyAdmin to 000webhost, so next we’ll move our website SQL data to 000webhost.

In the image below, import/enter your website SQL file data saved earlier, then scroll down and click GO/SEND

After that, there are usually a few scripts that will change because the SQL data that was previously on localhost is now moved to the 000webhost hosting.

So, first to connect the SQL data, we first changed for me in SYSCONFIG.INC, maybe it’s a little bit the same, this is the script that connects the data

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The code is more or less like this, you only need to change according to the database on 000webhost that we created earlier in the database creation step is the same. Then save it…

The last step is to upload the website, the path to 000webhost is to enter file manager ==> SCROLL DOWN ==> upload file now

After clicking the upload file, wait for it to finish, you will be taken to the 000webhost file manager where the website files will be saved.

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost Terbaru 2017

So first open the extracted folder in 000webhost… then move all the files in the website folder to public_html

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So if it’s done click public_html file above then click SELECT FILE then delete the folder that was in my website because the content is empty all the files are moved to public_html that’s … we know wordpress is like blogspot Blogging service is the difference between blogspot and wordpress, with wordpress we can create premium blogs, professional terms that you have to pay monthly yearly and also we can create free wordpress blogs if we can blogspot service. Create free blogs forever without any premium service.

Create a free blog on WordPress, you can’t have more features in the package, you can only watch as if you only create articles, because you can’t take advantage of other features like a domain. Names, plugins, ads, even a limited selection of templates if you don’t update your WordPress account.

1. You can create a blog directly on for free as above, without worrying about paying for hosting, hosting management, etc., because here wordpress is responsible for hosting, you just need to manage wordpress, the domain is already there. Even if it’s a subdomain, the concept is the same as blogspot, only you’re not using hosting.

2. You can create a wordpress blog with your own hosting with wordpress cms, you can get it for free on, but since the host itself uses wordpress cms, you need to think about hosting and domains and not only of course. You have to pay annually for hosting and domains. This version is usually called wordpressself host.

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So this article provides a tutorial on how to create a free wordpress blog with self-hosting on 000webhost and non-self-hosting (wordpress hosting).

Create a blog address, because in this tutorial you create a free WordPress blog, then you will get the last address, maximize the name, do not be too long, do not use numbers, because your blog i readers can remember your blog address and you can always visit Your blog if the articles in it are interesting and of high quality

Then choose free, using a WordPress subdomain, you can change only the domain / blog address, but first you need to switch to premium / custom, or you can transfer the domain purchased to another domain provider.

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost Terbaru 2017

Then choose a wordpress package, just use free according to the blog title. Here for the free version you can only use subdomains, templates/themes are limited, you can’t change domains unless you upgrade to a personal/premium/business package, maybe a beginner to learn how to manage WordPress first before using the paid version. .

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After entering your email address, username, which will later become a profile in WordPress, and password, you can also instantly enter your Google account => click continue.

After completing the email verification, WordPress sent an email notification to the email address registered with the above WordPress account.

So you only need to enter your email / gmail, if there is a message to activate your wordpress account, ==> click Confirm ==> after that, it will be immediately forwarded to your wordpress account if you please. To login to wordpress, simply fill in the wordpress account created earlier with the same email and password. Done

To enter the wordpress dashboard for other wordpress settings using wp-admin I think it’s even better to use the wp-admin dashboard because it’s easier to display and we We can manage wordpress easily.

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In the members list create a new website, which will then be installed on the WordPress site, with the subdomain name 000webhost, for example, make the website name blgobr the subdomain. .

But don’t worry, you can change the domain at any time, which you can see in the article: How to change the website domain from 000webhost to freenom domain

Currently I have a tutorial to make a wordpress website with free hosting ie infinityfree free hosting.For this I uploaded a file from wordpress cms which I had directly on

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost Terbaru 2017

1. Manually, that is, load the cms taken from, as seen in the article 10 steps to create your website on wordpress cms infinityfree,

Hostinger Review Dan Hosting Gratis 000webhost

2. Automatically, there are many hosting providers that add features to create a WordPress website in one click, including this 000webhost, in this tutorial I only use this automatic method because the manual method is already above and also the manual method. 000webhost is the same as the tutorial above.

Think about it below, the features of creating a WordPress blog are already available, not only this free hosting, the paid one will definitely give you. For those who upload their own WordPress cms, you can

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