Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

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To set up email with your domain, you must provide an active Gmail account that can be connected to your email hosting.

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

If you already have active hosting and domain. You can access cPanel directly by typing into your browser’s search field.

Cara Membuat Email Menggunakan Gmail

After logging in to cPanel, you can first create an email account. Here are the steps you can take:

2. To create a new email with the domain of the website, enter the email name and password that you will use. Then, click the Create button as shown in the image below:

So far you have successfully created an email with your domain name. Then, you need to connect to the Gmail account you have.

How to connect your email account to Gmail account in cPanel? The first thing you should do is check the POP3 and SMTP details:

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1. On the Email Accounts page, you can view POP3 and SMTP details by clicking the Connect Devices button as shown below.

2. On this page, cPanel will show two settings options, namely Secure SSL / TLS Settings and Non-SSL Settings. We recommend using safe settings. But if that doesn’t work, you can use non-SSL settings.

You can save these details in your notes or directly open a new browser tab to continue to the next step.

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

Ok, now you have POP3 and SMTP details. This information can be used to connect Gmail to email accounts in cPanel.

Cara Menambahkan Akun Email Pada Cpanel

Basically, any email that enters your cPanel email account will also appear in Gmail later. So you can use email with your domain through Gmail. Well, right?

1. Select the Settings menu in the upper-right corner of the Gmail page, then click See all settings.

2. Once on the Settings page, select the Accounts and Imports tab. In the Check mail from other accounts section, click Add an email account to receive email.

3. A new window will appear to configure email settings. Enter the email address you created in cPanel hosting in the column provided. Then click on the next button.

Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting Directadmin

6. Now, you need the POP3 details you got in the previous step to fill the form below.

7. Use the username and password that were used when creating the email host, and enter the pop-up form in Gmail.

8. For the POP Server field, enter the host name of the login server. Make sure the port used is the same as the configuration details from your email in cPanel.

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

After filling all the required information, click the Add Account button. If the configuration is successful, you will see a message like the image below:

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If an error message appears, check again whether the configuration is correct or not. If an error still appears, you can contact the hosting service you are using.

5. Setting up Gmail to send email Important – To set up sending email directly from Gmail, you need to use SMTP. If your hosting service does not allow you to use SMTP, you will send email through Gmail.

Well, first you already know how to receive emails from your own domain through Gmail. Now how to send email from your domain through Vmail?

In this case, you need to use SMTP details. If your hosting allows you to use SMTP, you can go directly to the Gmail configuration guide to send emails from the following email hosting accounts:

Apa Itu Email Hosting? Pengertian Dan Manfaat Email Hosting

1. On the previous success message, select Yes, I want to send an email… then click the Next button.

No need to worry if you have blocked the message successfully. You can also configure Gmail to send emails from an email host account by choosing Settings > Accounts & Import, then clicking Add another email address.

2. In the next step, enter a name that will be displayed in the recipient’s email in the Name field. For other options, you can leave it with the default options. Then click the Next Step button.

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

Port – Make sure the port is the same as the settings in your email (if you are using the service and an error appears when you add an account, please use port 587)

Cara Membuat Sub Domain

Finally, you need to choose to connect with SSL or TLS (depending on the host you are using). In most cases, you can leave it as the default.

You can confirm by clicking the confirmation link sent to your email or by entering the confirmation code in the confirmation column. To check the confirmation email, you can access your host email through webmail.

If all the configurations are complete, you can now select the desired sender’s email when sending the email as shown in the image below:

You can set a different color for each email account in Gmail. In this instance via email

Cara Membuat Website

How easy it is to create an email with your own domain and connect it to Gmail, right? Basically, you should follow these five steps:

Now, your website email is connected to Gmail. This way, you can send and receive incoming emails to your website through Gmail.

Most importantly, to be able to set up email with your domain, first get the best web hosting and your domain ready. Well, this could be the right Indonesia hosting service for you!

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

In addition to full features, you can get a free domain for 1 year! To do this, just subscribe to a specific hosting package with a minimum term of one year. Interested?

Panduan Web Hosting Untuk Pemula Lengkap Dari A Sampai Z

Get a variety of educational articles, interesting insights and advice about the online world directly to your email. Join now and win with us! To create an email with your name, you must first have a hosting service. You can get the best and quality hosting services in it

Typically, email accounts are created with free service providers such as Gmail or Yahoo. But if you have a company, you should have an email with your company’s domain name. why? Because your company will be more professional.

Domain and hosting are the main requirements, these two elements are inseparable, when it comes to website and email. When creating an email account, we must have a stable internet connection.

When we choose a host that uses Cpanel as, we can manage the host because it is supported by many useful features, we can also create emails with our own domain (custom domain).

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Sendiri Gratis Selamanya

Email: Enter the email to be created. For example, if you want to create an email with the address sari@, just fill in “sari” (without the quotes).

Domain: Select the domain name option to use (if there is more than one domain in the hosting account).

Password: Enter the password of the email account you want to create, then enter the same password in the “Password (again)” field. * Password Strength will automatically measure the difficulty level of the password you created. The higher the value, the more secure your password is.

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

Mailbox Room: Fill with desired mail capacity. * The mailbox quota must be set to the total capacity of the hosting account you have. Suggestion, do not use the unlimited option, this field must always be completed, the purpose is to make it easier for us to control the use of email capacity in the host, in this article we will learn to create emails together. Our own domain. This article is suitable for beginners as it is presented step by step and is accompanied by photo examples.

Cara Membuat Akun Email Di Plesk

Before creating an email, let’s first start with a basic introduction. This is what email with your own domain really means.

You can create a free version of email in Outlook and Yahoo Gmail provided by email service companies such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

However, if it is for commercial purposes, it may be less professional. Instead, it is better if the email address is: your_name@your_company_site.

Creating such an email can be done not only for the corporate level. As long as the office already has a domain name and hosting lease, email services can be free forever. Of course, as long as the company pays the bills to house and host the domain.

Cara Mudah Membuat Email Dengan Domain Sendiri

Therefore, there are no additional bills for site owners who rent a domain name and hosting while using email services. And vice versa, when the service is not used, there is no discount for them.

However, there are a few site owners who don’t take advantage of it. Even small businesses that are just growing can benefit from these services. So this email address looks good like your_name@your_office_site.

Therefore, let’s see how to easily create an email with your domain through cPanel, step by step. Hopefully later this will apply where you work.

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

Here, the article is made with the assumption that you have cPanel login. If not, find out how to register a domain name for your company.

Cara Pemesanan Web Hosting Murah Dan Domain

I myself once had access to cPanel using Jakarta Web Hosting and IndoGlobal Services. And in this article, sample images are taken from private domains that use services from Dominia.

In fact, for the cPanel dashboard view, although there are different services, they are basically the same. And that’s pretty much how it looks. For more details, review the steps to create an email using cPanel below with sample images.

1. Go to the cPanel address, enter the “Username” and “Password” provided by the hosting service and the domain you subscribed to, then click “Login”.

4. If there is more than one domain, select “Domain” name, then enter “Username” and “Password”. Your email address will become “username”@”domain”.

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5. To make the password more secure, please use a combination of letters, numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, then click Generate. My personal experience was to create a password for a company email address even with a combination of letters, numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, but not created, indicating that hackers can crack it.

6. Then please select the amount of capacity in your hosting rental, allocate how many megabytes for the email address that was created, then click “+ Create”.

7. Email address with your domain has been created successfully.

Cara Membuat Email Dengan Domain Hosting Web

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