Cara Membuat Cloud Storage Sendiri Di Hosting

Cara Membuat Cloud Storage Sendiri Di Hosting – As the name suggests, we can use cloud storage as a backup and our data is stored on a server that provides this service. The advantage of using this service is that we can easily access files anywhere as long as we are not connected to the internet.

Furthermore, the tools we use to access files are also not limited to using specific tools. Because in general, cloud storage services can only be accessed using a browser, which in fact can be opened on almost all devices available today.

Cara Membuat Cloud Storage Sendiri Di Hosting

Cara Membuat Cloud Storage Sendiri Di Hosting

The cost of using this service is usually limited by storage capacity, or we can use it for free as long as the capacity is not exceeded. Creating a cloud storage like Google Drive is very easy, here’s how.

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In this tutorial, we will use the minimum operating system recommended by Owncloud on the official website as follows.

First, we need to add the owncloud repo so that we can install the packages on the Ubuntu server. Install the Apache server and many extensions so that ownCloud can be accessed through the browser.

After that we need to configure the Apache server and enable virtual hosts. Remember to replace the “server-ip-address” variable with the address of your VPS using the following command.

Check the saved configuration. We also need to disable the default configuration of the default apache server. Enable generated virtualhost configuration based on server IP address.

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Owncloud requires a database to work, so we need to set up an empty database. In previous steps you have installed MariaDB database for setup, follow these steps.

You can change the “owncloud” variable with the database name you want. Also, replace the “password” variable with a more secure password. After that, you need to install your cloud in the browser. Cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive are now used by many people. With cloud storage, you can store your data and it automatically syncs across all devices and you can easily access your data anywhere and anytime. And, with Cloud Storage, your data will be more secure.

Most cloud storage services are free, but if you need more storage, you have to pay according to your needs. Of course, the price is not expensive, but if something is free, why not? Fortunately, there is another option, Nextcloud, a free cloud storage that you can install and host on your own server. In this article we will talk about NextCloud. But before that, let’s first talk about what Cloud Storage is.

Cara Membuat Cloud Storage Sendiri Di Hosting

Cloud storage is the term for an online space that you can use to store your data. Like other cloud computing methods, cloud storage is highly secure so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data. Cloud storage has a simple way of working. Users should upload their files or folders only from a computer or device connected to the Internet. If you need the uploaded data later, all you have to do is download the data from Cloud Storage. Generally, the data already in the cloud storage is encrypted and only the logged in user can access it.

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There are many free cloud storage services. Like Dropbox, Google Drive and Apple iCloud. This is an example of a free cloud storage service that you can use right away. You only need to register and you can directly upload and save data. However, if you want more private/private cloud storage, you can create your own cloud storage. Private cloud storage offers the same options as other cloud storage services. You can store data, sync between devices, share files and access data from your smartphone. However, there are several advantages that you can get from private cloud storage compared to a regular cloud storage service.

You might be wondering why use private cloud storage when you can use existing cloud storage services. Dropbox and Drive are very easy to use. You have to register yourself and you can use it immediately. In addition, they are supported by large companies, so they provide reliable services. But they also have weaknesses.

If you want more storage, you have to pay. Pricing depends on the size of your storage needs. In addition, by using it, you transfer your data to the company that may use or change your data without your consent.

And, by using your personal cloud storage, you have full control over all the data in your storage. Also, your data is more secure because it is created just for you. Infrastructure and systems can be configured according to your needs to achieve the highest level of security.

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Then, private cloud storage has more efficient performance and better networking, because private storage spans the corporate Internet through firewalls. If you need to change hardware or other resources, you can do so easily. why? Are you interested in using and creating a private cloud storage? This time we will discuss about NextCloud.

Nextcloud is an open source software first developed in 2016. This software can be used to create your personal cloud storage. Available features are practically identical to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. To use Nextcloud, you can install the client software on a free Linux server and install the client software on Windows, OS X and Linux computers. For mobile devices, Nextcloud can be used on Android and iOS.

They simplify the process of uploading, syncing, sharing and downloading their files with an easy-to-use user interface. As you can see above, in that interface you can see user quotas and have easy sharing options. You can share directly via email, URL and social media.

Cara Membuat Cloud Storage Sendiri Di Hosting

For security, they offer two-factor authentication, the ability to restrict access to certain IP ranges, and a new token-based login flow for customers. In addition, they provide end-to-end encryption for the data you upload.

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They offer text, voice and video chat features to facilitate communication. They are free software especially for conducting meetings. End-to-end encryption security features ensure that no third party knows who, when and what was in the conversation.

You may have heard the name OwnCloud. OwnCloud is one of the most widely used private cloud storage services. In fact, NextCloud was developed by Frank Karlichek, founder of OwnCloud. After moving in with many OwnCloud employees, they worked on the NextCloud software project. Well, these two services are now the most demanded and used rivals. So what’s the difference?

OwnCloud and NextCloud have different distribution methods. NextCloud has only one version and all its features are free. ownCloud has two versions, Enterprise and Community. The Enterprise version is not free and has features not available in the Community version. NextCloud and ownCloud have similar features for features. Both offer similar basic functions like file syncing, file sharing and more. But NextCloud has some features that RasCloud doesn’t have.

NextCloud allows email users to modify documents without logging in, while ownCloud prohibits this. Also, NextCloud gives its users full control access, while ownCloud has this feature only in the Enterprise version. Also, NextCloud has a file locking feature and ownCloud doesn’t. For the app, NextCloud has audio and video chat features, but ownCloud doesn’t.

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Well, we will tell you how to install NextCloud 13 on Ubuntu 18.04. Of course, you need a web server before you start installing it. It is the best cloud hosting provider in Indonesia that prioritizes speed and security. If you are interested, you can check out the best hosting products page for more details.

The first step in installing NextCloud 13 is to install the web server and PHP. As this tutorial uses PHP7, it is recommended that you use Ubuntu 18.04 or higher. This tutorial installs apache as a web server.

After setting up the environment, all you have to do is select a database that supports the installation. For this tutorial, we will use MariaDB/MySQL.

Cara Membuat Cloud Storage Sendiri Di Hosting

You will be asked to enter the root password during the installation process. Enter a strong password. If you don’t enter the password, they won’t give you the password. This can be unsafe so don’t forget to change it!

Cara Membuat Private Cloud Storage Nextcloud

Now, you need to create a new file in /etc/apache2/sites-available/nextcloud.conf. You are free to use any editor and enter the following lines.

Then activate the NextCloud new site and enable the required apache mods with the following code:

Select the admin username and password, then you can select the data folder. Then select “Storage & Database” to select the database you selected in step 2. If you fill it completely and you follow all the steps correctly, you should see the file application below.

In this article, we have discussed the meaning of cloud storage and its benefits. Apart from this, we have also discussed how to install NextCloud, one of the most popular and widely used private cloud storage services in the world. If you have questions, leave your questions in the comment column below this article. Hope this helps! Cloud Storage is a digital data storage technology in the cloud. The cloud or the cloud is like the Internet, so we store data on the Internet and do not need flash drives, hard drives, CDs, DVDs and other physical storage devices. The most commonly used Cloud Storage service providers are Dropbox, Google Drive (Google), iCloud (Apple), OneDrive (Microsoft). To learn more about Cloud Storage, check out this article

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What is cloud storage and why you should use IOverview Cloud storage is a method of storing data in different ways.

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