Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Di Godaddy

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If you’ve been using the internet for a while, you’ve probably heard the name GoDaddy. It is the most popular brand in domain name registration. But today, GoDaddy is more than just a domain registrar – it wants to be your go-to provider for all websites.

Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Di Godaddy

Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Di Godaddy

What hosting options does it provide? Regular shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated WordPress plans, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

Cara Beli Domain Murah Di Godaddy

With over 20 years of experience in the web services industry, you can expect GoDaddy to know how to provide high quality service. But I wanted to see if that was true, so I ran the site with GoDaddy – twice – for a few months to see how well it performed. I did this as part of Website Planet’s web hosting benchmarking project where we tested all the big names in the web hosting space.

Because GoDaddy hosting didn’t meet our standards, it was left out of a big project in our language where we tested all available web hosts to see how they compare.

GoDaddy offers a useful set of additional features to help you run an optimized and secure website, regardless of your skill level.

Overall, GoDaddy offers the best set of features. This is where everything like SSL certificates, domain registration, and performance-enhancing WHOIS and CDN privacy and security tools matter.

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The only downside is that most of them are reserved for more expensive plans or have to be purchased separately. GoDaddy also offers its own website builder with its hosting plans, though again it’s a paid subscription.

GoDaddy’s business hosting plans combine VPS performance and secure infrastructure with an intuitive, beginner-friendly dashboard for managed hosting.

This is a great option if you have a thriving online business but don’t have the time or money to invest in a dedicated IT team. You will have full control over your website and CMS without the technical hassle of setting up your own server.

Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Di Godaddy

When you build your WordPress website, GoDaddy provides you with over a thousand free templates. Although they are not the same as the best premium templates in terms of aesthetics and functionality, they are better than most free WordPress templates.

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You’ll also have some useful pre-installed plugins to help you get started, such as WP101 Video Tutorials, Ninja Forms, Contact Widgets, BeaverBuilder and Drop Builder, and GoDaddy Email Marketing.

If you have at least a Deluxe WordPress hosting plan, you will have access to this feature. Great for reducing time when changing designs or implementing new features on your site. Your website will continue to be live while you work on the copy. Once done, you can immediately replace the live website with the updated version.

GoDaddy automatically backs up all websites daily and keeps these copies for 30 days. When you restore a backup, you will have the option to restore the files and the database, or just one at a time. The backup and restore tool is included in the website management dashboard and is very easy to use.

GoDaddy offers its own website performance and security tools that use technologies like Norton, Security and Spams. You can add security packs separately at checkout.

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Features include Web Application Firewall (WAF), malware scanning and removal, automatic Google blacklist resolution, CDN, and advanced DDoS mitigation.

GoDaddy Pro is a suite of tools that make it easy for developers or resellers to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. You can update core plugins and features for all your sites from one place, set up automatic backups, clone your sites, perform migrations and even real-time visitors for all your sites. Get the analysis.

Pro Client allows you to manage your website or online store on behalf of your clients, including making purchases on their behalf. Pro Rewards is GoDaddy’s referral and rewards program through which you can purchase upgrades or pay for your website with rewards.

Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Di Godaddy

GoDaddy creates tools with sophisticated and powerful features that make it easy enough for beginners to implement on their websites.

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Since its inception, GoDaddy has been a leader in making the web accessible. Whether it’s domain registration or hosting, GoDaddy’s goal is to make it possible for anyone to have an online presence.

With this, you can expect a very user-friendly experience, even for beginners. GoDaddy’s clean interface ensures a smooth and intuitive hosting experience, especially with WordPress hosting.

Once you’ve purchased your hosting plan, installing WordPress is easy. GoDaddy walks you through the process step-by-step with a simple configuration wizard to help you change the most important settings on your site.

GoDaddy provides one of the simplest and most user-friendly dashboards I’ve ever seen. The interface is free of clutter and unnecessary options that can confuse or overwhelm new hosting users. Daily tasks like restoring backups, changing or adding domains, and accessing your WordPress site are more accessible and optimized.

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Dedicated non-WordPress shared hosting comes with a cPanel control panel that is widely recognized as the best hosting manager in the industry. More experienced users will likely choose this option as it provides more control than managed WordPress hosting.

Another very handy feature is GoDaddy’s automatic website migration tool. Now you don’t even need to call support to move your site. Simply watch the show from your dashboard and provide GoDaddy with a link to your existing WordPress site. GoDaddy will send you an email when the team has finished migrating your site.

Signing up with GoDaddy is quick and easy and takes no more than five minutes. If you’re worried about GoDaddy’s dubious sales tactics, the only thing I can find is that it automatically selects the longest billing period at 36 months. However, the rest of the process is very transparent and you can clearly see the renewal price under each charge on your bill.

Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Di Godaddy

GoDaddy also keeps emails to a minimum, and while there are a fair number of upsells, at least they don’t use sneaky tricks like automatically signing up for those sales by default. You can see what I mean in my full step-by-step guide on how to create a GoDaddy account.

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Actions like purchasing add-ons and activating them are very quick and easy. GoDaddy will do most of the background work for you, especially connecting to your domain and adding a website security suite.

The whole process of setting up my account to install WordPress and add a CDN took about 30 minutes. However, simply purchasing hosting and installing WordPress can be done in less than 15 minutes. See how quickly and easily it’s done in my full step-by-step guide.

While GoDaddy doesn’t offer great uptime guarantees, it still offers great performance.

If there’s one thing GoDaddy is known for, it’s performance. It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee on almost every hosting product – not the most impressive guarantee I’ve ever seen, but it’s possible that GoDaddy is protecting itself because the actual performance results look pretty good.

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Depending on which performance testing tool you use, GoDaddy consistently scores in the top 20% for uptime and top 10% for speed. Consistently maintain 99.9% uptime for most of the month in the last 12 months. However, there seems to be an occasional loophole where uptime can drop below 99.9%.

From a user perspective, there don’t seem to be any performance issues to complain about. So far, when working with a WordPress site, I’ve experienced fast loading of everything I do, whether it’s installing themes or creating content.

That said, I did a Sucuri performance test to get an unbiased opinion. GoDaddy passed this test with an A+ performance score, as you can see below.

Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Di Godaddy

The average loading time for AS is around 369.2ms. However, there are exceptions, such as Dallas and Los Angeles, which have loads higher than 600ms. It’s strange to have such a large difference in the US, where San Francisco and Atlanta achieve ridiculously fast sub-200ms times. India has a slow loading time of 1347ms which is pretty standard for the country. Overall, GoDaddy’s global speed is better than most other services, but not fast enough to make it into the top five hosts.

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It appears that as GoDaddy grows, the company needs to replace some of its more tech-savvy employees with general support representatives. This means that you may not always get a straight answer to technical questions.

Also, due to its popularity, GoDaddy’s response times can be very uneven. But you get two channels of live support: live chat and phone with dedicated lines for dozens of countries. Both should be available 24/7, but unfortunately, GoDaddy’s live chat isn’t always online.

Unfortunately, GoDaddy’s help center isn’t the best either, as finding relevant information can be a challenge. GoDaddy also doesn’t support any email, which is weird.

As you can see from my interactions below, support agents aren’t always immediately sure how to proceed, which makes their training questionable. This is often the case with external support.

Cara Membeli Domain Di Godaddy

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