Cara Membuat File Sharing Hosting Di Codeigniter

Cara Membuat File Sharing Hosting Di Codeigniter – Hello Codeigniter lovers, you must be happy when you get the news that CodeIgniter is going from version 3 to version 4. But you should know that CodeIgniter version 4 had some big changes. If you notice, the structure of CodeIgniter 4 has little to do with the structure of Laravel, although there are still some structures that have been retained from the previous version. Also, Codeigniter 4 can only work on PHP version >= 7.2, which means if you have a local host with PHP version below 7.2, please update your local PHP version first.

Let’s go to the first step!, yes guys.. this tutorial will be easy if you watch the video.. watch it!

Cara Membuat File Sharing Hosting Di Codeigniter

Cara Membuat File Sharing Hosting Di Codeigniter

In CodeIgniter version 4, you can install Ci4 using Composer. What is Composer? see here

Cara Upload Codeigniter Ke Hosting

Install Composer in the usual way, after that to ensure that Composer is installed correctly, you can do it with the command composer -v in CMD / Terminal on your computer. The result will look like the following image:

Then install CodeIgniter 4 in Composer via CMD / Terminal. Run CMD/terminal and change the directory to the root of your web server, because here I’m using XAMPP, so my web server directory is C:/xampp/htdocs, so type the following command:

Install the codeigniter 4 framework downloaded earlier to the root of your web server, here I’m using a subdomain for the tutorial, so I’ve added the file to the root of my subdomain, and extract the files.

Move all files and folders to the web folder created earlier, except for the public folder, leaving the remaining 2 folders at the root, namely: public and web.

Web Sekolah Dengan Framework Codeigniter 3

Then move the .htaccess file to the public folder in the root directory, edit the .htaccess file and replace it with the following code:

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Uploading files with CodeIgniter as one of the best frameworks can be easily done. Start uploading files, photos, documents and more. However, you need to add a file upload first.

Cara Membuat File Sharing Hosting Di Codeigniter

For the interface, it is created using an HTML form with an input file type. Meanwhile, in the backend, it uses the file upload library to process the input files sent from the form and store the files in the input directory.

Memasang Template Sb Admin 2 Dan Membuat Layout View Di Codeigniter 4

In this guide, we use XAMPP’s localhost to run the web server. Following are the steps to upload files with CodeIgniter.

The first thing you need to do is go to the official website of CodeIgniter. Here you need to download CodeIgniter.

In this tutorial we will be using CodeIgniter version 3. This version was chosen because it is easier to use than other versions of CodeIgniter.

After the download process is complete, extract the CodeIgniter zip file by right-clicking and selecting Extract All. It looks like the picture below.

Cara Menghubungkan Database Firebase Dengan Codeigniter

Next, copy the extracted CodeIgniter folder to the xamp/htdocs folder. Rename the CodeIgniter folder so that it is easily accessible when you run it on XAMPP localhost.

Next, make sure CodeIgniter is available on your computer’s localhost. To access CodeIgniter on localhost, how to enter url localhost in your browser. Like the example image below.

After successfully downloading and configuring CodeIgniter. Next, open the CodeIgniter folder. Then create a new folder named “upload”.

Cara Membuat File Sharing Hosting Di Codeigniter

Then go into the CodeIgniter folder, look for the application > administrators folder. Once inside the controllers folder, create a file called ImageUpload_Controller.php. The file is used as the backbone of the website which becomes the framework and engine of the website.

Multiple Insert, Update, Delete Dengan Multiple Select Pada Codeigniter

After creating the backend of the CodeIgniter controllers, you need to create the frontend view file in the frontend of the Views window. Show folder location is in Applications > Tabs.

To see if CodeIgniter can be used to upload files, you can access the local url in your browser. Like the example image below.

In the URL above, firstapp is the name of the CodeIgniter folder. So you can change the url to the name of the CodeIgniter folder you created.

Then click Select File to select the image/file you want to import. Then click Upload to upload the file to the server.

Mengatasi 404 Not Found Di Codeigniter

To see the photo you just uploaded, click View My Photo. To return to the file upload page, click Return to Image Upload.

In this tutorial, you have created a file format for your website. However, the code and appearance of the site above is definitely not perfect. You need to make the interface more attractive by using CSS or bootstrap. So that the appearance of the website you create is not boring.

So a tutorial on how to create a file upload format for a website using the CodeIgniter framework. If you need help understanding the code or integrating the code into your CodeIgniter application, please leave a question in the comments below.

