Cara Masuk Web Hosting

Cara Masuk Web Hosting – CPanel as a web control panel where all website development features are there to help users manage their hosting account

Many first-time website builders are confused about what to do the first time after registering a domain and hosting. The first step to start the website creation process is to enter the hosting panel.

Cara Masuk Web Hosting

Cara Masuk Web Hosting

When you sign up for hosting, the hosting will be activated immediately. You will then receive an activation email containing detailed information about your hosting account activation with the subject line (usually something like this): “Activation – Hosting Account Information”.

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What does cPanel actually mean? cPanel as a web control panel where all website development features are there to help users manage their hosting account.

CPanel also uses a friendly and simple GUI (Graphical User Interface). With cPanel, beginners will find it very easy to manage websites without relying on expert developers.

Using cPanel, users can manage important aspects such as FTP, backup, email management, data, security and even MySQL database management. Many users use cPanel for their basic tasks like managing email, creating email accounts, resetting passwords, etc.

Enter, click member in the upper right corner, then log in by entering your email and password. then go to services menu select my service Nowadays buying hosting and domain for websites is so easy. You can try it through the IDCloudHost platform because it is guaranteed. The process is very fast, with many payment method options, one of which is to use the DANA digital wallet. To know more about how to buy hosting as well as domain on IDCloudHost through DANA, follow the full explanation below

Cara Login Dan Log Out Dari Cpanel

If you have entered the main page, point to the “Product” service menu. Just click on “Cloud Hosting”.

You will then be presented with several options for your preferred hosting service. Each gets a package with different prices and benefits. Like if you want to choose Starter Pro package, with Half Core CPU, 500 MB space, 256 MB virtual memory and unlimited bandwidth and so on.

You can choose the package you want in monthly or yearly series. If you’ve made the right choice, you can immediately click “Order Now” on the selection panel that automatically appears.

Cara Masuk Web Hosting

You will then be redirected to the “choose a domain” page. This is where you will first order a domain, which means you will have to click on “Register a new domain”. It is another matter if you already have a domain and want to order hosting. Just click on “use output.

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Make a note of the domain name you want. You can then click Check to find out if the domain is in use or not. If you haven’t used it, it will say Congratulations! is available! highlighted in green as shown below. just click “Next”. If you have found the domain name you want.

At this stage, specifically in the “Billing cycle selection” section, select the desired length of the hosting order period. Some of the options listed are monthly or monthly orders, quarterly or every 3 months orders and many more. Always select the server location first and click Continue.

You can also add one or more available additional services. Just for information, the IDCloudHost platform also offers you this.

Just go to the “Available Plugins” section. Make sure all the required information is clicked. You can double check and then if you’re sure it’s complete, just click on “Order Summary” and then select “continue”

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The next step you must not forget is to double check your service. If you happen to have a promo code, you obviously shouldn’t waste it. Go directly to Checkout and the Checkout page. On this page, you will see the “Promotion” menu and enter the promotional code, then click on Confirm Code. When you have a promo code, enter it in the menu column.

After entering the promotional code in the “promotion” menu, click “confirm code”. If you entered the promo code correctly, the promo code is successful, you will see a “Promo Code Accepted…” pop-up window printed in green letters. This means that you can get a discount according to the promo code and you can proceed to the next step.

Then pay attention to the other sections, especially the billing details. Do you remember if you had an account before? If you don’t already have one, click on “create a new account”. Fill in the details as follows.

Cara Masuk Web Hosting

Billing Address Company Name (optional) Street and Street 2 City State Zip Code Country Additional Required Information How did you find us? Whatsapp Number Account Security Password Confirmation Code

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However, if you think you already have one, just log in using your IDCloudHost account by clicking “Register Existing Customer”. Please enter your email and password correctly. Of course, you should remember both because you will need them while you are still using the services at IDCloudHost.

Start entering the next stage, this time in the Payment Information section. In this section, you will encounter a wide selection of payment methods offered by IDCloudhost. Choose the one you feel comfortable with..

In addition to bank transfers, IDCloudHost offers a variety of digital wallets as payment methods. Of the many digital wallets, the DANA e-wallet is probably one of the most widely used options. If you also want to use this payment method, just click on “Funds”.

After choosing one of the desired payment methods, for example using the DANA digital wallet. Then a new page will appear again. This time it’s to explain the invoices or bills you have to pay. There will be information like nominal payment and so on. It would be a good idea to double check that you have moved on to the next stage and click Pay Now

Cara Login Cpanel Hosting

If you are sure that the information on the account is correct, start the payment step. The page on the screen will change to take you to activate your DANA account. Because the DANA application will act as the selected payment method. Enter your DANA mobile e-wallet number and click Next.

You will then receive a confirmation SMS from DANA, and the mobile phone number used by DANA must always be active to confirm your DANA.

After the verification of the DANA e-wallet is complete, information about the completed orders will be displayed. Contains bills that need to be paid. In addition, information about the state you have will be displayed.

Cara Masuk Web Hosting

Before doing so, make sure your DANA balance is at least sufficient to pay the bill. If you don’t think it’s enough, make a top-up or top-up first. So the process can be faster. If you are sure that you have enough funds, just click “Pay Rp. 11,100”.

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If you clicked “pay”, just wait for the transaction to go through successfully. Users currently believe that the process of waiting for this payment transaction will not last long. So you don’t have to worry about it.

If successful, a notification will appear explaining whether your transaction failed. If you have reached this stage, just click “OK” to proceed to the next stage.

In addition to receiving notifications from DANA, you will also be sent from IDCloudHost itself. The content is more or less the same as DANA. Where you have successfully completed a payment transaction.

When you successfully complete the transaction through DANA, a successful order information screen will appear and you will be redirected to the client area page to check whether the hosting and domain you purchased are active or not and click the Continue to Client Area link.

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You will be on the IDCloudHost client domain page and you will have the service and domain as shown below. Click services now to check if your hosting and domain are active on IDCloudHost.

Don’t just see if the service you ordered imported it. You also need to check whether the hosting and domain are active or not. Examples of active hosting and domains are shown in the image below.

More precisely in the selection of information. There will be a lot of explanation about the hosting and the domain you ordered earlier. The same goes for usage statistics that explain how much you’ve been used. You can click “visit site” to make sure that the Hosting and Domain are really active.

Cara Masuk Web Hosting

The next screen shows that your purchased hosting and domain have been successfully activated. However, basically, if you are processing your payment transactions correctly, your Hosting and Domain should be automatically active.

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These were the steps to purchase a domain and hosting at IDCloudHost. It’s not hard at all, is it? What are you waiting for, try it now.

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