Cara Konfigurasi Vps Untuk Web Hosting Rumahweb

Cara Konfigurasi Vps Untuk Web Hosting Rumahweb – In this article, we will discuss how to troubleshoot commonly encountered website access and server access problems in cPanel VPS services. We hope that by reading this guide, you will learn how to check for bottlenecks and troubleshoot your cPanel VPS service.

The image above is an example of the default landing page from cPanel. This error usually occurs when a domain is accessed but the domain cannot be found on the destination web server. This issue can occur for a number of reasons, including the following;

Cara Konfigurasi Vps Untuk Web Hosting Rumahweb

Cara Konfigurasi Vps Untuk Web Hosting Rumahweb

The first reason that often appears is an incorrect setting of the IP range. Usually the IP in the DNS domain does not correspond to the IP on the side of the VPS or the server used. To find out if this is due to the IP or not, you can test by changing the hosts of the files.

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In addition, you need to make sure that the settings on Apache are correct. This search can be done via the ‘Account List’ menu on WHM. The account list page will show the IP information used, then try to compare it with the IP information in the httpd.conf file (/etc/apache2/conf/httpd.conf).

The httpd.conf file contains domain mapping information and tells the IP used. Make sure that the IP address you find in the list of accounts is the same as the IP address that appears in the httpd.conf file.

If there are many domains on the VPS, you can use the search menu through the ctrl + w button and then find the domain name that has problems.

Another possibility when your domain appears as the default website is that the DNS has simply been changed or replaced. If you have recently made a DNS change, please wait for the estimated DNS propagation process in the next 1-24 hours.

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You can use the ping command to check whether the connection has completed propagation or not. If the ping result from your IP connection has not yet produced a new IP, it means that your Internet connection is still being transferred.

Also, make sure the domain name you are testing is added to the WHM account list or added to one of the cPanel accounts that have been created.

This message appears because your SSH connection to the server has been terminated. There are several possibilities for this to happen, such as server loading or downtime, so that your Internet IP connection is blocked from the server.

Cara Konfigurasi Vps Untuk Web Hosting Rumahweb

If you can still access WHM, it means your IP connection is not blocked. Try restarting the SSH service via WHM via the SSH server menu.

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However, if you cannot access WHM, it is possible that your Internet IP connection is blocked. For comparison, you can try another internet connection, and then you can try to connect to the SSH VPS again.

If the IP is blocked, you can release it via WWHM or SSH. You can see how to check the IP block from WHM in the following article.

This problem usually occurs when we enter SSH username and password, then an error message appears. This is usually caused by trying to SSH in with the cPanel username. However, no privileges have been added to the cPanel user to use SSH connections.

The solution to this problem is to add SSH (jailshell) privileges to the cPanel user. Additional privileges are available through WHM in the “Manage Shell Access” menu.

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This message appears because the SSH login credentials or password information was entered incorrectly. The solution is to double check your ssh login username and password or reset your password.

For those of you cPanel users, you can reset your cPanel password through WHM with the instructions: Reset cPanel WHM password

If you are using the root user, make sure the password you entered is the same as the password you used to log in to WHM.

Cara Konfigurasi Vps Untuk Web Hosting Rumahweb

This message appears because the port used for SSH access is incorrect. By default, you can use port 22. However, if you changed the ssh port before, make sure to use the port you set.

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This error message appears for several reasons, for example, the SSH port used was blocked or closed by the Internet service provider, the firewall settings were not on the open this port to the antivirus program on your computer.

For the last reason, the antivirus usually blocks the IP in use, which causes your VPS IP to hit a null router for some reason, for example because the VPS IPs are overloaded, so it is considered a DDoS to the VPS.

Solution for those using antivirus, please temporarily disable it. After that, you can try again to access SSH.

Meanwhile, if the problem is caused by your ISP blocking the SSH port on the VPS, the solution is to use another Internet connection to compare. Alternatively, you can change the default SSH port back to another port via WHM. You should also check the WHM firewall configuration used.

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Of course, there are still many problems with cPanel VPS access troubleshooting, but for now, we are posting the ones that RW residents often request. We will update this log in the future if many RW residents complain about new problems using cPanel VPS.

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Cara Konfigurasi Vps Untuk Web Hosting Rumahweb

The new KVM VPS service from offers countless benefits. One of these features is access to Virtualizor, which makes it easy to manage your KVM VPS on . With access to … After previously explaining how to install Plesk on Alibaba VPS, this time we will share how to install Plesk Panel on KVM VPS on.

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As we all know, Plesk is a control panel that can be used to manage a VPS with a GUI or screen that is easy to use and has many features. In addition, the Plesk panel license price is also significantly lower than the cPanel price.

Plesk Panel can also be installed on new VPS KVM services from . The following is information about the system requirements needed to install Plesk.

To install Plesk, first login to your SSH VPS KVM. For a tutorial on how to login to SSH, you can follow the following references: Connecting to SSH using PuTTY.

So far, the installation process of Plesk on KVM VPS has been completed. You can then log in to the Plesk panel to start managing your VPS.

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By default, Plesk uses port 8443 as the Plesk panel login page. You can access it through the link:

Login with your VPS KVM root password. When you log into the Plesk site for the first time, a display of contact information is displayed.

Up to this point, the installation of Plesk on the VPS has been completed. Then you can start managing websites, emails and databases through the Plesk panel. Here’s how to install Plesk on a KVM VPS, hope this helps.

Cara Konfigurasi Vps Untuk Web Hosting Rumahweb

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We created this article as a guide for installing WordPress on Plesk Panel 12. The screenshot below is the old view. To make it easier for users to install from a new board, you can see the tutorial in the article … After explaining how to RDP on Alibaba VPS before, this time we will explain how to do remote desktop on it KVM VPS with Windows OS on .

As we all know, Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP can be a solution to overcome client side internet speed and stability problem. Not only that, the RDP service is also suitable for those who want to remotely access a high-performance computing device.

RDP is a network communication protocol created by Microsoft that allows users to connect to other computers remotely

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. That means that RDP is a protocol that allows you to access other computers and transfer data remotely, no matter where you are.

Not only for data transfer, you can see the desktop screen and manage desktop tasks, such as managing your Windows computer.

At the same time, not all versions of Windows can be used to run client-side remote desktop, for example in Windows 10 Home, it is recommended to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise version to use it to run remote desktop .

Cara Konfigurasi Vps Untuk Web Hosting Rumahweb

Basically, the function of RDP is to send monitor (output) from a remote server to a client. So when you use an RDP application, the process of transferring data to another computer is put into the Remote Desktop Protocol channel.

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In addition, the RDP function can also provide a fast and stable Internet connection. With remote desktop, you can manage your Windows VPS easier and faster.

In the Windows VPS service at the address, the remote desktop function has been implemented for all existing versions of the OS. To access the VPS, you only need the IP of the Windows VPS used and the user’s password.

Up to this point you have had success with remote desktop from the client side to the server side. Then you can start managing your Windows VPS.

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