Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri – In the past, building a server required a lot of preparation, skill and cost. Now you can create your own server at home using an Android computer or mobile phone using your existing internet connection like indihome to access your server from the internet.

The servers that you can build yourself are very different, from web servers, online game servers and even hosting servers that you can build yourself.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

Here I will reveal all the knowledge and understanding about servers so that you can understand what kind of server you need and how to build it.

Cara Membuat Server Untuk Ujian Online Menggunakan Vps

After knowing, I guarantee that you will be able to create your own dedicated server for any purpose, starting from home, office, school, village servers, even for large companies.

A server is a computer program or computer that provides services to programs from other computers and their users, often called clients.

From the above definition it is clear, to build a server you need server software and a physical computer that is used to run the server software.

Servers are generally kept in a facility/place called a data center, a data center has stable power equipment that never shuts down, an air conditioner or climate system and a stable internet connection because the server must be available 24 hours a day. Be found and not die.

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The data center offers physical server rental services and rack space rental services that are needed by companies that want to create backup servers (disaster recovery), color placement or even physical servers.

So what you have to do is choose whether to rent a virtual server or buy your virtual server so that it can live and be maintained in a data center with equipment that is guaranteed to be safe and comfortable :D.

The amount of the rental fee depends on the services provided by the data center manager such as public IP, internet speed, electricity, server manager licenses, etc. which will be used by your server.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

For servers with special purposes, it should be placed in a data center, but there are many servers that you can build and place in your home, office, school or company.

Apa Itu Web Hosting Dan Mengapa Anda Membutuhkannya

Such servers are called local servers / core servers which are designed and built for use only through internal companies/offices/schools/private area networks.

You already know what a server is, now ask yourself what kind of server you will create.

All the above servers have different specific requirements depending on the number of clients and the amount of data to be used.

In fact, the more clients will use it and the more data will be processed/processed by the server, the higher the server specifications should be.

Membuat Pc Desktop Menjadi Dedicated Server

For example, if you want to build a file server/NAS, you just need to increase the dimensions of the HDD and the speed of the ethernet/LAN port.

You don’t need to buy a computer with high processor specifications, even a single board computer (such as a Raspberry) can be used to make a file server (NAS).

The answer is from free, hundreds of thousands to tens, hundreds, billions, trillions of rupees, it all depends on what kind of server you are building.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

You can create a server at home using your Android phone or Windows PC with internet connection like Indihome for the purpose of learning how to create a server. Of course such a server cannot be used to serve many users, but it is still fine if it is used alone.

Local Web Server Paling Mudah

I only need to spend IDR 600-700 thousand per year to create a website by hiring a web hosting company to create a web server that is online 24 hours a day and accessed by thousands of people every day. It is easily available.

Google spends a lot of money to create servers with many services, from email, cloud hosting, video hosting, and many other services.

You don’t need to be good at computers just to be able to create a server, by following this tutorial you can create a server that you can use anywhere.

There are many directories and server rental providers that provide one-click server configuration features to their customers.

Langkah Cara Membuat Website Sederhana Menggunakan Html

Previously, to build a server, you bought an expensive computer that cost tens of millions, now you can build a server for hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

There are already many hosting services that rent servers so that anyone can use them at a low price and upgrade according to the required features.

Just to test or practice, you can use Android or Windows with a home internet connection to create a server at home that can be accessed from the internet.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

You can build your server from scratch, from defining components, purchasing components, installing and configuring the server.

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Or you can rent a dedicated server, just use the ones that are usually rented by Internet hosting providers.

This method is only recommended for people who have studied computer science enough to know computer specifications well enough to build a server.

This method is the most difficult method because it has to be set up from scratch and is very expensive, from the purchase cost to maintaining the server.

This method is a simple and inexpensive way to create a server, it does not require computer skills and knowledge.

Cara Membuat Server Sendiri Untuk Pemula

The server is configured by the hosting provider and you only need to configure it according to your own partition (do not configure from scratch).

I process a server by renting a web host, in a few minutes I already have a server that is online for 24 hours.

If you work in an organization or company, there will usually be a server that is used to support the productive activities of its employees.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

From file servers, web servers, database servers, proxy servers, email servers, all these are hosted on office server computers.

Cara Membuat Akses Ssh Di Cpanel Dan Mengaksesnya Via Putty

This method is the best way for companies to set up their dedicated servers because such an arrangement provides many benefits to the company.

You need a public IP and internet speed and a great connection so that your local server can be easily reached from the internet.

But remember, exposing a server to the Internet means that you are open to the risk of being attacked by hackers and you should know how to protect them.

The definition of an online server is a server whose main purpose is to be accessed from the Internet and the location of the server is not in the building/place/company, or often referred to as remote/off-site.

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This remote server is usually placed in a dedicated facility that provides 24-hour internet and electricity that never goes out.

The data center provides services in the form of buildings/facilities with guaranteed security, internet access, power and air conditioning that are online 24 hours with a never-outage guarantee.

If you or a company want a secure location for a dedicated server and need a server that is online 24 hours a day, then a data center is the answer.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

Here you can rent space/rack to host your server and manage it you can do it remotely, from booting the server without touching a button to installing the operating system. .

Cara Membuat Hosting Sendiri Serta Biayanya

There are many companies that actually rent physical servers, or what is known as “load metal as a service”.

Yes, this company rents physical server computers that are already in the data center, you don’t need to buy hardware and pay monthly rent for the data center.

You only need to pay rent to the company that provides these services, then the maintenance will be their business.

Although it is online, this server computer runs and works normally like a physical computer, you even have the facility to upgrade the virtual server features at any time with one click.

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You have to configure everything from scratch, from installing the operating system to installing and configuring the services you want to run on your VPS server.

Unlike VPS where you need to set up a server from scratch, in a hosting service you can just use it and change it to your liking through the hosting panel.

Both VPS and hosted services support cloud computing technology, but not all of them support cloud computing.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

That is why there will be a double price offer whenever you want to rent a VPS or host where cloud prices are more expensive than regular ones.

Pengertian Dan Cara Membuat Virtual Host

In normal hosting, vps or hosting services are built on a server computer and then rented, if the server computer dies, the service you are renting will also die or go down until the technician completes the repair.

This is different from vps or hosting that already uses cloud computing, where your vps or hosting runs on multiple server computers that work in parallel to share work.

If one computer server dies, your VPS or hosting will not die because there are still other servers working to support the VPS or hosting you rented.

So, like it or not, you should use Linux as the operating system for the server you are building.

Pengertian Dan Cara Kerja Website Hosting

Enterprise operating system refers to the paid version of Linux server and currently the most used Linux comes from RedHat and Suse companies.

Linux Enterprise has long-term support for the operating system and IT consulting partners to manage technical solutions.

So you need to set aside a budget in IT to buy a business Linux operating system, but it’s all worth it between the cost and the service you’ll get.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Pc Sendiri

This operating system is open source and free to download and use, the difference from the business version is that this version does not have long-term support for operating systems and does not have a special consulting partner to manage technical solutions.

Tutorial Membuat Rdp Windows Dengan Google Cloud

In the discussion about learning Linux Server, we will use Linux Server Community Edition (Community Edition) as the operating system.

There are at least 4 major Linux families that are popular and each parent has a derivative distro that builds Linux servers.

Each Linux family has its own features that will be developed by derivative distros, and the most important is the package manager used.

You are not confused about choosing a distro for your linux server, if you are a beginner I recommend using a distro from the Debian family, more precisely I recommend Ubuntu Server.

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But remember that the features of each distro family are different, especially the package manager they use and the directory structure are slightly different.


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