Cara Membayar Hosting Di Domainesia

Cara Membayar Hosting Di Domainesia – I have told a few times to new bloggers who have asked me how to become a professional blogger. First, I say that you need to create content all the time. And the second is, your blog should be professional. One of the indicators of a professional blog, in my opinion, is that the blog has a domain TLD.

TLD stands for Top Level Domain, which means your blog is not a free blog with blogging service providers attached before the blog name or after the blog name. Examples like this. You can use the TLD domain to change the address of the blog or use it to create the blog yourself, but note that it must be accompanied by hosting with a capacity that you can choose yourself.

Cara Membayar Hosting Di Domainesia

Cara Membayar Hosting Di Domainesia

This blog uses the platform. To look professional, I intentionally changed the original address from The main reason why so many customers trust TLD Domain Blogs is that I use and recommend TLD Domains. Apart from the platform, I also have another blog with the WordPress platform. Especially for WordPress, of course I have to have hosting.

Pentingnya Hosting Berkualitas Bagi Bisnis Dan Tips Memilihnya

Since I still feel like a newbie blogger, I don’t have that much hosting capacity in a WordPress blog. I thought that if my blog is working well then I just need to upgrade my hosting capacity.

There are many web hosting providers that offer cheap domain + hosting packages if you really want to use WordPress as a blog platform right away. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. The ease of customization, the features offered and the many blog templates that make WordPress the leader.

Web hosting services usually offer very attractive packages. The most common is a free domain name or even a 2 to 3 year package with a large hosting capacity. Well, for that you need to be careful and think carefully about the service you want to choose.

For my WordPress blog located at, I deliberately chose a small hosting because, for the above reasons, I am still a beginner blogger. I myself cannot be sure whether my blog will succeed in growing rapidly. Small hosting, but still able to receive dozens of articles and photos is the most suitable option to start blogging with the WordPress platform.

Cara Mudah Migrasi Hosting Dan Transfer Domain

I always try to be careful when choosing a web hosting service provider. I had the unpleasant experience of falling into a tempting big promo. This trap promotion is a promotion to buy high capacity hosting at a very cheap price. The written description of the package stated that the original price was about 3 times the price I was supposed to pay.

Then I choose the hosting package. What happened to stepping on 2 years of hosting? The bill I was paying on the cheap suddenly skyrocketed. It turns out that the promotion is only for the first 2 years. In the following years I used a price package system which surprised me a lot because the subscription was expensive. Like it or not, I’m downgrading to a cheaper package.

This incident made me aware of the tempting promo trap. About, I have a new blog. I found a web hosting service provider whose package prices were very clearly stated. Even if you want to buy a domain like this blog. The cost of domain renewal is clearly stated, nothing is hidden.

Cara Membayar Hosting Di Domainesia

The web hosting service provider is DOMAINESIA. DomaiNesia has a simple pricing system, with nothing to hide. This is what makes me value DomaiNesia more. I already feel confused when I find a web hosting service provider that only looks at the price list of a package thrown here and there.

Penyedia Web Hosting Paling Murah Di Indonesia 2022

With DomaiNesia, I think beginner bloggers can try it. Perhaps compared to the attractive promotions of the web hosting service provider next door, Domenasia’s weakness is its slightly higher price. However, this fixed package price prevents us from being surprised by a large backlog at a later date. Yes, if you are sure that your blog is growing well, it is fine to choose a web hosting service provider that has a Jose-Rod promo. But if you are not sure, Domania may be the most suitable option for beginners.

I bought domain with hosting at DomaiNesia. My interest started when I saw the domain price chart below. It is very transparent as it shows the renewal price list. I have found several web hosting providers that do not display renewal prices. Imagine if he had a 10,000 IDR/year domain promo, then suddenly in the second year he had to pay 500,000 IDR, wouldn’t he be dizzy.

Then I firmly chose Domenasia amidst the many temptations of promotions from web hosting providers. I only need hosting with a small capacity, while promotions from web hosting service providers always offer a large initial hosting capacity. At DomaiNesia, the minimum hosting capacity is 750MB. The package costs only 16,500/month and can be purchased monthly.

