Cara Install WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting Youtube

Cara Install WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting Youtube – How to install wordpress with softaculous is very easy. For those of you who already have a hosting package and access to cPanel with Softaculous installed, here are the steps to follow.

If not both, try logging in from the client area provided by your Hosting, later there will usually be a menu for cPanel access.

Cara Install WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting Youtube

Cara Install WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting Youtube

CPanel offers 2 themes, namely X3 and Paper Lantern, so you need to be careful which one is enabled in cPanel.

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Scroll down to the Software & Services area (for the x3 theme) or the Software area (for the Paper Lantern theme), then click the icon that says Softaculus.

Or you can also scroll down to the Softaculous Applications Installer area (on the x3 theme) or the Top Applications area (on the Paper Lantern theme) and select the icon that says WordPress.

In the Database Settings area, leave it alone and don’t worry about it unless you already understand its use. (This menu will be located in the Advanced Options area named Table Prefix if your hosting pool uses Softaculous version 4.7 and above)

In Site Settings please enter your desired Site Name (Site Name) and Site Description (Site Description). An example of using the name “Zone” with the description “origin but (try) not copy”.

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The checkbox that says Enable Multisite (WPMU) should not be checked UNLESS you want to create a website where users/visitors register on your website and enter their own website name just like in . (For example, before it was called , then later you can also create a website that has a similar function, so then you can register here and create your own blog / website, for example called .

In the Administrator Account area, enter the desired administrator username and password. I suggest you click the lock icon so that the password is randomly generated to be more secure. Just click on the lock icon, then your password will appear in the field. Don’t forget to record it and keep it in a safe place.

In the Choose Language area, you can choose the language you want to use on your WordPress admin page. No need to worry because WordPress is also available in Indonesian.

Cara Install WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting Youtube

In the area Choose Plugins Usually Hosting offers only 1 default option from Softaculous, that is to limit login attempts (loginizer) which serves to limit login errors where after many mistakes you will be closed and you cannot get into the WordPress admin page.

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Then, in the Advanced Options area, click the + icon to see the available options. It should be noted that the options here are optional and do not require manipulation if not required.

What can be done here is to change the database name (database name) WordPress to be installed in MySQL, Table Prefix (for Softaculous version 4.7 and above), then there are several checkboxes that work as it follows:

Auto-update works so that whenever there is a newer version, WordPress will be updated automatically. (Please note that not all WordPress plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress, or there is a possibility that the plugin has not been updated by the developer to accommodate the latest updates, so it is recommended that you do not check this option .)

Auto Update WordPress Plugins works in such a way that whenever a newer version of the plugin is installed (whether it is active or not), it will be updated automatically.

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The auto update of WordPress themes works so that whenever there is a newer version of the theme that is installed (whether it is active or not) it is automatically updated.

So in softaculous version 4.7 and above, there will be a choice of WordPress themes that can be installed, so that after your initial theme it is not just the default WordPress theme.

The final process is to click on the blue install button, but it is recommended that you first fill in the column below that says Install Details by Email which can be filled with your email address so that later the data you enter them here to be emailed including your username and password.

Cara Install WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting Youtube

This indicates that wordpress has been successfully installed. Please click on the link that says /wp-admin to access the admin page.

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With its abundant features and ease of use, it’s no wonder that cPanel is one of the most popular hosting control panel options. You can also install cPanel VPS yourself to get the performance of a Dedicated Server with management as easy as using Hosting. One of the VPS cPanels you can trust is VPS X from Jagoan Hosting. The cheapest price of 80 thousand/month, you can already get a VPS that is automatically installed with cPanel with specifications that have 1 CPU Core, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. Don’t hesitate anymore, just check out Jagoan’s cPanel VPS at this link!

You can create any website from sales pages, business profiles, personal websites, blogs, event websites, catalog websites, online wedding invitations and more according to your needs.

Features a variety of tips and tutorials and facts and knowledge from different fields of knowledge ranging from learning English, learning SEO and digital marketing, travel tips, movie reviews, Windows, Android, ios tutorials and more. rating of all factors: poor average uptime, only “OK” speed, slow support

While BEON was created to serve premium customers who want reliable hosting, Jagoaan Hosting is more to serve entry-level customers who still want good quality hosting but at a low price.

