Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree – Sign up for Free Cpanel and Free Domain Web Hosting – Who doesn’t need free hosting? Of course, everyone would like to get free web hosting for their website, such as a blog, personal portfolio website, business profile, or as an educational medium, before purchasing paid web hosting.

If we use free web hosting for our website, it is not wrong, of course we also have to accept limitations and also some disadvantages that some people may accept and some people may not accept.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree

When you open a web browser and, for example, search for information from YouTube, a website, or a blog, you are actually requesting information from a physical server over the Internet.

Solusi Lupa Password Hosting Infinityfree

When the server receives what you requested, it will send the data to your device. And there is also a difference between free web hosting and paid web hosting.

How can we get a website or wordpress but without cost? Here I will walk you through how to sign up for free web hosting with free cpanel at infinityfree for those of you who are new to free cpanel hosting.

At infinityfree you can get free hosting services with free control panel, of course you also get free subdomain. But if you previously had your own domain, you can add it to the infinityfree cpanel control panel.

Free web hosting services from Infinityfree are suitable for learning. so if you want to try to learn hosting.

Cara Membuat Akun(register) Di Hosting Gratis Tutorial

Maybe later you can try to install WordPress to try to create a blog with WordPress, a business profile with WordPress or a personal website such as a portfolio with WordPress, or try to upload the results of your projects and so on.

1. To get free hosting with free control panel, you also need to register with infinityfree, first register here.

2. Then fill out the Infinityfree web hosting registration form using each of your Gmail accounts and fill in the password and re-enter the confirmation password.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree

If so, you can indicate that I have read and agree to the terms of service, and you can click the button below and click the create new account button when it’s ready, as shown below.

Windows 10 Web Hosting

1. Once the email verification is complete. You can then click the create account button for your hosting account as shown below.

2. After that, you can create a free web hosting account at infinityfree by completing the hosting account creation form as shown below.

At infinityfree web hosting, apart from free cpanel hosting, you also get a free domain at infinityfree with many options to choose from, like the image below.

If you already have a domain, you can add it by clicking on the custom domain tab and then find your domain as shown below.

Layanan Hosting Gratis Terbaik

3. Since I am using a subdomain called here, after you fill in the subdomain name, click the search button.

5. Once complete your hosting account will be created and you can go to client area or go to cpanel from infinityfree.

Conversely, if you want to go to the control panel or open the control panel, a view similar to the image below will appear.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree

6. When you access the website with the domain mentioned earlier, a page will appear as shown below.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis 100% (mudah Pemula)

This is how to sign up for free web hosting at infinityfree, which is a free control panel and free domain. Please comment in the comment column below, sorry if there are any mistakes in this article and all articles on this blog.

How to set up AdGuard Home on Mikrotik How to install PHP 8 on Debian 10 Buster How to create an email with your own domain on Zoho Mail How to easily add a domain (Addon Domain) on cPanel On this occasion I will give a tutorial on how to easily install WordPress on free hosting InfinityFree, here I will install using the Softaculus software installer found in the hosting panel. Before I get to the tutorial, I’ll explain a bit about what InfinityFree is.

InfinityFree is a web host that provides unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. is a hosting service sponsored by iFastNet that has two services: paid (premium) and free (free).

Now that we know what is, it’s time to go back to the previous discussion, which is an easy way to install WordPress on InfinityFree free hosting. Below are the steps you need to take.

Cara Hosting Di Infinityfree » Berbagi Informasi Teknologi Hari Ini

Note “If you are a new WordPress user, please choose the latest version, but if you are an old WordPress user and want to transfer hosting, please upgrade to the previous WordPress version”

Note: “Do not choose Https because you are using the free version of hosting on InfiniteFree, unless you upgrade to a premium version or a paid version that already supports SSL”

Note “To switch from Http to Https, I will provide a tutorial after completing the installation steps with Free SSL from Claudeflare”

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree

Note: “Why you need to remove it because if there is wp then your WordPress will be installed in that wp folder. So to display the site you need to add /wp after it like www.nama-domain .com/ wp”

Pilihan Hosting Gratis Terbaik

Note “If you check the checklist, a person who registers on your blog can create a subdomain of your main domain”

Note: “The installation language you will use in your WordPress admin is Indonesian available if you want to change it”

Note: “You can control this if you want, so these plugins are used to set the number of WordPress admin logins. So if you enter the wrong password 3 times, you will have to wait a while to login again to login.”

