Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting

Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting – Hi ns! As a developer, you must have heard about the Laravel framework many times. Yes, this time we will discuss how to send Laravel emails through SMTP Hosting. In the previous guide, we discussed How to Send Laravel Emails with Gmail. Make sure you have hosting before you follow this step-by-step guide. What is the purpose of this guide? The idea is that you can send/receive emails from Laravel based websites using the SMTP email configuration on your hosting. Wondering how? Come on, follow it step by step!

Now it’s time to login to cPanel Hosting by following the guide on How to Login to cPanel Hosting. Then enter your cPanel username and password. If so, in the search form, type “File Manager”. Make sure you select the public_html folder or the subdomain where Laravel is installed.

Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting

Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting

, please fill in your domain name or server name. To verify name servers, read the Guide to Verifying Name Servers by Hosting. Don’t forget to click

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There are different ways to send email in Laravel. Either with Gmail or SMTP Hosting. Make sure that before you follow this guide, it is a good idea to first read and learn how to set up email with your domain on your hosting. So don’t be surprised! If you are still confused, you can talk to our support team directly! Joy! 😀

Hi! I am a data analyst and technical writer at . I love Linux, Python, Servers, WordPress, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. I will help you to understand something simple from a technical point of view :)-Email hosting for administrators – Using e-mail with your own domain is very useful. One of them is that the business looks more professional to the customers. For example, you have an online florist business with the domain name

When you want to send offers to customers by email, you can use the email account so that customers really trust and are interested in the offer.

Usually, when you already have hosting, you can have an email with your domain name. When your hosting capacity is full then email hosting problems will occur.

Cara Membuat Email Domain Sendiri Tanpa Hosting (gratis)

The full capacity of the hosting will affect the performance of the email hosting, such as emails that should be received but not sent, emails that should be sent are not sent.

Well, to overcome these problems you create a new product called Mailspace. What are email addresses? How is Mailspace different from other email hosts? How do I use Mailspace? Go ahead, just follow the instructions in the guide below.

Mailspace is a product that offers email hosting services without upfront hosting. Mailspace is different from other email hosting products. If you use Mailspace, you don’t need hosting.

Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting

So this Mailspace is ready to use as email hosting. Besides that, for the admin page, you don’t need to enter the control panel like hosting.

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Especially for email hosting, there is an administration page in my homepage. On the administration page you can add and create email, to set a password for the email user account.

Take it easy! It is also very easy to manage such as sending and receiving e-mail. You can go to the hosted email server you have and then enter your email user account email and password.

There are 3 types of email hosting products, including Mailspace Lite, Mailspace Pro and Mailspace Max. These three email hosting products have their own features.

You can choose from three based on your desired email hosting needs. For other orders, you can purchase them from the email hosting page.

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First, the concept of email hosting is usually that you buy hosting, then you can create email on the hosting with your domain. In terms of email hosting, email hosting is actually ready to use without having a host.

So email hosting has nothing to do with hosting. Thus, email hosting becomes a solution to the overall hosting capacity problem that affects email performance.

Second, since email hosting is not associated with hosting, it does not automatically require a control panel page like cPanel hosting. However, to add and create an email user account, you can go to My.

Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting

Third, to exit the email hosting management, you will usually use webmail such as roundcube. If your hosting is full and you want to access your email using webmail, sometimes it will take a long time to access it.

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Unlike email hosting. Email hosting offers an overview that is almost identical to Gmail. It is easy to reach. Please login to your host email server, then enter your email and password.

Now that you know what Mailspace is and how it differs from email hosting, we will now explain some email hosting guidelines.

First of all, before you start the guide below, let’s first identify the 3 important things you need to know as a Mailspace administrator or owner. The three components include Mail Server, Mailspace Server and Corporate Identity. Each component has a different use.

Email Server – It is a URL used to manage email, from sending emails, replying to emails, changing passwords, deleting emails and more. Simply put, the email server URL is the Mailspace email client.

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Mailspace Server – In fact, Mailspace Server is almost the same as Mail Server, the difference is that Mailspace Server requires a Company ID to login to the Mailspace email client.

Why should you have a Mailspace server? The Mailspace server is used so that the administrator can test whether the Mailspace service can work or not. Remember! access to this Mailspace server can only be done by the mail administrator.

Company ID – The code used by the mail administrator to test Mailspace to see if it is ready to use.

Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting

The first step in email hosting is to create a user email account. To create a user email account, please go to my page and enter your email address and password when you register.

Cara Instan Mengirim Email Terjadwal Di Gmail

Just like creating an email account in general, creating an email hosting account requires an email address and password. For that, please click

After that, you can enter the email address and password for the user email account that will be created. Make sure the password contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. If you click earlier

The second email hosting guide arrives in your email. Especially for email hosting products, you can go with Premium Email Client to manage emails such as sending and receiving emails. It is also easy to access.

First, go to in a web browser. For example, this guide uses You will then be prompted to enter the email and password of the user’s email account. You can enter an email and password based on the user’s email account that was created.

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Yes! You have successfully reached the professional email management page. On this page you can send, receive, delete, set topics and update emails.

Another email hosting guide is creating and sending new emails. As mentioned earlier, to create and send an email, you can go to in a web browser. Next, enter the email and password for the user’s email account.

If you want to embed files (photos, documents, videos, etc.), you can click on the right icon shown in the image. After everything is done, click

Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting

The next email hosting guide is managing user email accounts. Each user’s email account can be easily managed by the administrator.

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Then, as an administrator, you will be on the email hosting management page. You can also manage user email accounts on that page. In this guide, for example, we will manage the email account of the user You can click

Like other email accounts (Gmail), user email can be managed from each user’s mobile phone. Therefore, each user’s email account will receive a feature that can connect email to devices such as mobile phones.

. But don’t worry, the settings on each user’s mobile phone can be customized. The first manager can provide

After that, you can choose the type of internal server you want to use. You can find the information in the menu

Cara Konfigurasi Email Hosting Pada Gmail

In addition to being able to connect email to the device, the administrator can also change the email password of each user. Password changes are usually made because the user has forgotten their email account password.

The administrator can change the old password to the new password. Please select the email account of the user who has reset their password, then click

In addition, there is a forwarding feature in each user’s email account. Using this forwarding feature is almost the same as using the cc and bcc functions in email.

Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting

All emails that reach one email user can be forwarded to multiple email users. Please select a user email account that will send the email. Then click

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For example, the email account of the sending user is The administrator wants any email that comes to the account to be forwarded or forwarded to

So for that the administrator can manage it by adding an email address that will receive the shipment. Because previously the user’s email address is the user’s email address that will send, the administrator can write in the column.

The next email hosting guide is to delete the user’s email account. Administrators can also delete user email accounts that are no longer in use to save disk space.

In addition to managing accounts and e-mail, the e-mail hosting guide for administrators improves the ability of e-mail users. If you need to update the user capacity, follow the steps to update the email user capacity:

Cara Membuat Akun Email Di Cpanel Hosting

The first step is to access My. Then enter your username and password. This is your account username and password when you register before purchasing your product.

Otherwise, if you have successfully logged in, you will be redirected to the customer area page. Please select the My Services menu, then select Email Hosting in the category

In this email hosting you can adjust the user email capacity according to your needs. Each type of Mailspace has a custom user capacity.

Cara Kirim Emaillewat Hosting

In Mailspace Lite and Pro, the default user capacity is 3. Meanwhile, for Mailspace, the default user capacity is 5. If you feel like you’re lacking,

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