Cara Melihat Name Server Hosting

Cara Melihat Name Server Hosting – I’m looking at the nameservers in cPanel, but when I do a google search, two different pieces of information come up. There is a tutorial for checking nameservers, there is also a tutorial for finding nameservers. If you have it, you’re worried, aren’t you?

Actually, it appears that name server and name server are two different terms. Fortunately, in this article, you will understand the difference between the two. At the same time, you will also learn how to find name server hosting.

Cara Melihat Name Server Hosting

Cara Melihat Name Server Hosting

Before we practice how to look up name server in cPanel, we must first let you know that name server and name server are two different terms. Lol, what’s the difference?

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The host name or server number is the identification of the server that belongs to the web hosting provider. Usually, hosting providers have multiple servers running together. Each server is used to configure hosting accounts according to their capacity.

If you sign up for more than one web hosting plan at the same service provider, it is inevitable that your hosting will be located on a different server.

While Nameserver is the name of the web server used to host the domain name. If you buy hosting and domain from 2 different providers, usually nameservers have to be configured manually.

On the other hand, if you register your domain name and hosting at the same provider, the name servers are usually configured automatically by the system.

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Yes, hosting providers often use a pair of name servers that apply to all their customers. For example, these name servers:

This is the difference between a name server and a name server. The next part invites you to directly practice how to view name servers on cPanel hosting. Let’s sew!

Immediately after completing your hosting payment, you will receive a welcome email starting with your hosting account details, IP address, domain name and FTP login information.

Cara Melihat Name Server Hosting

As you can see for yourself, the parts highlighted in red are the detailed information about the Nameserver pair for you. However, in this email, you will not find information about the name server.

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Also, if you bought hosting a long time ago, you may not find the welcome email now. This could be because it was buried by hundreds of other emails, or even accidentally deleted.

By going to cPanel you can follow the steps to find your hosting name server. Access cPanel with the usual method, username and password. If you click Sign in:

If you have forgotten your cPanel login details, visit the members area. Then click Manage Hosting in turn, select the cPanel tab and press the All Features menu.

You are now on the cPanel dashboard. Then look for your cPanel URL in the address bar. Well, the section marked in red is your name server.

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Since you are still in cPanel, there is still a way to view Nameservers in other cPanels. The trick is to click on the Server Information menu as follows:

However, unlike the first method, in step number two you cannot check the name server details. Want to know who can see both at the same time? Let’s get to one point.

As we have written, how to find the third name server host point is the most recommended thing, because you can see the name server details and the server number at the same time.

Cara Melihat Name Server Hosting

What’s more, with this trick, you don’t need to log into cPanel or browse through the welcome email among the pile of other emails in your inbox. so what?

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Don’t worry, the above information is actually available in the members area. On the home page, just click the Manage Hosting button. On the Storage Settings page, click the Details tab.

Pay attention to the picture above! The section marked in green is your server number, while the section marked in red is your name server pair.

Through this article you have understood the difference between name server and name server. You can also use some methods to easily see the name server on your cPanel.

Above all, we try to find the hostname in the member’s area. But of course this only works if you buy hosting. Lo, aren’t all hosts the same?

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Definitely different, dang! A powerful member area feature to manage domains, hosting and websites all at once. In addition to viewing nameservers, here you can install WordPress and login with just a few clicks.

You can also speed up your website with WordPress Accelerator, secure your site by signing up for free SSL, or easily configure your domain. In fact, you can log into cPanel without entering a username and password!

FYI, they also offer affordable Cpanel VPS with reliable quality, for those of you who want big resources!

Cara Melihat Name Server Hosting

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