Cara Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Dengan Prestashop

Cara Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Dengan Prestashop – PrestaShop is an application made by Softaculous that can be used to create an online store. Many brands around the world have used PrestaShop to build their online store websites. One of the advantages of PrestaShop is ease of use. In addition, PrestaShop also offers various features that can beautify the look of your online store website. The installation of PrestaShop is also quite simple and can be done in a short time.

For those who are not familiar with PrestaShop, here is a short description of PrestaShop to make it easier to understand the writing of this article. PrestaShop itself is an application for creating an online store produced by Softaculous.

Cara Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Dengan Prestashop

Cara Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Dengan Prestashop

If you have a product and want to market it more widely, you can start designing an online store with this PrestaShop. In the online store, you can display product photos with descriptions and unit prices. Often, many people will become resellers of your product if they feel that the product you are selling is of good quality at a low enough price.

Reset Password Admin Prestashop Di Phpmyadmin

An initial installation is required to start using PrestaShop. You can do this installation process in a short time and without complex problems. Follow the steps below to install PrestaShop. If you still have problems with the installation, you can repeat these steps.

The first step is to first enter the control panel (cPanel) page. This login page will look like the image below. This cPanel page is usually when you already have hosting and also a domain. If you don’t have hosting and domain yet, it would be better if you have them here first

After that select PrestaShop from the Softaculous menu. You can use the search function in the control panel to make your search easier. You can see the illustration below to locate PrestaShop.

Once you have found the Prestashop installation, you will be redirected to the PrestaShop page. This page has options

Cara Mengaktifkan Ssl Pada Prestashop

. By entering this option, you can give the settings according to your wish. For example, you can fill in the website name of your choice. It can also be filled with the name of the store you want to create. You can also enter a username and password. An illustration

. The closer to 100, the better the password. Also, don’t forget to use a really active email. If there is a problem, you can reset it by email.

, then click Install. Wait until the download is complete. The download installation process is described as shown below.

Cara Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Dengan Prestashop

If the installation is successful, you will be notified of the link address to access the PrestaShop page. In addition, you will also receive a link address to access the admin page.

Cara Membuat Website Toko Online Prestashop Untuk Pemula

Meanwhile, the following is a screenshot of the PrestaShop admin page. On this page you can change the display page of PrestaShop. In addition, you can see data on the number of visits, the number of product sales and many others.

These are the procedures to install PrestaShop on the control panel. I hope this article is useful for those who are starting an online business. Don’t forget to write down your PrestaShop username and password so you can make changes later. I hope this article will help you in installing PrestaShop. In this guide, we will share how to manually install Prestashop in cPanel. You can choose this method if you want to manually customize the Prestashop installation.

But if you just want to install Prestashop now, follow this guide: How to Install Prestashop with Softaculous

Before the manual installation step of Prestashop on cPanel, let’s discuss a little about what Prestashop is.

Tips Beli Domain Dan Hosting Murah, Serta Cara Menggunakannya Dengan Baik

CMS Prestashop comes with various free themes and some free modules or plugins that you can use to create websites instantly.

In this article, we will use an example installation of Prestashop version 1.7, which is the latest version released. In this version, we use a shared hosting package with cPanel for management. In addition, we are using php version 7.2.

This guide is suitable for those who create an online store, but the hosting does not provide an automatic installer. You can also follow this guide to try

Cara Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Dengan Prestashop

Note. To install Prestashop on the main domain, delete the index.php file in the public_html directory. To do this, login to cpanel > file manager > public_html > delete the site’s default index.php file. Step 1. Download and upload the main Prestashop file

Cara Masuk Halaman Admin Prestashop

You can create a database in cPanel using the Databases menu. Read the following guide to create a MySQL database in cPanel.

Don’t forget to write down the database name, database user and database password that you use during the installation step.

