Cara Melakukan Perpindahan Hosting Di Niaga Hoster

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If your website is inaccessible due to poor hosting quality, switching hosting may be the right solution for you. Transferring hosting is easier, especially if your hosting uses cPanel. But how do you switch hosting between cPanels?

Cara Melakukan Perpindahan Hosting Di Niaga Hoster

Cara Melakukan Perpindahan Hosting Di Niaga Hoster

Calm down. This article details how to transfer cPanel hosting. But why do we need cPanel to transfer hosting? Come on, see the full answer!

Control Panel Hosting Adalah: Pengertian Fungsi, Dan Manfaatnya

The main reason is that cPanel is one of the best control panels for managing your web hosting. This control panel has many important features ranging from file management, database, domain, security, software and more.

That is why many hosting service providers use cPanel as their hosting control panel. The goal, of course, is to provide convenience for the user.

If you don’t use cPanel, switching hosts requires access to the server and entering command text. In fact, not all hosting services provide access to their servers.

Before following this tutorial on how to switch your cPanel hosting, of course you need to have a new hosting service that uses cPanel as your hosting control panel.

Apa Itu Ftp Dan Bagaimana Cara Menggunakan Ftp?

The full backup option can only be restored via a web host manager (WHM) or VPS. So, if you want to switch hosting between cPanels, choose the partial backup option.

If you have access to WHM and want to create a full backup, you can click the Full Backup button to open the Create Full Backup page.

Select your home directory as the backup destination. In the Email Address section, you can choose to send a notification email whether the backup process is complete or not.

Cara Melakukan Perpindahan Hosting Di Niaga Hoster

Click Back. You can view backup progress later in the Downloadable Backups section of the Downloads page. If it looks like the picture below, the backup was successful and you can download the file.

Cara Daftar Niagahoster Partner

Select Partial Backup to switch hosting between cPanels. Later we will take 3 separate backups and download the files one by one.

The third step is pretty much the same. For example, if you want to back up your home directory, click the Home Directory button and you will be redirected to the following page.

Once you have all the backup files you need stored on your computer, continue with our tutorial on how to switch cPanel hosting below!

The length of the recovery process depends on the size of the backup file. Wait until the backup file is restored successfully and completely as follows:

Cara Lock Atau Unlock Domain Niagahoster

In the last step of how to transfer hosting between cPanels, you need to adjust the database configuration from the old hosting to the cPanel database of the new hosting.

Scroll down to the Current Database section. Here you can see that the database from the old hosting is already in the new hosting. However, you still need to set up a privileged user.

But before that, in this tutorial we will rename the database by clicking Rename in the Actions column.

Cara Melakukan Perpindahan Hosting Di Niaga Hoster

Don’t forget to click the Create User button to create a new user. If so, now we need to add the user to the database.

Cara Pindah Hosting Lama Ke Hosting Baru

To do this, select the username you just created in the user field. Then select your database name in the Database column. Then click the Add button.

Go to the User Rights Management page. Check the ALL PRIVILEGES option to grant all database access to the selected user.

If so, you need to adapt your website’s database configuration file to your hosting database. In this tutorial, you will transfer the website in PHP programming language and the following database configuration.

You only need to update your domain name server if you are moving static domain hosting. Make sure your domain is pointing to the new hosting nameservers.

Cara Membuat Full Backup Di Cpanel

New hosting nameservers can be seen in your welcome email when your hosting is active, and usually looks like this:

This name server update process will experience a domain propagation period lasting up to 2 x 24 hours.

If your new hosting uses an email service, there is an easier and recommended way to use a domain transfer service.

Cara Melakukan Perpindahan Hosting Di Niaga Hoster

When all the steps are completed, access your website domain. Your website should now run properly.

Cara Migrasi Cpanel Hosting Ke Vps Cpanel

This is how you transfer your cPanel hosting. You can transfer your website to new hosting and domain or to fixed domain hosting.

The steps are very easy. Basically what you need to do is backup your website from your old cPanel hosting with me.

You can switch hosting between cPanels if you are not familiar with your previous hosting service. Or you want to stretch your resources with quality hosting like:

Web hosting uses LiteSpeed ​​​​​​Enterprise to optimize website performance with the world’s fastest web servers.

Cara Mendaftar Dan Transfer Domain Ke Niagahoster

It also uses advanced server infrastructure called Data Center Tier 4 which makes server performance more reliable. So your website is always easily accessible 24/7.

To facilitate the cPanel hosting transfer process, we also offer hosting transfer services. With this service, the entire website migration process is done by .

This way, all you have to do is wait until the process is complete and your website is ready to use. Don’t worry. The hosting transfer process does not take long.

Cara Melakukan Perpindahan Hosting Di Niaga Hoster

So what are you waiting for? So, start transferring your hosting today at low cost to one of our hosting services!

Cara Pindah Domain Ke Hosting Lain

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