Cara Konek Mysql Sqlyog Ke Hosting

Cara Konek Mysql Sqlyog Ke Hosting – Hello friends, hello web developers… are you looking for a way to remotely access web hosting databases or cpanel? In this tutorial I will explain how to access the database from home, office or wherever you are. It’s really easy. If we access the mysql database using phpmyadmin, we can.

But you’d rather use database tools like sqlyog or navicat, right? In fact, these tools are more comfortable to use because they are in the form of a GUI. So doing database management tasks feels easier and faster.

Cara Konek Mysql Sqlyog Ke Hosting

Cara Konek Mysql Sqlyog Ke Hosting

First, you need to enter the cpanel where you rent the hosting. After login please enter remote mysql.

Cara Mengatasi Error Establishing A Database Connection Di WordPress

Then enter the IP address currently used by friends. For example, if friends do not know the IP address currently in use, friends can check or open whatismyipaddress site. If so, friends, you can copy or type the public IP address of the access host below.

Or if you don’t want to be bothered, for example, just type %%%% in the host access box above as a substitute for your friends IP address. If you’re still confused and unclear, it’s better to just watch the video tutorial I made below:

Thanks to those who have read or watched this tutorial and don’t forget to like, click share and click subscribe bro… Wait for my next tutorials. Goodbye.MySqlyog import – There are many ways to import MySql database, some programmers use PHPMyadmin tools available in xampp. However, I prefer using SqlYog tools. In my opinion, SqlYog is more user friendly, many of the available menus are immediately visible and look better.

In my experience, database imported via SqlYog is more compatible and less corrupt when called via config.php. Actually there is no difference if you use PHPMyadmin directly but for ease of access if you import Mysql Yog is more stable and faster.

Sqlyog Untuk Windows

7. If the error occurs, change the database to be imported using notepad / wordpad and then make sure that the database name in the code is exactly the same as the database name in SqlYog

Created by Webyog, Inc. At this time, there are 2 versions of SQLyog available, namely the enterprise and the rest of the community. There is also a free version that you can download.

To use a remote database with SQLyog, please download it first and then install it on the computer/computers you want to use.

Cara Konek Mysql Sqlyog Ke Hosting

On your hosting. This one application is practical and easy to use, and its appearance is quite user-friendly.

Tutorial Menambahkan Ip Di Cpanel Untuk Remote Mysql

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Cara Menambahkan Auto Increment Dan Primary Key Pada Tabel Mysql Dengan Phpmyadmin 4.5.2

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