Cara Install Debian Hosting

Cara Install Debian Hosting – Welcome to the class, this time we will discuss how to install Debian Linux in VirtualBox.

Debian Linux is a universal or universal Linux or GNU operating system that you can use for any need. Debian was first developed around 1993.

Cara Install Debian Hosting

Cara Install Debian Hosting

The Debian operating system is an open source operating system. This means you no longer need a serial number because you don’t need to download or purchase it. Well, because of this help, many people started switching to using Debian.

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Before we install Debian Linux, we need to create an existing VirtualBox machine. Friends can read it from the link below

Friends can install through CLI / GUI because here I want to use CLI view just click Install but if you want to get GUI view select Grapich Install.

8. we will be directed directly to the configuration of the host name because we want to configure the network manually, then click the Back tab.

9. Next, you need to enter the host name, which is useful for assigning this name directly to one specific computer in the network.

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15. Since we will be using Debian 8.7 as a server, we will look at the general tools of the system, look at the image and the MariaDB database for more details.

But before that, we will talk a little about web hosting. If your friends do not understand what web hosting is and how web hosting works, check the following information first.

Web hosting is a space on the Internet that can be used to store data to create web applications that can be accessed over the Internet.

Cara Install Debian Hosting

Simply put, web hosting generally consists of several integrated applications such as web servers (Apache, Nginx, etc.), databases (MySQL, MariaDB, etc.) and programming languages ​​(php).

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Web hosting features increase over time. Web hosting now not only allows you to store files for the needs of the website, we can add e-mail, ftp, etc.

As explained earlier, web hosting consists of many things such as web server, database, software, storage (storage media), etc.

Web hosting is a set of different components that run on an operating system (operating system). The type of operating system (OS) commonly used in web hosting is Linux, such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, etc.

Although web hosting can work on Windows OS and MacOS, it is not recommended for compatibility and speed reasons.

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This operating system also requires resources (CPU, RAM, storage) in physical (Sever / PC / Laptop) and virtual (Virtual Machine) resources.

Web hosting itself runs on virtual machines or so-called Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Every web hosting has an IP address associated with the server/VPS. With this IP address, the website we create in web hosting can be accessed via the Internet.

Cara Install Debian Hosting

However, it will definitely be difficult for users who want to access the website if they have to enter the IP address of the website every time they want to access the website. For this we can combine web hosting and domain name.

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This domain will be available to users who will then be redirected to our web hosting IP address.

With a few simple steps, we can make our web hosting even free. To create your own free web hosting, of course we need a server / VPS that we can use to install web hosting.

After registering a Vultr VPS, you can use a new installation example with Linux Debian 11, so we will start with a tutorial on how to create your own free web hosting using a Debian 11 VPS.

In the tutorial on how to install Nginx, PHP 8.1 and MariaDB on Debian 11 on a Vultr VPS, I discussed this in a previous article. See how here:

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After installing Nginx, php8.1 and the MariaDB database on Debian 11, this means that we have successfully completed our web hosting.

Now we will discuss how to create a website on web hosting using WordPress. Websites based on WordPress are widely used because they are easy to use and appear to be free.

The first thing we will do is create an SSL certificate for the domain to make it more secure and accessible using the https protocol.

Cara Install Debian Hosting

When the command is executed, it will show the options that we need to fill in, fill in the following example:

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Above we were able to generate SSL generated two files with .crt and .key extension. We will include these two files in the Ninx configuration file later.

The second thing we do is create a php8.1-fpm file to configure the pool. First, enter the php8.1-fpm configuration management pool with the command:

If so, save the configuration file by pressing ctrl + o –> enter –> ctrl + x to exit.

Next, we set up Nginx to connect to SSL with the php8.1-fpm configuration files we prepared earlier.

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Copy and paste the following configuration file. Replace the domain name with the domain name you use:

If there is error information, check the configuration file again and correct it according to the details from the test results in the row, how many errors there are.

Now we are ready to install WordPress on Nginx Debian 11. The first step is to download the WordPress installation file.

Cara Install Debian Hosting

After the download process is complete, rename the wordpress folder to the domain name, which we use with the command:

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Then we change the owner of the folder from root to www-data used by php and nginx with the command:

Before we install WordPress on Debian 11, we need to create a database that will be used by WordPress.

Well, as long as the web hosting configuration is complete here. Now we proceed to set up the domain so that we can connect to the web hosting.

If you don’t have a Cloudflare account, first sign up at Don’t worry, Cloudflare is also free to use.

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After signing up, log into the Cloudflare dashboard. Add a domain by clicking Add Domain menu-> Enter domain name-> Click Add domain.

Cloudflare will check the DNS records for the domain. If DNS records are found, they can all be deleted.

If it is empty, there are no DNS records, we can add a new record by clicking Add Record with the following details:

Cara Install Debian Hosting

You can replace the @ option with a domain name. If two DNS records have been added, click Continue.

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Then download the nameservers from the cloud and paste them into the domain nameserver settings. To change name servers, enter the appropriate domain settings.

If you click Finish, check the name servers. Changes to these nameservers can sometimes take up to 24 hours, but can also take a few minutes or a few seconds.

We can check if the DNS record is correct by accessing the domain through a web browser. If everything is correct, the WordPress installation wizard should appear.

This time, we can create a website running on a self-hosted Debian 11 VPS.

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A blogger involved in the Internet world and blogging for a long time, he likes to write different articles, especially about technology. Our first configuration this time is to install Debian OS on a virtual network box on our real computers. For example, if I have a Windows computer or laptop, that is called a virtual computer. where we install virtualbox and debian virtual on this computer. In short, our physical computer is the Windows operating system that we use to run the virtual machine, while our computer is the Debian operating system that we implement on the virtual computer.

In our debian OS we will create 2 connected networks namely NAT network for internet resources and Host only network for connection between our computer and our debian. The analogy is that we give the server computer 2 network cables, where the first cable goes to the Internet, and the second cable will be connected to another client computer (local).

Create a new adapter in “Adapter 2”, then connect it to “Host-only adapter”, then name one of the installed Virtualbox adapters Host-only. For example, if none of the options appear in “Name”, you can proceed to the next step.

Cara Install Debian Hosting

Do this step if you can’t find any adapter available for the host-only in the previous step, how to open Virtualbox > File > Host Network Manager.

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Try to remember the name of the adapter we just created, “VirtualBox Host-only Ethernet Adapter #4”, this is the name we will use later in Virtual Settings > Network > Adapter 2 of the previous step.

Log in to Debian, use the root user so we can configure freely, or use a normal user, but don’t forget the su command to change system settings.

You can log in with superuser / root because this time we will configure the system. You can log in again as a normal user, but remember to change the system settings with commands

You can see that there are 3 adapters listed, namely Adapter:2 “enp0s3” for our front NAT and Adapter:3 “enp0s8” for our host only. Here, when I look at our third adapter, “enp0s8” or our Host-only, it does not show an IP address there, so our next step in the configuration, that is to add an IP address to our Host adapter – only. .

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As you can see above, only the adapter “enp0s3” is registered, so our task is to register the adapter on our host only, that is “enp0s8”

Note that every time we change a configuration, almost every configuration requires a restart of the service

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