Cara Install Gsuite Di Hosting

Cara Install Gsuite Di Hosting – Recently, the G Suite platform has become very popular for collaboration between different organizations and businesses. Its function is to increase labor productivity. The availability of cloud-based G Suite services ensures the security of stored data. However, many people wonder how to apply for this G Suite. Here’s how and the process you can do it.

As reported on the official website, how to subscribe and register G Suite can be done in 3 simple steps. However, note that G Suite has no account minimum, you can already use G Suite with one account. You can also have a free trial. Here are the steps:

Cara Install Gsuite Di Hosting

Cara Install Gsuite Di Hosting

The next way to subscribe to G Suite is to sign up directly through an official reseller. In most countries, Google allows distributors to sell its products and services. Only in Indonesia you can choose cloud for G Suite services. It’s easier if you sign up from When you sign up for a G Suite subscription on , please keep the following in mind:

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Choose from the three G Suite enrollment methods above that best suits your needs. Remember that each method has its advantages. Both in the form of speed of transactions and services provided. So don’t make a wrong choice when going through the registration process. G Suite is an update to the Google Cloud Platform, redesigned and rebranded with a host of additional features. G Suite features, such as the ability to email and chat using your own domain, enable collaboration through video conferencing, social media, real-time document collaboration, and more. G Suite is owned by Google, so you get access to Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Google+, Hangouts, and Blogger.

As the title suggests, this tutorial will show you how to set up G Suite email. What exactly is G Suite? G Suite is an update of the Google Cloud Platform, redesigned and rebranded with various additional features. The Google Cloud to G Suite upgrade puts businesses in control of everything related to cloud computing, helping them manage email on their own domain and work with cloud storage.

G Suite is a cloud-based service that allows businesses to facilitate collaboration between employees and managers. G Suite, cited by Google support, is a suite of cloud-based services that can give businesses and schools new ways to collaborate online.

You can access G Suite through your web browser or mobile phone. Email and chat with your own domain, video conferencing, social media, real-time document collaboration, and more with G Suite. G Suite is owned by Google, so you get access to Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Google+, Hangouts, and Blogger.

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G Suite is a paid premium cloud service, but you can try it for free for the first 14 days. The next question is how to set up your G Suite email. To answer you can follow the following method.

You need to make sure that you already have your own domain. Good! So emails stored in G Suite will later use your own domain.

Go to G Suite and create an account. You can change the language used on the website to make it easier for beginners to create an account. Please scroll to the bottom of the website, click Change Language and select Indonesian.

Cara Install Gsuite Di Hosting

G Suite offers a 14-day free trial and you can use the service. The condition is that you have your own/company domain, number of employees and employee name to create the user’s email.

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After starting your free trial, you must first sign up for a G Suite account. Please enter your trading name or company name. Then determine the number of employees. The goal is to find out how many employees your company has, how many G Suite users (non-admins) you can add, and how much cloud storage you need for your account. Then select the country where your company is incorporated and select Indonesia. If so, click Next.

Having a G Suite admin account to manage with Google Admin is the most important step. Administrators have the right to add users, enable email for users (employees) and allow users to start using the service. Administrators can also set privacy settings, control user access, track usage and trends, and manage users’ mobile devices.

Please enter your first name, last name and email address. After your account is created, G Suite will send you your G Suite account details. This is the G Suite account you use to sign in to your Google admin page.

G Suite requires a domain. A domain is the name of a website, for example. If you don’t have a domain, you can buy one first. If you are confused about what to name your domain name, check your domain name. If you already have a domain, click Yes, I have a domain I can use.

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Looks like Google wants to share some great ideas with you! We’ll email you with any tips and special offers. Click OK when you’re done.

We previously added the email you use to register your account. Now create a G Suite administrator account. This admin account will be used later to log in to the Google admin page. This will create an email, so the domain used to create the email is the domain you previously registered. Please enter your username and password. Please check the box that says I’m not a robot. If so, click I agree and create an account.

If you see “Your G Suite account has been created,” sync your G Suite account with Gmail for easy email management. Click Open Setup.

Cara Install Gsuite Di Hosting

It’s time to set up G Suite accounts for all your employees. Click Add users to your G Suite account, then click Get started.

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Add your first, last, and username before your domain name. For example, if you want to name employee 1 Employee1@, click Add. You can add multiple employee accounts if needed. In that case, please check “I’ve added all the email addresses of people currently using @”. In that case, you can click Next.

Try sending an email to your employee’s email account notifying them that there is a new email with your company’s domain name using G Suite. Write old emails from employees. You can also add notifications if you want. If so, click Send Email.

The next step is to verify your domain. For your convenience, we recommend verifying your domain using the TXT method. Click Choose another method and select Add TXT record to your domain.

Then follow the instructions collected by Google. Log in to your domain host’s website. Type the domain name into your web browser. This helps verify that the domain name is still active. If it is active, please check “Login successful”.

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Open the control panel and add an entry. The method you chose uses TXT, so you need to add a TXT record to your domain. You have two options.

If your domain is linked/pointed to hosting, set up your DNS records through cPanel Hosting. Follow the DNS setup guide from cPanel.

If your domain is separate from hosting, you can set up DNS records through your client zone ().

Cara Install Gsuite Di Hosting

Determine if your domain and hosting are linked or separate. Next, open your cPanel or client area (this depends on whether your domain and hosting are linked). If so, check the words “I have opened the control panel for the domain”.

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You will then be redirected to the TXT data page. You will need to enter this TXT data in your cPanel or client area.

If you have added TXT data to your domain, check the box I have added TXT data for confirmation and continue to the next step.

If you click Add Record or Save Changes, it means that the TXT data is saved. Check “I have saved authentication data in TXT”.

If you have opened the cPanel or client area, check “I have opened the domain control panel”.

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Next, you need to remove your MX records through cPanel hosting. a) First login to cPanel Hosting. b. Select Menu Zone Editor. Then click Manage the desired domain. c. Select MX, then select Domains. Then click Delete to remove your MX record data.

If your MX records have been deleted, check the I have deleted my existing MX records box.

Go to your MX records page. This MX record is what you need to enter in your cPanel or client area

Cara Install Gsuite Di Hosting

Next, you need to create an MX record through cPanel hosting. a) First login to cPanel Hosting. b. ZoneEditor menu. Then click Manage the desired domain. c. Select MX and click Add Record. Then select Add MX Record.

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D. Copy/copy the MX record values ​​one by one from G Suite and paste them into Zone Editor first. Then click “Add Record”. Make sure you create four MX records.

Clicking “Add Record” or “Save Changes” means that the MX record is saved. Check “Saved data for MX validation”. Then move on to the next step on how to set up your G Suite email.

You’re almost done setting up your G Suite email. Please click Continue so you can sign in to Google Admin.

If you forgot your G Suite admin account email, please check your email. There is also username, domain used, subscription time and trial period time

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