The DomaiNesia hosting server location can be chosen independently at no extra cost. There are server options for Singapore (SG), Dallas (US), Jakarta (ID), Tokyo (JP), and London (UK). Interestingly, the cheapest domain hosting can get SSL for free. If you don’t believe me try looking at

Cara Mengaktifkan Domain Yang Sudah Expired Di Domainesia

Even though DomaiNesia is simple, it still displays package comparison information if you want. As compared hosting packages in Dominica below. And if you want to use a specially accelerated WordPress package to make it more convenient, Domania, of course, already has a package.

A fellow newbie blogger wants to use WordPress as a blogging platform. I can say that DomaiNesia is a web hosting service provider that you should use. And if you want tips for creating a blog. The DomaiNesia website also provides tips that you can implement. DomaiNesia website has an interesting tip on how to create a website that customers love.

Perhaps, if you want to become a professional blogger, but you are still a beginner. What should be done is to choose a web hosting service provider carefully. And DomaiNesia may be your choice.

Cara Membayar Hosting Di Domainesia

Content creator, founder @nyetritbareng, admin, 5th place winner APWI Kemenpar 2018 and 4th place winner APWI Kemenpar 2019. Sat Sri Akal! Who here is uncomfortable with the service provider you are currently using? Well… the support isn’t good, is it… the service isn’t great. Then look for a reliable service provider, congratulations on finding the right choice! For those of you who are confused about what it is and how to easily migrate hosting and domain transfer services, before that admin wants to explain to you what hosting migration and domain transfer is.

Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia 2023 (kecepatan Teruji!)

Hosting migration is the moving of data hosting or a website from an old service provider to a new service provider. The process of moving hosting is often done for various reasons, for example, old service providers are not good enough, they want to combine hosting and domains of a service provider and so on. So, if you have hosting with another provider and want to move it, you can easily do it through hosting migration.

Don’t worry, because the hosting migration is assisted by a reliable support team and 40% discount on the best hosting!

First of all you need to access https:///migration and then fill the given form with the following information:.

Then you don’t need to fill in the notes column, fill it if you have something to tell the support team, for example: Make my hosting migration process happy!

Rumah Hosting: Speed Nya Cukup Cepat, Tapi Uptime Nya Buruk

The image below is an example of filling each column according to the previous information. Now, if all the columns and options are filled, click on the Migrate My Hosting button.

You will then be directed to the cart page, below are the details of the price to be paid before being processed to migrate the hosting.

Oh yes, you need to log in using an account as detailed below for this order. If you don’t have an account, sign up first.

Cara Membayar Hosting Di Domainesia

Wait a few moments until an invoice appears with hosting details and account destination number. Then, pay using one of our payment methods. Then you can confirm the payment. Once the hosting migration invoice is paid, the hosting migration will be processed by our support team in less than an hour!

Aspek Penting Dalam Web Hosting Yang Sangat Berpengaruh Pada Peringkat Situs Anda Di Google Serp

After the hosting migration is complete, you will receive an email and information to point the domain to the name servers. Yes! The hosting migration process is complete!

Domain transfer is the process of transferring a domain from an old registrar (domain service provider) to a new registrar. This domain transfer process is often done for various reasons, for example the old registrar’s service is not good, you want to combine domain and hosting with a registrar, transfer domain ownership and so on. more So, if you have a domain with another registrar and want to transfer it, you can easily do it through domain transfer.

We do not recommend transferring hosting and domains at the same time, this will result in website downtime. Why? Because it will lock the DNS management during the domain transfer process. So DNS cannot be changed. This often happens when the domain transfer and hosting migration processes are running at the same time. However, the hosting has already been suspended.

Example: You have a domain and hosting with provider X. Then you want to transfer the domain to provider X. If the hosting of the previous service has expired or is restricted (phishing, copyright infringement), the hosting is suspended and the domain transfer process is already in progress. Then the domain cannot be pointed to the hosting. Automatically, your website will be shut down.

Cara Membuat Blog Terlihat Profesional

The solution is to transfer the domain after the hosting migration is complete. Once the hosting migration is complete, our support team will advise you to point the hosting domain. Now if the website is hosted and can be accessed then you can transfer the domain.

You will then be directed to the domain transfer page. Enter the domain name to transfer. Wait a while until the form appears

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