Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb

Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb – Softaculous is an auto-installer feature that can be used for instant CMS installation through cPanel. You can use Softaculous features to install WorPress, Joomla, Moodle or hundreds of other CMS. In this guide, we will provide a way to install WordPress on cPanel through softaculous.

Now, you can choose 3 ways to install WordPress on cPanel hosting. First, you can do the installation manually. Meanwhile, the second way is to install WordPress through the WordPress Toolkit. The third way is to install WordPress on cPanel through Softaculous.

Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb

Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb

For manual installation of WordPress, you can learn about it through this article: Manually Install WordPress in cPanel

Cara Install WordPress Di Subdomain Melalui Cpanel

In this guide, we will share how to install WordPress with Softaculus and WordPress Toolkit. But before installing, please pay attention to the following notes:

Note For WordPress installation on main domain, please delete index.php file in public_html. To do this, delete the default index.php file in cpanel > file manager > public_html >.

Softaculous is an auto-installer feature that can be used to install CMS instantly. With just a few clicks, you can create a website that can be accessed immediately.

The Softaculus feature is available for free with all hosting service orders that include a cPanel license. On, you can find this feature on shared hosting, unlimited hosting and cloud hosting services.

Cara Install WordPress Di Cpanel (panduan Lengkap)

It is important to remember that delete wp in the directory column, so that the website can be accessed directly with your main name. Pay attention to the picture.

The first is the “Select Domain” column, for this column, there is no need to change the content if we want to install on the original domain. However, if we want to install on a subdomain, we can adjust by clicking on the “black arrow” and choosing which domain/subdomain we want to install.

For the “Select Installation URL” column, if we want to install in the main folder (public_html) of our domain or subdomain, the fields in this column need to be empty / deleted.

Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb

For the column “Site Name” fill in the name of our website. As for the “Site Description” column, we can fill it with a brief description of the website we will create.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting

Also we need to adjust “Admin Password” and “Admin Email” columns. For the “Admin Password” column, replace the default Softaculous password with your password. Use numbers and a combination of upper and lower case letters to increase password security. For “Admin Email”, match it with the contact email you use.

So far, installing WordPress on cPanel is complete. Then you can log into the WordPress dashboard to design the website.

WordPress Toolkits is a cPanel tool used to manage WordPress based websites. You can install WordPress, install themes, plugins to reset passwords.

WP Toolkit can be used to manage more than 1 website. So it is very useful to use to manage many WordPress in 1 panel.

Cara Pindah Hosting Website Di Cpanel

The Install button is used for new WordPress installations, while the Scan button is used to add previously hosted WordPress to the WordPress Toolkit list.

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While importing files of .xml or .csv format into WordPress, sometimes you encounter failure with the error message: “Sorry, this file type is not allowed for security reasons”. Here’s how to fix…

Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb

The mail() function is one of the disabled functions in the server service for security reasons. Therefore, if your website is built with WordPress, you need to install WordPress…) which is widely used today. In addition to full features, there are many choices of plugins in themes to create websites with WordPress. In this guide, we will share how to install WordPress on CyberPanel.

Cara Menambahkan Sub Domain Di Rumahweb

Before we discuss how to install WordPress on CyberPanel, we will briefly explain what CyberPanel is. Here is the explanation,

CyberPanel is one of the most popular control panels used today. CyberPanel uses OpenLitespeed as its web server, while OpenLitespeed is the open source version of LiteSpeed ​​web server​​​​ So your web server has very good performance to run a website.

This CyberPanel works to make managing your server easy, from setting up firewalls, DNS, email, websites, databases and more. This is a control panel that can be installed on a VPS

There are at least 2 ways you can go about installing WordPress on CyberPanel. Either through installing the application or manually. In this guide, we will explain both ways. Choose according to your wish.

Memilih WordPress Hosting Di Indonesia

Like cPanel, CyberPanel also provides an application installer that you can use to install various CMS on the server, including WordPress CMS you can easily install.

