Cara Membuat Hosting Dan Domain Sendiri Dengan Komputer

Cara Membuat Hosting Dan Domain Sendiri Dengan Komputer – Learning Hosting Web hosting is a service that makes our website accessible to everyone from anywhere and anytime

If you have finished creating a website on your computer. In addition, you must ensure that your website can be accessed by anyone and at any time. To use it, you need to save your code somewhere and be able to run it. This is Hosting.

Cara Membuat Hosting Dan Domain Sendiri Dengan Komputer

Cara Membuat Hosting Dan Domain Sendiri Dengan Komputer

In this section you will manage hosting servers and database objects. For static websites, you have the option to look for free hosting sites like github, netlify, wave and more. If you use nodes, for dynamic websites, there are also options like or base. Experiment to start doing something and show it to many people.

Cara Membuat Website Sendiri (100% Mudah) Tanpa Coding!

Do not forget to buy a Domain Name, so you have an address that is easy for people to remember and can visit like or this website, without buying a domain name, you only have an email in the form. It is difficult to remember a series of numbers. Where can I buy a domain name? everywhere! You can search “buy domain name” on Google, most hosting services provide this as well.

Shared hosting is hosting where there is basically one computer server that you share with several others. Because of this it tends to be cheap, the effect of sharing resources. Participant hosting also usually provides a control panel where you can manage your website dashboard. Install some programs and you can use them through the User Interface to manage domains, databases and much more.

While your cloud is a VPS or Virtual Private Server, it’s like having your own server computer, so the price is usually higher than shared hosting. But by having your own computer, you have flexibility because you can arrange everything you want to install here, exactly like your computer.

For a VPS you must also understand what you want to install, because it’s the same as renting an empty house, you have to fill in the stuff yourself, to install which server you want to use, be it nginx, apacache or something else. or you choose the database you want, mysql or whatever, you have to install everything yourself. Although there are many cloud VPS services that offer a “1 click install” feature where you select the stack you want and just click, they will install it for you.

Cara Membuat Web Hosting Yang Mudah Dan Cepat

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Learn how to host a website that we created, there are different types of hosting that we will try in this class!

What is the difference between VPS and shared hosting? What are the benefits? How to host on vps like Digital Ocean? you will find the answer here

Cara Membuat Hosting Dan Domain Sendiri Dengan Komputer

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Cara Mendapatkan Domain Gratis Untuk Bikin Website, Mudah!

Obligation where a website must have the best hosting to optimize its performance. A good host is a host who can accommodate the visitors who come to the place, needs a lot of repair costs, and can always cope.

But how do you create your own host? How much does hosting cost? No wonder, for those who are exposed to Indonesian internet providers, I thought about hosting your website. Or maybe you are curious and want to know more about what needs to be done to make things more welcoming.

Whatever the reason, knowing a lot about the pros and cons of setting up this business will make you more accommodating. Even after reading it, you will get something better. The question is, who should answer? Let’s see together.

Usually website owners choose the best hosting provider to use. In this way, the owner can focus on the development of the site and not on the process it is subject to. Sometimes these pages also need to be privately hosted.

Apa Yang Diperlukan Untuk Membuat Website?

Personal web hosting is a very difficult task both from the side of development and from the side of capital; However, it is a possibility for you. Creating your own hosting can be done on a domestic scale with an emphasis on reducing costs.

But there are things he should know before entering this business, so that he can work effectively as a private guest, and how in general he can work more hospitable.

Managing and keeping servers in top shape means you have hardware that can do it. Not that a more efficient host will get you more than your old computer.

Cara Membuat Hosting Dan Domain Sendiri Dengan Komputer

In order for your server to stay online, you need hardware that has enough RAM, a fast processor and a compatible operating system. Hardware that has these types of features is really expensive because it is meant to work 24/7 and handle constant traffic.

Cara Membuat Website Toko Online Sendiri Dengan Mudah

When choosing a host, it is your responsibility to choose compatible software. You need to find someone who really understands how programming works and how to properly apply the application process.

In addition, the software used must also be updated regularly to avoid both internal and external technical problems.

When you decide to be your host, you will be from A to Z; that is hard work. In fact, you will have more than one time to do your web hosting.

Learning through experience is valuable, but learning takes a long time. If you are a businessman, time management is very important in this section, wasting time is not the type of business.

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Thinking of stopping your Telkom ISP hosting? You may want to think again and again. For everyday packages, Telkom’s ISP is often not useful for them, especially if you want to use them for your own web hosting.

Every web hosting provider will have an enterprise-class Internet connection that is of a very different quality than the level of personal use. This network is built for the best performance for users around the world. This network also provides guaranteed uptime and a team that is always on standby to deal with problems that arise in the future.

According to the plan, networks like this have a high price and are usually only available in certain areas of Indonesia.

Cara Membuat Hosting Dan Domain Sendiri Dengan Komputer

Important websites such as the General Directorate of Revenue can also be hacked, moreover your website will open a big gap for hackers to tighten the network, which is certainly not desirable. If that doesn’t bother you, check out how to create your own host below.

Domain .org: Fungsi, Keuntungan, Dan Cara Pembuatannya

There are two options for implementing your hosting, of course using your computer or a dedicated server location. But above all, one must remember that the task itself is a burden and requires energy and money, even if it is not a big project.

If you have an old unused computer, you can turn it into a hosting server. WAMP (Windows Apache, MySQL, PHP) is used to make the process quite cheap. There are several WAMP installers, but we will use WAMPServer because it is simpler. Visit the site and download the software according to your computer (32 bit or 64 bit).

Then a new directory is automatically created which usually has the name “c:www”. This is the folder where your website will be online. Create a new folder in that directory and place the PHP and HTML files first to make sure WAMPServer is working correctly by accessing “http://localhost”.

After making sure the WAMP server is running, it’s time to verify that everything is working as it should by running the PHP test file and placing it in the directory created earlier. Open Notpad in Windows and enter the following logic:

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Sendiri Gratis [update]

Save a file named “info.php” in the WAMP directory and save the file from your browser with the address “http://localhost/infor.php”. If the browser opens an empty file but the address name is “localhost/info.php” then everything is in control and we proceed to the next stage of creating the host.

MySQL will organize and organize the data from your website into a database, which it will quickly find and send to the system. Completing a CMS like WordPress uses MySQL as a way to efficiently send information to users.

You can use an existing database or create a new one by clicking the “PHPMyAdmin” icon in the “Tools” menu on the WampServer screen. You will be asked for a user password. Enter the username “root” and leave the password blank.

Cara Membuat Hosting Dan Domain Sendiri Dengan Komputer

To make sure MySQL is working properly, open a browser and type “http://localhost/testmysql.php”. The IP address of your computer will be displayed along with information about the MySQL connection itself.

Membuat Web Hosting Sendiri Dengan Vps Centos 8

You can configure the Apache software to reject all connections automatically. This means that only your PC can access the website. If you want to get your website online quickly, the first thing you need to do is change your Apache settings. In the WampServer menu, tap on “apache” and then “httpd-vhosts.conf”.

If you want all links to access pages from outside your computer, you need to change the logic from “require local” to “require all permissions”.

Then restart the WAMP server, such as “Restart All Services” in the menu for the changes to take effect. Also, make sure your firewall doesn’t prevent your link requests from working smoothly on your site.

Another way to create your own hosting is that you only need to provide a domain name. How much can I get for free? This domain name is very important so that people can easily visit your site. The same applies to servers in DNS records. This is where a DNS record is needed so that your website can be accessed by domain name. Yes

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