Cara Konfigurasi Base_url Ci Di Hosting

Cara Konfigurasi Base_url Ci Di Hosting – CodeIgniter is one of the most used PHP frameworks today. Not a few RW residents use CodeIgniter to build their web applications. Restrictions arise when new websites go online. So, we will share how to install CodeIgniter 3 on cPanel hosting in .

We intend this guide for RW residents who have created a CI 3 website on localhost, and want to upload their website files to hosting. For those using CodeIgniter 4, learn the instructions from the article: Upload CodeIgniter 4 to Hosting.

Cara Konfigurasi Base_url Ci Di Hosting

Cara Konfigurasi Base_url Ci Di Hosting

In addition to uploading website files, you will need a database for your website. The first step is to first create a database with the Create Database topic in cPanel hosting.

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Next you have to export and import the SQL database on localhost to prepare. You can follow the detailed procedure in the article How to import MySQL database from phpMyAdmin.

Next, add the website folder to your computer’s localhost. Pack all the files and folders of the CodeIgniter 3 website that will be uploaded and hosted.

Log in to the hosting cPanel, and enter the file management menu. If the site is in the main domain, click the public_html directory. However, if the website is on a subdomain or addon domain, click the subdomain/addon domain directory.

The .htaccess file is located in the directory of the website. Make sure you first enable the “Show hidden files” setting in the file manager.

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If the .htaccess file does not exist, please create the file first by clicking the file button. And if it already exists, you can edit the .htaccess file directly.

If so, continue by adjusting the settings in the database.php file. You can find configuration details in the Codeigniter database connection configuration article.

That’s how to install CodeIgniter 3 on cPanel hosting. If you encounter problems after uploading, you can contact the technical team either through livechat or open a support ticket.

Cara Konfigurasi Base_url Ci Di Hosting

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For those who build websites using CodeIgniter, you can send emails from websites via SMTP. In this guide, we will share how to configure SMTP email in CodeIgniter 4. If you are still using … When you first create an application in CodeIgniter 3 or when you first install CI 3, the first thing we do to do is to organize. base_url in the configuration file. php. This configuration is useful for creating default URLs that access resources in the root directory. For example https:///, http://localhost/webpractice/, etc. All of these are defined in the configuration file, namely the base_url line.

Yes error. This is because CodeIgniter 3 accesses localhost which should have a valid domain/server ip or domain name instance.

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To overcome this, we need to change the base_url according to the domain / server ip we use, for example, when the network is in the corporate area, use the server IP, for example: or it if you are. using domain names is supported, for example: https:/// so every time there is a change, you must adjust the base_url.

Therefore, we need to make a few changes so that base_url can be dynamic and change the server domain / ip automatically without us having to change it manually. So, by default, it will detect the server IP / domain by itself.

Taraa… main url automatically detected IP/domain. In the above way, we don’t need to manually change the base_url setting when moving / changing the domain / server ip we use, so installing the application will be easier, especially when you working for those who don’t. . Understand the program.

Cara Konfigurasi Base_url Ci Di Hosting

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Small size JPG PNG compression API image compression with the highest results You’ve seen images with 1MB 2MB 3MB or up to 5MB. Well, of course, for quality … Read more and this time, we will discuss the problem of CodeIgniter 3 Base URL does not work because of Apache Server.

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The problem started when the administrator wanted to create a website using codeigniter 3. At first, on the admin’s old laptop, everything went well without any problems during the first configuration.

But when you transfer to a different laptop or PC, like the latest version, there is a problem. For some reason the main URL from CodeIgniter doesn’t work properly.

This is because the Apache Server has a problem, the administrator found a solution by asking the codeigniter forum on Facebook.

Cara Konfigurasi Base_url Ci Di Hosting

In the above discussion, the administrator has provided defaults from configuration, database, path, and autoload which should not cause any problems. But the error still occurs as shown below:

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This is because Apache Server, we must first configure Apache Server. Have a say in the discussion below:

Admin found a solution, that is by first setting up Apache Server. Here, the administrator uses the Laragon application as a replacement for XAMPP so that friends who use XAMPP can only configure it.

That’s how to deal with basic URLs that don’t work or don’t work in CodeIgniter 3. Hope this can be a solution for other friends who have the same problem. Thought it was useful and don’t forget to share it with other friends. Happy learning! CodeIgniter or CI for short is a PHP framework with MVC (Model, View, Controller) principles that can be used to make web use simple and well-organized. In this article, we will share how to install CodeIgniter on cPanel hosting.

Before getting into the process of installing cPanel, we will review a little about what CodeIgniter is. These are the complete information;

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In addition to being known for its speed and lightweight, CodeIgniter also provides comprehensive documentation and examples of its code cleaners. This is what makes CodeIgniter one of the most widely used tools.

Apart from being able to install from localhost, CodeIgniter can also be installed directly from cPanel. Here’s how to install CodeIgniter on cPanel Hosting via softaculous or manually.

Note: For installing CodeIgniter in main domain, please delete index.php file in public_html. To do this, go to cpanel> file manager> public_html> delete the file index.php starting from . How to install CodeIgniter from Softaculous

Cara Konfigurasi Base_url Ci Di Hosting

Softaculous auto installer is a feature in cPanel that can be used to install CMS directly. Here’s how to install CodeIgniter from the Softaculous menu.

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You can adjust more as needed. This feature is optional, you can configure it or not. Then click Install to start installing Codeigniter from Softaculous.

6. After the installation progress bar reaches 100%. Then, the following screen will appear indicating that CodeIgniter is complete

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