Note: “You can manage it if you want, so these plugins are used when you display the editor in your WordPress admin”

Cara Daftar Web Hosting Gratis Cpanel Dan Gratis Domain Di Infinityfree

Note “For example, you can change the table prefix name to wp01 to make it easier to remember.” You can just default the other parts or just ignore them

• You can select one of the existing themes starting with “Date Added” (most recent theme) or “Downloaded” (most downloaded theme), then click Select > and click Install.

If there is a Congratulations, software installed successfully notification, it means you have successfully installed your WordPress. So there are 2 links like:

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree

Now that your WordPress has been successfully installed, the URL of your website pages can be accessed properly. Also a tutorial on how to easily install WordPress on InfinityFree hosting.

Rekomendasi Hosting Gratis Terbaik Tahun 2022

In the next tutorial, I’ll show you how to easily sign up and configure DNS on CloudFlare. Hope the information was useful and see you soon.– InfinityFree has some cool features that you will love and in our opinion it is one of the best hosting platforms you can get for free.

We will be using InfinityFree Website which can create a website with a free domain and web hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Also, you won’t have too many annoying ads. You can enter your own domain name or choose a free subdomain name from 25 domain names.

This article contains information on how to post to InfinityFree, which we will write correctly so that readers understand what is in this article, here are the steps.

Cara Dapatkan 3 Bulan Hosting Untuk WordPress Gratis Dari Rumahweb

Step 2: Enter your email address, password and reCAPTCHA verification (see image). Once everything is filled out, click on “Create New Account”.

Step 4 After completing step 3, you will be taken to a new view. To create an account, click Create Account.

Step 5 There are two types of domain types, namely subdomains and custom domains. If you have your own domain, you can enter it and change the nameservers at your domain provider to point to InfinityFree. For a custom domain, you can click on the Custom Domain tab, then enter the domain name and click on search domains.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree

In this subdomain tutorial by InfinityFree, click on the Subdomain tab, then enter the subdomain name and domain extension of your choice. Then click on Search Domains.

Xam Com: Cara Membuat Web Hosting Gratis Di Infinity Free

Step 1 Click on File Manager and you will see a window as shown below. Now go to your htdocs folder and upload your files here.

Step 2 Click Download, three options will appear. Upload File functions to upload files, Upload Folder functions to upload folders, Upload Zip functions to upload .zip types. Then find the file to download. We have successfully loaded the file named index.html.

To see the results of uploaded files that were successfully accessed or not, visit your site. Here is our successfully accessed page. Note: This tutorial only loads static HTML and CSS files. For professional use, such as PHP files, you need to create and configure a database. Conclusion

Daftar Penyedia Hosting Gratis Dan Aman — Sipwriter

This is all we can give you, if you have any difficulties or problems, do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to help you.

So here’s the article on how to post to InfinityFree, thanks for reading and I hope it’s helpful. Stay tuned for our next content.

Etgar Kurniavan Hello! I am the owner and writer at. I like WordPress, graphic design, technology, blogging and programming. I will help you to do something technical, easy to understand 🙂 How to free web hosting on InfinityFree – On this occasion, SomeOnlyClub will publish a tutorial on how to host a free website on one of the free hosting providers, namely InfinityFree. Before proceeding to the tutorial we need to know what is web hosting, web hosting is a service to host websites or websites on the internet. There are many web hosts available, some are paid and some are free. The free web hosting that I think is the best is InfinityFree because it has many features like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, free subdomains, free SSL, free Cloudflare CDN, free DNS service and many more.

Cara Membuat Hosting Di Infinityfree

4. You can create a website domain with available subdomains (, or with your own domain. When you clicked “Create Account”.

Pilihan Web Hosting Gratis Terbaik Dengan Cpanel

5. This build process takes a few seconds to a minute. Once the site is live, you go to the control panel

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