Cara Membuat File Sharing Hosting Di Codeigniter

Get a variety of educational articles, interesting facts and tips about the world of the Internet directly to your email. Register now and succeed with us! Hello internet users, this time I want to share about how to upload our codes using CodeIgniter 4 framework to the host. Actually, there are many tutorials out there to install CodeIgniter 4 on web hosting, but I want to . part according to my experience and if there is an error that occurs when the installation process is completed.

Source Code Website Portfolio Codeigniter

In this case, I just want to share how to install it so that CodeIgniter 4 can run on web hosting and work properly, what you need to prepare is a suitable coding program that works normally on localhost.

The first thing you need to do is create 2 ZIP files (ZIP not RAR) from the public and public folders that come standard with the CodeIgniter 4 framework. The public folder contains and all the files in the CodeIgniter 4 Public Folder, while the Outside Public Folder is all files outside the CodeIgniter 4 public folder.

If you use FTP, you should first enter the host, username, password and port of the host in the FTP account section (different depending on the host site)

We will continue later in another post on how to upload with FTP, now we will only focus on uploading CodeIgniter 4, after you have prepared the ZIP file, it is time to upload it to the web hosting according to the location you user, and then location you create 2 folders, namely:

Tutorial Upload File Dengan Codeigniter

In the public_html folder install the public ZIP file and in ci4_inti install the external public ZIP file and extract the two ZIPs from that folder. After this, my friend, make the first settings to run the program on web hosting.

Change the configuration file to the .env file from the local area to the area we use If you do not use the .env file, you can search for it in ci4_inti —–> Config —–> App.php

If you have specified the domain name and environment, you can proceed to create the database with an .env file, which you can change to the database of the hosting service provider.

Cara Membuat File Sharing Hosting Di Codeigniter

Don’t forget to set the local script and CSS to be called when the application runs, but if you’re using a CDN, you don’t need to set it.

Download Gratis Aplikasi Penjualan Codeigniter

The purpose of changing the link above is so that CodeIgniter 4 can access files outside of public_html. After that, you can try to run the program, if there are no problems, it means that you have installed CodeIgniter 4 as a host.

Yesterday I had a problem like above and after searching for a solution that my controller on localhost had an error writing these characters if run in the regular localhost and when I install them they get an error.

Suggestion to friends that the admin is on localhost when they write methods, such as login, even if we write about login, it will still work, but if it is installed on web hosting, it will cause problems like 404 Not Found. So make sure you must write the capital letters in the same way.

That’s probably all I can share in this post, if you have any questions you can write them in the comments section. Finally, I wish you the best of luck and good luck. Hello Mr Leong.

Membuat Upload Gambar Dan File Dengan Codeigniter [26]

A man who likes to share knowledge about information technology and electronics and the experiences I have made CodeIgniter is one of the most used PHP frameworks today. Quite a few RW residents use CodeIgniter to build their web applications. Restrictions often appear when a new site will be online. Therefore, we will share how to install CodeIgniter 3 on cPanel hosting.

We intend this guide for RW residents who have created a website based on CI 3 on localhost, and want to upload their website files to the host. For those using CodeIgniter 4, learn the guide in the article: Install CodeIgniter 4 to host.

In addition to uploading the website files, you of course need a database for your website. The first step is to start by creating a database with the script to create a database on cPanel hosting.

Cara Membuat File Sharing Hosting Di Codeigniter

After that, you need to export and install the SQL database on localhost to host. You can follow the detailed steps in the article How to install a MySQL database with phpMyAdmin.

Cara Upload Codeigniter 4 Ke Hosting

Next, add the website folder to your computer’s “localhost”. Enjoy all the files and folders of your CodeIgniter 3 website that will be sent to the host.

Log in to cPanel when you host, then go to the File Manager menu. If the site is on the main page, click on the public_html directory. However, if the site is in a subdomain or additional domain, click the subdomain/additional domain directory.

The .htaccess file is located in the main directory of the website. Make sure you enable “Show hidden files” in file manager first.

If the .htaccess file does not exist yet, you must first create the file by clicking the +File button. But if it already exists, you can edit the .htaccess file directly.

Cara Mengganti Dan Mempersingkat Url Pada Codeigniter

If yes, continue by changing the configuration in the database.php file. You can see the configuration details in the Codeigniter database connection settings article.

How to install CodeIgniter 3 on

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