Cara Memakai 2 Database Yang Beda Hosting Di Codeigniter

Cara Memakai 2 Database Yang Beda Hosting Di Codeigniter – When uploading a website to an online host, perhaps one of the preparations to be made is to create a database, because if the website is really complex, the database is very different, if the website only has a few static pages, maybe only HTML is enough.

MySQL database is one of the databases that is often relied upon for building websites, because this database is very reliable in dealing with small to medium sized websites.

Cara Memakai 2 Database Yang Beda Hosting Di Codeigniter

Cara Memakai 2 Database Yang Beda Hosting Di Codeigniter

If you have ever created a website on localhost, aka your computer, you probably know phpMyAdmin, which is a script that will help programmers create or manage databases, especially MySQL, and phpMyAdmin is very handy for us because we are no longer around. Need to deal with the cmd terminal to create a database.

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However, based on experience when using hosting providers in Indonesia, who often use cPanel, it makes the database unable to use only phpMyAdmin but there are steps to do before,

My goal in writing this article is to complete other tutorials related to website layout. Instead of writing a lot of tutorials, it is better to create a custom title. Below I will explain how to create a MySQL database on a cPanel host

This is a tutorial to create a database on a Cpanel host, it is very easy, the difficult is to design a database so that it is better and not slow, plus you need a good website or software to use the data in the database. That’s it, see you in another article, thanks to remote or wireless connection with Arduino it is possible to use ESP8266 (wifi shield) which will connect Arduino to the internet / local network. Apart from that, a server that acts as a service provider must also be created for the communication system to work in harmony. The server also needs media to log connections, one of which is the MySQL database. This is one of the best ways to connect the Arduino to the database.

MySQL Integration – Arduino requires PHP as a query interpreter (database language), both requests (GET requests) from Arduino – MySQL and the browser – MySQL. If this program is created then we can communicate with arduino – a web browser (local/internet).

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Data from arduino can be saved to mysql esp8266 in this way, data is transmitted from arduino over wifi and received by web server. The data is then processed by PHP and if allowed, the data will be stored in the database.

To connect the Arduino to the network, the ESP8266 WiFi shield module can be used. This time I am using “WiFiEsp.h” library.

To create a web server on a local machine, install XAMPP (I’m using version 3.2.2) or another web server package that includes MySQL.

Cara Memakai 2 Database Yang Beda Hosting Di Codeigniter

Hosting servers generally have security features, so we have to enter cpanel and then create a database by selecting the “MySQL® Database Wizard” menu and filling in the name of the database, for example “arduino_mysql”.

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Then the “next step” create an account by entering a username and password (this username and password will be entered in “function.php”).

As a web server and database that will have a mutual relationship with Arduino, then we create web pages based on the PHP language and have the following properties:

I’ve done this stuff in several PHP programs, where I used it to extract the Arduino MySQL file and copy it to the “/arduino_mysql” folder (for XAMPP root folder “C:xampphtdocsarduino_mysql”, for web host “public_html/arduino_mysql”.”) and the following programs :

Ad4 (1) ADC (5) Android (7) Arduino (79) AT45DB161D (1) AT Command (1) ATMega (1) ATMega8535 (1) Battery (1) School Bell (4) Bluetooth (3) bts7960 (1) ) Buzzer (7) c# (1) Charge Pump (1) CNC (1) Code Vision (1) Custom LCD (1) Label Cut (1) db25 (1) Delphi (2) DHT11 (4) Dimmer (2) DMD (7) DS1307 (6) DS3231 (11) encoder (1) esp01 (1) ESP8266 (5) fingerprint (2) flame detector (1) flow sensor (1) gfx (1) HC-05 (6) AH ( 2)) HPGL (1) HT1621 (1) HX711 (3) I2C LCD (12) IR LED (2) Jammer (1) Keyboard (1) Keypad (6) l298 (1) 16×2 LCD (3)) 2.4 inch tft display (1) LED (4) LM2596 (1) Loadcell (5) lpt parallel port (1) Mathematics (9) Matlab (4) Max232 (1) MIT App Inventor (7) modbus (1) ) DC motor (2) Stepper motor (1) MP3 DFPlayer (6) MQ7 (1) MySQL (1) Nodemcu (1) Constraints (2) Market (1) Photodiode (2) php (1) PID (1) Water pump (1)) Potentiometer (1) PS/2 (1) PWM (10) Relay (6) Rotary encoder (1) rs485 (1) RTC (6) Operating instructions (2) SCR (1) SDCard (3) ) pH Sensor (1) Voltage Sensor (1) Series (1) Service (5) S Same Part (2) SIM800L (1) Control System (1) SMS (1) Solenoid (2) Sound Card (1) Audio (6) Thermal Printer (1 ) TinyDB (1) Button (8) Transistor (1) uln200x (1) Ultrasonic (1) Wavecom (1) Web Browser (1) XAMPP (1) One important feature of the site is the existing cPanel database which contains different types of Data, information and site structure.

