Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting – How to Create Your Own WordPress Blog When you visit this article, it means that you are interested in your own blog.

Today the rapid development of the Internet and the potential of blogs as a means of income have made many people interested in starting a blog.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

So, after you read the above articles, and if you still decide to start a blog, continue to follow this guide.

Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Di WordPress

Now, since this article discusses how to create a blog with your own WordPress hosting, you need to choose your hosting as the place to host your domain and all the files stored on your website.

How to start your own WordPress blog starts with choosing the right host, especially a host that fully supports WordPress.

Nowadays, there are many hosting providers that are affordable and easy to use to install WordPress or create a blog directly with WordPress.

There are many hosting options you can choose from, both locally and abroad. Here are some hosting options to consider:

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As one of the hosts recommended by itself, Bluehost is one of the most popular hosts and has many users

This hosting provider, which also has local servers, is one of the cheapest hosting providers. NiagaHoster often offers discounts on various hosting services.

NiagaHoster is currently offering 50% off their hosting packages. Get a cheap hosting package from NiagaHoster now before the promotion ends.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

Among the many local hosting providers available today, DewaWeb might be the one you hear about the most. There are many big websites using DewaWeb as their main host, one of which is Traveloka.

Inilah Cara Membuat Daftar Isi Blog Pada WordPress

One of these local hosting providers offers very affordable hosting packages starting from IDR 5000 per month. In addition, there are many website needs that this hosting provider can fulfill.

Like Bluehost, Hostgator is a foreign hosting provider that can offer low cost but good quality hosting.

If you just want to buy a domain name, you can buy it from the above hosting providers or from NameCheap.

In fact, there are many ways to create a blog with WordPress, be it from File Manager, FTP from localhost or directly from Softaculus, which is located in cPanel.

Langkah Membuat Website Dengan WordPress, Tanpa Coding!

Most hosts have a one-click install feature for certain scripts or CMS, especially WordPress that integrates with Softaculus. In this article, we use this feature.

First login to your cPanel. The cPanel URL information is usually found in the toolbar of the hosting provider you use or can be accessed through a URL like

On the next page you will find information about WordPress CMS. You can see at a glance why this WordPress CMS truly deserves to be the go-to website software for a variety of purposes.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

Next, you will be introduced to the important process of creating your own WordPress blog. In this section, you must define the data and fill in the information for your WordPress blog. Here are the steps:

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Self Hosted Untuk Pemula

Please choose which WordPress plugin you want to install on your own WordPress blog with WordPress.

In this section, like choosing plugins, you can choose a WordPress theme that will be installed with WordPress. Choose the best WordPress theme you can find out there.

Before clicking “Install”, please make sure you fill out the form Email Installation Details Here : with your primary email address. This is to ensure that you have a backup of the information sent to the specified email address.

After that, click on “Install” button. Wait a few seconds for the WordPress installation to complete. It usually doesn’t take long.

Membuat Blog Untuk Pemula

After completing the installation process, it means that you have successfully created your own WordPress blog and officially have your own WordPress blog with your own domain address.

However, this method of creating your own WordPress blog is not complete until you complete the initial setup of your new blog.

WordPress intentionally embeds fake posts, pages, and comments so users can recognize examples of content on their WordPress blogs.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

If necessary, install a WordPress plugin that you think will be very useful and choose your favorite WordPress theme to enhance the look and feel of your new blog.

Cara Migrasi Dari WordPress Ke Blogger Tanpa Kehilangan Traffic (lengkap)

You can install menus, customize through the customize menu, experiment with WordPress themes, create privacy policy pages, etc., install widgets, complete your biography as a blog owner (Dashboard => User => Your profile), etc.

Once everything is fine, please write your first post on WordPress self-hosted blog. Make sure to publish high quality articles and have high information content so that they are useful for readers.

Grow your blog and use it as a source of income. You can join Google Adsense advertising program and earn money from ads placed on your blog.

Also consider the SEO aspect and keep learning in the development of your blog to achieve your original goal of starting a blog.

Blog Dengan WordPress Agar Seo Lebih Mantap

Here’s how to create your own WordPress blog from me. Something missing or unclear? What is your opinion? I hope this helps you to create your own WordPress blog.

