Cara Konfigurasi Dedicated Hosting Server Pc

Cara Konfigurasi Dedicated Hosting Server Pc – In this tutorial, we will learn how to use PuTTY or SSH to connect to your hosting account or VPS server. This feature allows you to remotely connect to your VPS server via an SSH terminal and execute commands via the command line. However, it’s a good idea to learn more about PuTTY, SSH, and VPS applications first. Below is an explanation, who knows, it will be useful in managing web hosting.

PuTTY is a (free) open source application that uses network protocols such as SSH and Telnet. PuTTY uses this protocol to enable computer control. It is a tool widely used by server owners to communicate with a server through command text that serves to execute certain commands.

Cara Konfigurasi Dedicated Hosting Server Pc

Cara Konfigurasi Dedicated Hosting Server Pc

The main purpose of PuTTY is to be a cross-platform application that can run within an operating system. Also called xterm terminal. PuTTY’s main screen has a session running on the remote computer and can send commands directly to the server computer.

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PuTTY offers unique advantages, especially when working remotely. It feels easier to configure with this tool.

SSH is a remote login like telnet, rsh and rlogin. The main function of SSH applications is to access remote machines. Like Telnet, SSH Client provides the user with a shell for direct remote control to the device. Unlike Telnet, SSH provides a secure encrypted connection between the client and the server. In practice, using telnet and ssh is like the difference between accessing a public website and a secure website (HTTPS).

Using SSH, you can freely move around the file structure of your hosting account. Additionally, it can also perform functions such as log monitoring and starting or stopping services (applicable to VPS / Dedicated services). It can even be used to install software on your hosting account or manage MySQL databases. SSH lets you do more than most web standards.

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual computer or a type of virtual server that can be used as a regular computer where we can add our own operating system (OS), run some software or store data. To use the VPS service, you must pay a monthly subscription fee to the party providing the VPS service.

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A VPS exists because there are several things that a regular computer cannot handle, so a VPS has several advantages and benefits compared to a regular computer:

Each user using a VPS receives a unique username and password. This password and username is different for each user and their privacy is guaranteed by the VPS provider.

VPS are rented in different specifications according to the different specifications that we usually find in the market. No matter how low your current computer’s specs are, you don’t need to buy a new computer. All you need to do is have the memory and CPU specs that meet the needs of the VPS provider you’re targeting. For the rest, you have to pay an affordable monthly subscription fee.

Cara Konfigurasi Dedicated Hosting Server Pc

A VPS is always online and running 24 hours a day if you need to shut down after a few hours of use to keep your computer running. Wherever we connect to the Internet, we can access it at any time.

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Therefore, VPS is suitable for work that requires a long time and does not allow you to turn off the computer, for example, monitoring Forex trading, video encoding, etc.

This was the explanation above for the putty, ssh and vps applications. Let’s get back to continuing the lesson in this article.

You can download the latest screed. Then install it on your computer and proceed to the next step.

If you have a shared web hosting account, you can find the SSH connection under the Manage Connections category.

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The required connection will appear, for example SSH IP, SSH port and SSH username with SSH password. The password used for an SSH connection is the same as the password used for FTP (File Transfer Protocol). If you forget your password, you can reset it using the FTP Access Control Panel section.

To connect to a VPS (virtual private servers) system, you need to find all the necessary connections in the Servers menu at the top of the control panel. Select your VPS, then select the drop-down list and open it. If you don’t know your VPS root password, you can request or create a new one in the Root Password menu.

Once all the information needed to connect is gathered, the next step is to open the PuTTY SSH application. First enter the host/server IP address and port name. Then click Open to proceed to the next process.

Cara Konfigurasi Dedicated Hosting Server Pc

The message Login as: will appear, enter your SSH username here. For VP (virtual private servers) users, this message is root. But with shared hosting, the display value is different. As an example, we will use the username u721233450. Then press the Enter key on the keyboard. Then enter your SSH password and press Enter again. Remember, never enter letters while in this section.

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You have now successfully connected to your account via PuTTY SSH. On shared hosting, you can also see a list of SSH commands by enabling help through the terminal.

After following this tutorial, you will be able to connect to your server or hosting account using PuTTY SSH. This application allows you to manage servers and manage different teams remotely When someone wants to own a website, there is a lot of knowledge to learn. In addition to creating attractive designs and presenting informative content, he must also be technically proficient. One of them is for servers. If there are plans to develop a website, the team needs to understand how a dedicated hosting server works. In this way, the performance of the website can be optimized.

However, in this section of the article, we will only discuss dedicated hosting, as its growth, if not massive, is increasing year by year.

(31.7%). As for 2025, the projected fill is 5.6%. Do not reduce this number. Because digital trends can evolve very quickly.

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Before we discuss how a dedicated hosting server works, it’s best to give a little overview of dedicated hosting itself. This is a type of hosting that offers flexibility

It’s broader than just admin. Therefore, a person with qualified knowledge and skills for business management is needed

This type is really more expensive compared to other web hosting. Of course, like the settlement, this “plot” is private. So you can develop it like anything else, it’s up to you. In addition, in terms of security, of course, a lot

Cara Konfigurasi Dedicated Hosting Server Pc

And VPS and even a dedicated hosting server, the way VPS works is completely different. As the name suggests, a “dedicated” server means that it is entirely owned by the user.

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As for VPS costs, it is really cheaper, which is why global growth is expected to reach $8.4 billion (over 16.6%) in 2025. One factor is that many small businesses grow slowly and need large servers. But it is expensive

Actually, the way a dedicated hosting server works is very simple. Anyone can do it without realizing it, it’s a behind the scenes activity that most people don’t know about. Check the server running stages below until you finally see it on your browser screen.

The server works at the client’s request. The person entering the URL by domain name or IP is not the client, but the computer that is the server’s client. So the commands that go into the server match what the computer reads. The domain name or IP address is a reference to the information sent by the browser to the server.

Browser commands are sent over the Internet. The server receives the first “call” to allow the client to access data on the server. So don’t be surprised if several websites ask you to confirm before all the website information appears.

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When access is open and the client has access to data on the server, the server starts sending data. If the internet connection is good and stable, the data transfer can work smoothly.

Any data sent will appear on someone’s browser screen. This data can be in the form of text, images, videos, graphics downloadable files. Therefore, the server provides services according to the client’s request. Some processes are fast, but others are slow. The more data requests, the longer it can take. Especially if there is no balance between the quality of the Internet connection and the available servers.

Considerations for choosing the type of hosting server. Only when your website visitors are increasing and you have a clear business development plan is it time to move on.

Cara Konfigurasi Dedicated Hosting Server Pc

Bandwidth is the speed at which data can be transferred from a host to one’s computer over the Internet. The more visitors a website has, the more bandwidth it needs. Also pay attention to the activity of website visitors. If many people watch videos or download large files, then this need is greater than simply reading articles or viewing images.

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This also affects the performance of the hosting. The larger storage capacity means that more files of different sizes can be stored on the server. Don’t choose a size

To create settings. Therefore, the control panel is an aspect to consider. The function of the control panel is to manage the hosting functions to make it easier to manage files and other things.

A good hosting service provider provides a data center with qualified infrastructure. So the servers continue to function optimally.

Thus, the knowledge of how a dedicated hosting server works, its features and how to use it should be well understood. Considering the cost of hosting is expensive. So nothing. Earlier we discussed cloud hosting and vps hosting, yes there are many of them

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