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Almost all websites that we access use databases to store owned content so that various information can be displayed in the user’s browser.

For those who have signed up for hosting, you can easily create a database with cPanel’s built-in database menu each time you start a hosting subscription.

Of course, not all websites need a database. For example, if the site is static, then there is no need for a database. Unlike dynamic websites that require a database to process the various data available.

Cara Memakai 2 Database Yang Beda Hosting Di Codeigniter

CPanel itself provides various tools that you can use to easily manage your website. cPanel is a control panel that is used to make various settings.

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Without cPanel it can be difficult to make edits, because everything has to use the syntax. Now, in this event, we are going to discuss the cPanel database list, as below.

It can seem difficult to manage databases, especially if you don’t know much about them. Fortunately, there is a cPanelDatabase menu tool provided by web hosting providers to easily manage your website database.

There are several lists of databases that you can use to manage the website’s databases. Here is the list of cPanel database that you can use:

If you want to manage your database easily, phpMyAdmin is the answer. This PHP programming language program will make it easy for you to manage MySQL databases.

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This list is used to facilitate the creation, modification or deletion of databases, and to establish user access rights. MySQL databases is a database management system or often referred to as a DBMS where SQL (Structured Query Language) commands are at work.

This feature actually has the same functions as the MySQL database. However, when using or operating it comes with a step-by-step guide, so it is very suitable for beginners creating databases and first-time users.

Now, when you are having difficulty managing the database, you can give permissions to other users from different servers or hosts who can access your MySQL database later in your cPanel account.

Cara Memakai 2 Database Yang Beda Hosting Di Codeigniter

With this remote control, it will be easy for other people you give permission to access the database even though they are in a different location than you.

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The functionality of this menu is similar to that of PHPMyAdmin, which is used to create databases as well. But many people also use PostgreSQL databases for several reasons.

, It has high performance when processing large data, and user-level convenience. Generally, cpanel uses MySQL for its database. But the latest version of cPanel already supports PostgreSQL database.

If PostgreSQL is created on one page and then the PostgreSQL Database Wizard, all the steps for creating the database will be done step by step. The steps from creating the database to entering the user into the database.

Then there is the phpPgAdmin menu. This list is for tools when performing web database administration operations. This menu is specifically designed for managing PostgreSQL databases. With this menu, you can manage your database more easily

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With a cheap web hosting service, you will get a cPanel control panel that can be used later for various things on the website.

Such as your site administration and configuration settings. Apart from cPanel, it also offers other advanced technology thanks to many tools that you can use later on, such as:

So this time let’s talk about the cPanel database menu. We hope to provide useful information for friends. A website needs a database, so that existing data can be accessed.

Cara Memakai 2 Database Yang Beda Hosting Di Codeigniter

Without a database, visitors will have a hard time finding the information they need from your website. Make sure to use the service for each of your websites. You guessed it! Maybe you plan to build a website, but instead you are required to purchase hosting and a domain. Because you are confused about what hosting is, you can try “hosting” on Google or “what is hosting” and stop by this article.

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Web hosting is something you really need when building a website. Therefore, you must know the meaning of host and its functions. Don’t forget which type of web host is right for your website.

Fortunately, you have visited the right article already. In this article, you will learn about hosting in full. ready? Come on, watch the debate!

Hosting or web hosting is a place to store all the files and data of a website so that it can be accessed by many people over the Internet. Website files and data can be in the form of videos, images, emails, documents, software, and databases.

Without hosting, of course you cannot develop a website. For this reason, you need to hire hosting first to create a website.

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It’s like building a house. If you want to build a big house, the land area should be bigger, right? Just like a website, if you want to build a website with high capacity and performance, you need great hosting and resources.

But although the way hosting works seems simple, not all hosting can work well, as you know. Often many hosts are down, capacity is not qualified so that web access is slow, etc.

Indeed, the role of hosting is important for websites and businesses. Both to ensure site protection, maintain performance, and increase online business reliability.

Cara Memakai 2 Database Yang Beda Hosting Di Codeigniter

Therefore, you must be careful in choosing the best hosting provider. As much as possible, be selective

Cara Remote Database Mysql Yang Ada Di Web Hosting (cpanel)

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