Even if you have successfully created a blog, you may still need to modify or modify your WordPress blog to get used to the CMS you are using.

The above tutorial may not cover some important topics to help you start blogging on your new WordPress blog.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

So this guide will help you to create a self-hosted WordPress blog, so what is missing from this article can be filled with this article.

Cara Memunculkan Classic Editor Di WordPress 5.0 Tanpa Plugin

Traveler, SEO Engineer and WordPress Programmer. Active in the art of thought, a rookie traveler, GEN20, Payung Merah and De Quixote. Now I will share the easiest way to build a website from scratch. Even newbies who don’t understand programming languages ​​can quickly create their own websites.

I have built over 100 websites for various online projects that I run. Starting with projects for creating personal websites, companies, online stores, landing pages, online stores, school sites, funds, etc.

Later, you can use this site for any purpose, be it a personal site, a company site, a school site, a business site, an online store site, etc., you just need to select the site type and then change the theme and design. .

The domain name can be a dot com, network, org, id, etc We recommend that you choose a .com domain to make it easier to remember

Cara Membuat Website Online Course Mudah Tanpa Coding Dengan WordPress + Elementor

Here we are using server type which is only shared hosting in the first place. Shared hosting capacity is quite large, security aspect is also good. In future, why you can choose a web hosting with more services/capacity like VPS, cloud hosting, dedicated server if you have a lot of visitors online.

The more you subscribe, the lower the price. There is another option for one month. But 1 year is recommended so that you can independently create a site and edit it.

For your information, WordPress Indonesia is even like the engine of many popular websites around the world. Very easy to use, good security, SEO optimized (good for attracting readers through Google search engine), lots of themes, huge support community, thousands of free plugins we can use (we will discuss this later).

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

Be sure to write down and save this username and password for later login to your website. don’t lose it

Cara Membuat Website Pribadi Menggunakan WordPress

Do you want a transfer system? You will need to check the prepaid payment again later. If you transfer it after 23:00, you may be able to check it manually at 8:00.

Here is your default webview. Of course, we will edit it to make it more attractive, cool and professional. It’s easy 🙂

Lots of free themes and designs. Choose as per your requirement maybe for personal website, company profile, organization, school etc.

In this example, I’ll select Profile on the top right for Personal Web Profile from the Digital Agency/Web Developer template.

Cara Membuat Blog & Hasilkan 10jt Perbulan

To replace an image, click on the image we want to replace, then select the image with the image file we want to replace.

The same goes for changing text, sentences, logos, etc. Just click on it and all the options to change it will be displayed.

Here is the end result of my website creation in this tutorial. Just 15 minutes, maybe. It looks professional again without the need for HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript programming languages. Just drag and drop everything.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

You can edit it again depending on your taste. The only key is to dig out the design and replace the image.

Cara Membuat Tabel Di WordPress Tanpa Plugin

We discussed how to create a free website in the previous post, you can see the complete guide here. The concept and procedure is essentially the same: install WordPress, choose a theme, plugins, on-page SEO, etc. The difference is that we use free hosting providers such as: 000webhost.

You can create a web for free, you can pay. If you want to use free blogger,, weebly, tumblr or find a free hosting provider.

If you pay, you get a professional com dotted domain name that adds credibility. It costs around 120k per year for a domain and around 20k per month for standard shared hosting.

What kind of website do you want to create? It depends on your needs. Most of the visitors of this blog only want to create a personal website or a business website.

Kenapa Memilih Blogger, Bukan Hosting?

As we discussed earlier, you will be able to create a website without any coding knowledge. You don’t need to use HTML, CSS or even PHP code.

Which is free to use and easiest to use. The toolbar is user-friendly, the widget is customizable and the support community is very extensive. This wordpress has thousands of themes,

All web browsing files such as themes, plugins, text, media, HTML code and content stored on hosting.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Tanpa Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular hosting service among the three types of hosting. This type is very commonly used because it is cheap and easy to use.

Cara Mudah Setting WordPress Di Android

Cloud hosting is a combination of common shared hosting management features and high capacity VPS hosting. If you don’t have the technical knowledge to manage a VPS, but you want more power, cloud hosting is the most suitable solution.

VPS = Virtual Private Server and an alternative

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