In addition to installing the application, you can manually install WordPress in CyberPanel. Namely by creating the database, download the WordPress core files, then install it.

After creating the database, you need to upload the WordPress core files to the domain file manager in CyberPanel. Here are the steps,

Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb

After creating the database, and downloading the WordPress installation file, then enter the installation phase. Here’s how to manually install WordPress on CyberPanel.

Cara Install WordPress Di Cpanel + Video Tutorial

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There are different ways to migrate WordPress, such as manually migrating or via plugins, each of which has its own advantages. The manual migration process is quite complex, but the level… After we have already shared how to install WordPress on cPanel for main domain, now we will explain how to install WordPress on a subdomain.

A subdomain is a name that precedes the main domain or may be referred to as a derived domain. An example of a subdomain is

Cara Gampang Dan Murah Membuat Website Sendiri Dengan WordPress

You can learn a more detailed explanation of what a subdomain is and how to create one in cPanel at this link: How to create a subdomain in cPanel

For those of you who want to create a WordPress-based website on a subdomain, you can easily install it through cPanel. There are at least 3 ways you can go about installing WordPress on a subdomain via cPanel. This is done manually, through Softaculus or WordPress Toolkit.

In this guide, we will share how to install WordPress on subdomain using Softaculous and WordPress Toolkits, which is the easiest way to install it. You can choose one of the following options.

Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb

Softaculous Apps Installer is a tool that works to simplify the CMS installation process in cPanel. By using Softaculous, you don’t need to download CMS installation files, database configuration, etc.

Cara Termudah Menginstall WordPress Di C Panel

If you want to install WordPress CMS on a subdomain in cPanel, you can do it very easily using Softaculous. Here are the steps

1. Login to cPanel and first create a subdomain. Instructions for creating subdomains in cPanel can be found on this page.

4. After that, enter the software configuration menu. In the Select Domain section, please select a subdomain. In the Directory section, please leave it blank.

If installed successfully, a success message will appear “Congratulations, software installed successfully”. Next, there will be information about accessing website pages and accessing wp-admin.

Kebingungan Saat Menggunakan Self Host (blog Berplatform Wp)

WordPress Toolkit is an interface tool from cPanel used to manage WordPress CMS. You can use these tools to install WordPress, install plugins, install themes and login to the dashboard easily.

Through this page, you can install themes, plugins to make security settings on the website. You can also login to the WordPress dashboard by clicking the login link.

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Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb

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Cara Install WordPress Dalam Kurang Dari 5 Menit (+ Video)

After we have already reviewed how to change WordPress admin URL with a plugin, now we will share how to change WordPress admin URL manually through cPanel. WordPress Dashboard Page… Plex and cPanel are two of the most used control panels in web hosting. Although they have their own characteristics, it seems that how to install WordPress on Plesk and cPanel is not much different, you know!

I recently had the opportunity to sample free hosting from Rumahweb. I received this award after participating in a review contest held to commemorate Rumahweb’s 17th anniversary (deadline: March 31, 2019).

Not bad, get a free .com domain for 1 website and a 1 cloudlet wordpress hosting package (0.5 CPU, 512 RAM, 1GB SSD storage). This can later be used as material for my Rumahweb review.

But it’s different from other web hosting I’ve tried, this is the first time I’ve found hosting with a Plesk control panel. The shared/cloud hosting I tried from Niagahoster, Dewaweb, Domainesia, JagoaanHosting, and IDWebhost all use cPanel. Hostinger themselves use a custom cPanel called hPanel.

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For those of you familiar with cPanel, Plesk may take some getting used to. Both seem to be very different indeed, but characteristics I think we have a lot in common.

If you don’t install your own control panel when using a shared hosting package, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, if you are curious about the differences between Plesk and cPanel, you can check the whole table in the articles on and

To start installing WordPress on Plesk, first enter the Rumahweb dashboard, and select the hosting service we have. From here we can login to the Rumahweb control panel.

Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Rumahweb

First, there is the Install WordPress hot button. Second, there is the Instant Apps button where we can select WordPress as the application

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