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13 years have passed and now Jagoaan Hosting claims to have served over 30,000 institutions, industries and e-commerce across Indonesia.

They claim to have some of the best hardware in the world. Their server uses SUPERMICRO and also uses the latest INTEL XEON which is said to be twice as fast as the general infrastructure. It also ensures that all technologies used are always up to date.

In my inspection of all the hardware specifications used by the 22 Indonesian hosting providers that are on the Hosting Advisor review list, I found that the CPU, RAM and storage models used by Jagoan Hosting were not the best of all, nor the newest ones, as they were. .pretending.

Cara Install WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting Youtube

First, on the test site we used, they used an Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz processor. This is a processor model released in 2014. Does it still deserve to be called the latest and greatest?

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Second, I don’t have full info on the RAM specs they used, but they still use DDR3. So they haven’t used NVMe SSDs yet (maybe this is reasonable, because with NVMe SSDs the price is sure to be more expensive than what they currently offer).

And to test the quality of Jagoaan Hosting, I bought the “ID FAME” hosting package, then monitored the uptime and load time (speed) + performed a Laod Impact test and tested the support services.

A balanced choice for those of you who need shared hosting with pretty good performance, lots of features, good and reliable support, but at an affordable price.

They are like hiring in-house employees who are assigned to manage your site. The difference is that our services are more extensive than these and at a much lower cost.

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Jagoan Hosting is a provider with good development. It is currently ranked 4th as the hosting provider with the largest market share in Indonesia.

We must admit that they have more than 14 years of experience in the web hosting industry, but can the experience of more than 1 decade be a certainty about the good performance of Jagoaan Hosting server?

Let us examine one by one what are the factors or causes. But before we get into the causal factors, let’s see what are the following advantages of Jagoaan Hosting:

Cara Install WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting Youtube

Jagoaan Hosting has tutorial pages on domains, hosting, cPanel, even VPS and WordPress which are very helpful especially for beginners.

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And if you’re having trouble understanding hosting terms, they’ve also created a hosting dictionary that you can access via this link.

Unfortunately, 10GB isn’t a lot of bandwidth, so be careful if you plan to test their hosting first.

Like most other hosting services, Jagoaan Hosting also offers hosting migration from your old hosting to theirs for free.

They will also provide a free .COM domain if I rent an M3 hosting package with a minimum duration of 1 year.

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The cheapest package from Jagoaan Hosting namely “Basic (M1)” offers more than enough resources to create a new website.

Its price of IDR 7,200/month seems very cheap, but only if you choose to subscribe immediately for 3 years at the beginning (M1 package). If you choose 1 year, the price will be IDR 12,000/month or IDR 10,000 for 2 years.

It’s not the cheapest hosting option right now, but the price of IDR 12,000/year is still relatively cheap in my opinion considering the number of hosting resources they offer (unlimited storage and bandwidth).

Cara Install WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting Youtube

Uptime is the number one factor I always consider when writing hosting reviews because this uptime has a direct impact on revenue.

Pengertian Vps & Kapan Websitemu Membutuhkannya

These 5% are just the people who managed to convince to view your website, even if not necessarily to buy your product.

Therefore, if a hosting provider fails to maintain the stability of their server in an ideal time (on average 99.90%/month), then I hesitate to recommend it to you.

Indeed, there has been an increase in server stability when seen from the data of the last 6 months, but if you calculate the average of the last 6 months (99.89%) it has not yet reached a stable level.

This increase is the same as an increase in the load time test results, meaning we both see an increase, but they haven’t hit a good number yet.

Instalasi Aplikasi Tanpa Bayar Pakai Devops Jagoan Cloud

We have found several times that there have been international connection outages in several web hosts such as Dewabiz and Kitchen Hosting. This can also happen with Rumah Hosting servers. This international connection interruption causes our monitoring tool, namely Pingdom (which uses an international server), to assume that the server is down, even though the website can be accessed normally from Indonesia. This makes the monitoring data results not 100% accurate. We apologize for this limitation.

Why TTFB? Because of the metrics

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