Cara Membersihkan Cache Hosting

Cara Membersihkan Cache Hosting – We often hear the word cache, but there are many people who do not understand what is cache and what are its benefits in the browser. In this guide, we’ll explain what a cache is, its benefits, and how to easily clear your browser’s cache.

Sometimes, even when we’ve just changed the script or updated the look and feel of the site, the site page we’re editing doesn’t change. Even if the script has been changed and saved.

Cara Membersihkan Cache Hosting

Cara Membersihkan Cache Hosting

What is meant by browser cache is data temporarily stored in a browser to store information on the pages of the website you are currently accessing. When we visit the same page of the website, the browser displays the previously stored cached data.

Plugin Cache WordPress Yang Paling Mudah Dan Praktis Untuk Digunakan

Thus, accessing the page will be faster, since it is not necessary to query the web server. The stored data can be in the form of image files, HTML, CSS for Javascript.

If we change the look or script of the site, sometimes our browser still displays data from the old site. So deleting the cache is one solution for the update of the display as we do.

You can read more detailed information on how to clear the cache on a mobile phone in the following article: How to clear the cache on a mobile phone

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