After all the files and folders have been successfully uploaded and you have created a new database, go to the URL: in your browser and you will find the following page:

In the first step of the installation process, you can choose the language you want to use in your online store. Select the desired language (for example Indonesian) and press the “Next” button below.

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The next page discusses the “License Agreement”. Please read and or you can skip and tick “I agree to the above terms”.

The next page will ask you to fill in the database connection created earlier in step 3. To manually install CPanel, enter the database server in your localhost. Also enter the database name, database user and database password created in step 2.

To make sure the database connection is correct, click “Try database connection now!”, if you get “database connection successful”, click “Next”.

Cara Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Dengan Prestashop

Once the installation process is complete, you can manage the Prestashop website through the admin page. You can access this admin page via url/folder_admin. Each website admin folder is different, you can see the details in the website folder as shown in the following screenshot:

Cara Login Ke Admin Prestashop

As you can see in the image, the name of the admin folder is admin865moqfjv. Therefore, you can log in to the site administrator with the following URL:

Everyone is competing to have their website at the top of a Google search. If your website is at the top of Google, the sales opportunities of your website will definitely increase. One technique…

As we all know, Prestashop is a content management system (CMS) that can be used to create online stores instantly. In this article, we provide a tutorial…

To be able to send emails using PrestaShop 1.7 cms, you must first set up SMTP authentication. The following instructions to configure SMTP PrestaShop 1.7. Useful…Building a buy-sell website is not difficult now. Although now there are many templates – both blogspot and wordpress templates specifically for buying and selling. However, sometimes the two blog sites mentioned before cannot manage buying and selling functions such as inventory management or suppliers, product definitions or attributes (color, weight, size), shopping carts, ordering and paying for them. goods, payments, customer registration etc. Therefore, we need some kind of dedicated CMS (Content Management System) solution that can be used to launch or manage the online buying and selling transaction process. And what I am sharing this time is about Prestashop.

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Prestashop is an e-commerce CMS used to create online store websites. Prestashop is open source, which means anyone can use, download and develop it for free. If we want to use one CMS, there are no costs, unless we want to go online, we need at least a fee for hosting and renting a domain. Before we go online later, there is nothing wrong with learning how to use Prestashop features, modules and functions offline by installing them through a local server or Localhost. At least two applications must be used to complete the installation process, namely:

1. XAMPP: Apache web server application in which MySQL database server is available and supports php programming. For the latest version, check and download from here. 2. Prestahop CMS: For the latest version, check and download it here.

By the way, when I wrote the XAMPP article, version 1.8.3 and Prestashop CMS version were used. Here are the steps for the installation process.

Cara Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Dengan Prestashop

2. By default, the XAMPP installation directory is in C. Extract or move the previously downloaded Prestashop file to htdocs or C:/xampp/htdocs.

Cara Menambahkan Produk Pada Prestashop

3. Open the browser you are using. Enter http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ in the address bar. Create a new database in Phpmyadmin. Here I give the database name as prestashop.

4. After the database is created. Now type http://localhost/prestashop/install again in the address bar. Once it opens as shown below, select the language to be used in the installation process. By the way, I decided to use English. Click Next.

5. Then the license agreement page will appear. Check the box that says I agree with the terms and conditions above. Click Next.

Store Name: The name of the online store created by colleagues. Main business: The category of goods or products that colleagues sell. Country: The country where we are located. Store Time Zone : The time zone. First name : Our first name Last name : Our last name. Email address: Our email address. (Used for login). Password: Password. (Used for login). Re-enter to confirm: retype password.

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7. A system configuration page will appear. Here the Prestashop installation system connects to the database we created in phpmyadmin earlier in step 3. Here is the statement:

Database Server Address: The name of our database server. Since it is local, our database is called localhost. Database Name: The name of the database created in step 3. By default it is called prestashop, but it can be changed according to the name of the database we created. Database login: Default is xampp root (mysql database). Database Password: Leave blank if our mysql database does not use a password. Table prefix : Default

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